How to Make a Twisty Windows

twisty windowsWhen we saw Looming Roach’s Twisty Windows on Instagram we were instantly smitten and just had to make it. There wasn’t a Youtube video, so Looming Roach gave us permission to create one. How awesome is that!

The beauty of this design is that it is two-sided:

twisty windows rainbow loom

Want to make your own Twisty Windows bracelet? Watch our video:


24 thoughts on “How to Make a Twisty Windows

  1. Mikaila says:

    Wow, this is on the top of the list that’s called: Coolest Bracelets Ever! This design lives up to its name. Another great tutorial, LoomLove! 😉

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    COOL!!!!! I ADORE this, its so creative and unique!! Well done Looming Roach!!! This design is amazing 😀

  3. Hermione Granger says:

    BTW, if you want picture instructions on this, go to the link on this page to Looming Roach on Instagram, and on one of Looming Roach’s posts, there is a ‘pictutorial’ on the Twisty Windows 🙂

  4. Hermione Granger says:

    Loom Love, HEEEELPPPPP!!!!!!!! I made an account for the RL Member Zone, and I’m trying to log in, but it won’t work!!!!!!!! Anyone else have the same problem????

  5. Hayley says:

    Hi Loom Love
    I discovered a new bracelet whilst playing around with my loom. I think it’s really cool. I just don’t know if you have already invented this bracelet.

  6. Ema says:

    LoomLove! I SERIOUSLY truly REALLY need you HELP! I tried to sign up for RL’s Member Zone, I already entered the “SECRET” code, or something like that? I tried it many times but never sucessed!? What do I do?!
    Please ANSWER! You don’t have to but I would REALLY be HAPPY 😀 If you answered me!

  7. Valeria says:

    Hi Loom Love Where do you find those Bubble Bands¿
    And you know if it is a Rainbow Loom Store here in México¿
    Luv loom love forever and ever
    This Message from México of me Valeria And My BFF’s

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