28 thoughts on “How to Make a Twizzler Bracelet

  1. Maggie Anderson says:

    I’m not sure why, but I can not get this video to play. Either here or on YouTube.
    Has anyone else ha this problem? All the other video’s I play are fine. It’s just this one.

  2. Ashley says:

    @busterthebunny you go to the top of the page, click RAINBOW LOOM SUPPLIES and click Rubber Bands and you will see them there.

  3. Becky says:

    Boy this one was a strain on my bands! More broken bands on this one bracelet then any I have ever done.

  4. ilyloom says:

    I loved the look this loom but when I did it all mybands came off twisted and it didn’t look the best. This is not my favourite braclette because it broke all of bands and I think its not that good of a rainbow loom sorry.

  5. Loomer Person says:

    This vides got to the end of the coloured looping and stopped playing!! I still have a rough idea if how it works, ill just wing it!!

  6. Zahra Putri Andhita says:

    I try to make it but it doesnt work idont know why I think its right but and at the and it doesnt work I’ve try it until 3 time ouhh please help me

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