How to Make a Sun Bracelet

sun bracelet rainbow loomWe are seriously smitten with the Sun bracelet. If you are looking for a fab new design to try – that isn’t overly challenging, we highly recommend this design!

sun bracelet rainbow loom

We used this tutorial by KLN rainbowloom to create our Sun bracelet:


43 thoughts on “How to Make a Sun Bracelet

  1. Curious says:

    You should probably say how many colors you need before you start as to make sure a person has enough of each color. It would make sense.

  2. Frieda says:

    Isn’t this basically the turtle back bracelet but just hooked in a different way and it excludes the fishtail for the extension??

  3. Annie says:

    Two things:
    It would make more sense if you put the bands on the loom with the arrows pointing away from you so it would be easier to hook the perimeter.
    This is also literally a starburst with only four of the six bands going from the double-looped band in the middle and because there are fewer, you can fit more on.

  4. Carmen says:

    I have done a lot of your tutorials and this one you really should do again I can hardly see what you are doing on the premier before you are done. Really frustrating as my son felt that he was doing something wrong.

  5. heather says:

    did this with my son… we both found the tutorial very confusing. Ended up taking it all off, and redoing it, with the loom the proper way. Way easier to hook after.

  6. Patricia Collette says:

    I too thought this was a little confusing until, I just did the perimeter bands all the way down to the end, the same way as you normally would place perimeter bands, then turn loom around and pick as you normally would. At the end you do not have to move the bands to the center just pull off and it looks the same.

  7. Ashli says:

    I would say this is more intermediate, as if you turn the loom around and loom it on normally, it is much easier, and changes nothing at all. Doing the other direction just makes it more difficult cause the grooves of the loom are backwards. Also, if you loom on correctly, there’s also no reason to skip a peg at the start, when putting on your border bands.?

  8. Allison says:

    *ahem*.. I think someone was so desperate to invent a rainbow loom bracelet, so they took the turtle back and placed bands the EXACT same way as the turtle back, but did steps before others, hoping people would think its a COMPLETY new design. Judging from the comments, I don’t think it worked…..

  9. Meredith says:

    The only thing challenging about this one is trying to figure out why this girl is fighting the design of the loom. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to loop the bands off if you put them on in the correct way.

  10. RainbowLoomAddict says:

    She should have flipped the loom the other way around. It makes it easier to hook and you don’t have to skip to the second row, and it still looks the same. She even did the extension the other way around… why do I feel like she was taught it that way?

    Anyways, other than that it was an awesome bracelet. Really pretty design even if the rubber bands are placed the same was as the turtle back bracelet. It’s just a young girl so I’m not going to be too critical. Even if it’s similar to another already existing bracelet, she should still be proud of herself for coming up with a cool design. (:

  11. Jazmine says:

    I did it the same way the girl did and it totally got messed up I was so sad because I thought it would look awesome. So I improvised and was suprized to see how much it looked like the turtleback

  12. Everything is awesome says:

    So pretty! I’m so interested in space. This is perfect for meeee! Thank you sooo much! Oh, and can you call your bands A,B,C,D,etc? It’s a bit easier to understand,then. And maybe you should be just a little more specific. But, anyway, mine looks great! Loom love made the right choice of chooseing you!

  13. Gabby says:

    Loved the bracelet but next time u should do with the arrows pointing away from u because on my loom it brook when I started with the arrows pointing to me and I was really broken hearted when it fell apart so next please make it easier I tried super hard took me an hour to make????

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  15. Alice says:

    depends if you are right handed or left handed. I understood it and I think you can make it both, just depends which side you start it on. The rubber bands are for sure easier to hook up with arrow pointing up. She did her very best and applaud her for that. The bracelet is very good looking.

  16. RebeccaLovesLoomBands says:

    Not to be mean, but, when looping the perimeter with the pins the wrong way is hard. But she had a clear voice so it was easy to understand 🙂

  17. Ella says:

    To be honest, the instructions are quite confusing and they way I hooked the bands were upside down and it frustrated me. When I took my bands off, everything just fell.. 🙁

  18. janice-dorkyloomer says:

    this is the turtleback. seriously? but to all you people that STILL want to hear this vid, suggest you use the turtle back vid because this is identical to the turtleback, judging by the comments.

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