40 thoughts on “How to Make a Solstice Bracelet

  1. Nicoletteloomer says:

    I agree this is really pretty but it is defenetly not one of my favourite designs on your website no offence but this one is kind of plain:(

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    Wow just so cool! I was one of the first people to make it, I went onto your YouTube channel, saw the video and made one with bubble bands for the outside and stripy bands for the middle and at the time the video had 43 views. I didn’t have enough bubble bands and I didn’t want to take anything apart, so I added an extension with my stripy bands. Still looks awesome though! And first comment 😀

  3. Hermione Granger says:

    I expect all the Percy Jackson fans will be very happy now, I saw so many requests to make a Percy Jackson themed bracelet. I don’t know if I’m a Percy Jackson fan or not because I haven’t read any of the Percy Jackson books or seen the films. And I would like to know, what is the first Percy Jackson book? I really want to read them just they have to be read in order so I need to know what the first book is.

    • Mariana says:

      There are two series that go together, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. They go in this order:
      PJO – The Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian.
      Then you start HoO, which goes: The Lost Hero, Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, and the last book has yet to come out and will be titled Blood of Olympus.

      It’s so awesome that you’re trying to get into Percy Jackson, it’s such a great series especially if you are a fan of Greek and/or Roman mythology! 🙂

      • Roxanne says:

        There is a new series too. Its called The Kane Chronicles, which go in this order: The Red Pyramid, The Throne Of Fire, and The Serpents Shadow. Then Rick Riordan wrote nothing else.

    • Daughter of Hecate says:

      The first Percy Jackson book is called “The Lightning Thief”. If you do read them, I hope you like them! I really LOVED them. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Hermione Granger, the first book is The Lightning Thief, it is an awesome book and they have it everywhere. BTW, are you a big fan of Harry Potter? So am I! If you are what is your favorite book?

      • Ginny Weasley says:

        I love Harry Potter!!!! Also I am a big fan of history – so I love mythology – so I’ll probably like Percy Jackson.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Cute! Hermione Granger, the first book in the Percy Jackson series is The Lightning Their. The series is by Rick Riordan.

  5. jenny says:

    Just made one! Mine keeps rolling over to one side it doesn’t like the underside much and seems to have a mind of its own!!! Still love it. So easy to make….haha first attempt… I kept forgetting to loom the middle peg, so I ended up with about 8 bands on it!!! Lol ???? ….. But I took it apart easy …. If you just pull the bands they separate and can be used again. I got a box full of fails but its such a pain having to unpick them. I love the pattern on this – both sides – when I was making it, I thought it looked like a crazy star shape??? I made mine in yellow and green for the W shapes and orange for the < shape on the other side.

    Fave bracelets I like making at the moment – monster bone (I cant remember who made this) and tutorialsbya heart link bracelet ????

    • LoomQueenIsMe! says:

      I love love love the heart link bracelet by TBA, it’s really easy but a lot of transfers but it doesn’t matter, the colors I used were dark blue, neon orange, neon green and pink (all rainbow loom brand)

    • Nejma says:

      My bracelet keeps doing the same thing!! I made several mistakes so I’m gonna undo it and start over like you did 🙂 maybe I’ll have more success the 2nd time.
      Definitely a cool design though!!

  6. Loomy Leopard says:

    Yes I agree! This is one of my favourites and I especially like the colour combo. Did you use mango bands, turquoise and also peach?

  7. LoomMeSkye says:

    Love this! Looks so easy and cool! Can you make more action figures? Maybe Harry Potter characters and Hunger Games? That would be really nice.
    Love, Skye x

  8. Niamh says:

    OK, I really don’t know to make one or not. It kinda reminds me of the Tribal Fishtail? Is it as easy – hope so!? Anyway, I love Loom Love and always check your website. This comment could drag on and on but I don’t want to sound lame! Please keep adding charms!! They’re my fave. 😉

  9. Kay (from loom love) says:

    You guys should just make comments about the bracelet not talk to each other about what you like. I think the bracelet is awesome. You are so cool. I have already made 12 of the bracelets.

  10. LoomQueenIsMe! says:

    Awesome bracelet loom love you come up with reeeeeeeaalllllyyyyyyy epic loom designs, keep it up.
    I Love Loom Love!! 🙂

  11. Sofia says:

    That rocks loom love it’s so creative your like, tots amazing I bet the other designs would be better and even more stylish where do you get the loom bands from there so bright and colourful please do tell where you got those lush bands from I really need them!
    Please 🙂 😉 please!

  12. LoomingMom says:

    LOVE this one! My daughter and I look forward to all your featured designs each week! I appreciate all your hard work!


  13. Raye says:

    I ADORE the Percy Jackson books! I’m not very good at coming up with my own patterns, but I’ve come up with color schemes for each major character, and I use those in patterns I think suit the character, and I come up with Percy Jackson theme bracelets that way… This one looks like it’d make a good Nico pattern.

  14. Loom Godess says:

    Loom Love Sisters:

    I love this Braclet! If u can make another design named from something from Harry Potter like “The Hippogriff”. That would be great! ???? Thanks ahead of time if u do! U guys r amazing!!! U r so so so lucky! ????????????

  15. The Next Step says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I like the really colourful side best. It kind of resembles an inverted fishtail. I don’t have a rainbow loom, just a Cra-Z-Loom so I was wondering if there is a way to make the bracelet, but at the end not have to change the rows? Great design and great name!

  16. Anum Mohsin says:

    Hi. I can’t watch any of your tutorials. They are not working on my iPod 5 Generation. How can
    I watch?

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