250+ Loom Band Designs at Loom Love!

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By Christina (Emily and Madeline’s mom)

It’s hard to believe that we now have more than 250 Rainbow Loom band designs on LoomLove.com!

When we started our blog back in October we had no idea how crazy popular Loom Love would become. We now receive more than 1 million unique visitors each month!

Who knew that a simple ‘toy’ (Madeline received a Rainbow Loom for her birthday in September 2013 from her Aunt Tracy) would take our family on such an adventure!

Every loom band on this website has been made by Emily, 10 and Maddie, 8 (except for the Moxie  –  I made that one!) and more than 70 are their own original designs. Emily and Maddie have placed each of the 250+ designs into one of three categories: easy, challenging, and very challenging. This makes it easier to search bracelets by skill level.

We’ve put heaps of time and hard work into creating Loom Love (our veggie garden is choking on weeds, the art room looks like the aftermath of a glitter war, and the living room looks like Santa’s elves have transformed it into a Rainbow Loom sweatshop), but we wouldn’t change a thing!

We are so grateful to all of our fans who keep coming back to check out our latest loom band designs. We’ve had so many wonderful comments over the past few months; it’s truly inspiring! We love it when kids let us know that Loom Love has motivated them to tackle new loom band designs and not give up.

You guys rock!

Breaking News: We are in the process of giving our site a brand new look – so stay tuned for some awesome changes. We’re getting our site all gussied up for the launch of our book. That’s right, Loom Love is writing a book about Rainbow Loom!  The book will be available in Spring 2015 and it will be published by Quarry Books.


How to Make a Petite Fleur

petite fleur rainbow loom

We think Clair’s Wear’s Petite Fleur bracelet is so pretty! We used clear bands so that the floral strand that runs through the bracelet would stand out.

Want to make your own Petite Fleur bracelet? Watch this video:

How to Make a Sine Wave

sine wave rainbow loom

Simple, fun and cool – what more could you ask for in a Rainbow Loom bracelet?

The Sine Wave is perfect for beginners. It’s only a step up from the Single.

sine wave rainbow loomAs you can see, we love the design so much we made five!

sine-wave-5g sine-wave-4g sine-wave-6g

Want to make your own Rainbow Loom Sine Wave loom band? Watch this:

How to Make a Heart Braid

heart braid rainbow loom

We love our new Heart Braid Rainbow Loom band design – especially in purple ombre! You only need three pegs on your Rainbow Loom to make this bracelet.

Here’s how it looks with Bubble Bands:

rainbow loom heart braidWe used Tie Dye bands for this one:

rainbow loom heart braid

Want to make your own Heart Braid? Watch our video:

How to Make a Fuzzy Loom Friend

fuzzy loom friend

DIY Mommy’s Fuzzy Loom Friends are the epitome of cute! We took the liberty of add a funky hairdo to ours. (If you want to add hair, just add a few slip knots and then cut them.)

Want to make your own Fuzzy Loom Friend? Watch this video:

How to Make a Twisty Windows

twisty windowsWhen we saw Looming Roach’s Twisty Windows on Instagram we were instantly smitten and just had to make it. There wasn’t a Youtube video, so Looming Roach gave us permission to create one. How awesome is that!

The beauty of this design is that it is two-sided:

twisty windows rainbow loom

Want to make your own Twisty Windows bracelet? Watch our video:

How to Make a Geometry Dash

geometry dash

If you are looking for an easy and fab loom band design, try our latest creation, the Geometry Dash.

We love this design so much, we made a whole bunch!

After we posted our video, someone let us know that this design was posted several months ago by a fellow Youtuber (you can check out his video here.)

We didn’t see the video prior to creating the video. We make every effort to make sure the designs we create haven’t been done before, but with so many Rainbow Loom tutorials out there, some overlap of designs is inevitable.

If you’d like to make your own Geometry Dash bracelet, watch this video: