40 thoughts on “How to Make a Baymax Figure

  1. Hannah says:

    You should use some of Sarah designs she has a you tube channel just for crafts named Socraftastic you should really check out her tutorials and most of her tutorials she comes up with them by her self. I hope you will look at her channel. Thank you very much bye bye

  2. Joker says:

    It’s quite cute but what is a baymax figure? Is it some sort of American cartoon character? Sorry if I’m being stupid- I’m british so I only understand the tweenies or the koala brothers!!!!!!

    • KawaiiLoom says:

      He’s a very cute character from a movie called Big Hero 6 by disney, It’s not your fault that u didn’t know bc it came out in November in America in England it’s coming out 30th January, I’m from England too so ik how u feel xx

    • AA says:

      I don’t live in England anymore but I spent the first 3 years of my life there and I absolutely love British cartoons! I can really relate to the Tweenies and do you know Balamory? And the Fimbles? Those shows were my childhood!

      • Joker says:

        Yes OMG yes!!!!! Lol I literally grew up with these!! I totes remember those programmes and balamory’s theme tune
        Oh what’s the story in Balamory would you like to know errr etc”
        Whoops kinda forgotten that bit!!
        I think people will instantly guess I’m british: I have the strongest Essex accent ever!!

    • Joker says:

      It’s a British children’s programme…. You’re obviously American- you wouldn’t know? I mean every child in Britain ha defo heard of these!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Merry Christmas Loom Love! So, its the 25th and my family didn’t open presents becuase my dad is at work right now!:( My dad is a police officer so I mean I understad why! Anyway, hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year! 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Love Getting And Giving Gifts!

  4. Hermione Granger says:

    Aww he’s so CUTE… but I had no idea what Baymax was until I read the comments 😉 Joker, IKR!! I too can only understand stuff like that… but the tweenies is SO SO SO annoying!!! They’re so weird and have green or pink skin.

    • Joker says:

      Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah!! Tell me about it!! My younger sister watches them ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! Rofl!!

  5. Mary says:

    hi loom love Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I hope you guys had a great Christmas. I haven’t seen big hero 6 yet but this seems so cool. your tutorials are the best

  6. Miya says:

    I love this design and the movie! Your website is always my go to when I feel the urge to loom. Your tutorials are easy to follow and super nifty. The only thing I have to say about this particular design is that, when I was making it I got a little confused because you didn’t show where you put your horizontal triangle connecting bands. But I just put them on once I saw them. I love you loom love, keep it up:)

  7. Emz says:

    I just saw Big Hero 6, it was so good! One of the best movies’ I’ve EVER seen!
    I was laughing SO hard during the whole thing! I really want to make this……………when I get more white bands 🙂

  8. Emz says:

    I have now seen Big Hero 6 4 times, and I still laugh every time! I still don’t have any white bands……..or money 🙂

  9. Mary says:

    I just watched Big Hero 6 and I loved the movie. This looks awesome and when I get more white bands I want to make it. It looks so cute and Baymax was my favorite character.

  10. Fia says:

    What is the difference if you use two bands rather than three bands? I’m only using two bands because I’m running out of white. I’m making this for my little brother because he loves baymax so much. If it turns out bad he will be pretty mad.

    • Madelyn says:

      I was making mine for my little brother too!I ran out of bands so I couldn’t though bummer!

  11. Kool Kid says:

    OMG!!!!!!! I love Big Hero 6!!!!!! And I’ve been looking for a baymax charm / figure, FOR-EVER!!!!! And I’ve seen a lot, and I think izzalishos (I can’t spell izzalishos degsigns) degsigns did a 3d one, and there are some others, but ether I didn’t like how it came out, or it was to hard:( (like izzalishos degsigns) but this one is AMAZING!!!! Thx loom love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this charm, but I made a few modifications to it, like, instead of double looping the bands for the head, I just put 2 bands, and I used more pegs 4 the head, cuz, I have 2 looms:0 (I can’t hold myself back) :- ;0 :/ ;/ :0 😮 🙂 😉 🙁 ;( :1 ;1 :3 ;3 I LOVE EMOJI’S!!!! emojicon etc. I LOVE EMOJI’S SO MUCH I HAVE A T-SHIRT WITH EMOJI’S ON IT!!!! Ya know, the see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. (Speak no evil’s my fav cuz it’s soooo cute:) ) AYAH.

  12. Cecilia says:

    Ok I don’t mean to be a hater but u never told us to make 2 arms or the connection bands. Why not? I looped it without those and when I seen that u had them I had to unloop everything. Please tell us everything to do next time.

    Your aggravated fan,

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