How to Make a Loop Bracelet


loop rainbow loom

Looking for a brand new Rainbow Loom bracelet design that doesn’t take long to make? Try the LoomLove Loop!

We used our DIY metallic bands for the purple Loop bracelet pictured above. The metallic bands give it a great look!

Here it is with solid color and clear Rainbow Loom bands:

loop rainbow loom

And in pink:loop rainbow loom

Want to make your own Loop bracelet? Watch our tutorial:


27 thoughts on “How to Make a Loop Bracelet

  1. Chloe parkin says:

    This looks so cool must try this one I am making personal ones and selling them my custermers would lover this one but how much could I sell it for any ideas because all the money goes to the money for my loom bands so I can by more because they are running out x

  2. Dani says:

    Agh…almost everytime I wanna try a cool bracelet I can’t make it on my loom because I can’t remove pieces off of it >-<

  3. Loom lover says:

    I’ve been having the same problem with dani!!
    Just every time I see something cool, I fail to make it! 🙁

  4. Loom_rocks_????????_ says:

    Love your channel!!!!!????you teach so good. Were do you get the metallic bands????? I looked everywhere online. Can’t find them even on Amazon!!!!???? twilightsparkle u need to calm down she makes amazing videos and all you can focus on is a capping band!?!?!?????

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