How to Make the Times Square Bracelet

times square bracelet

What happens when your amazingly creative Auntie comes for a visit? You introduce her to Rainbow Loom! And what happens next? She uses her creative super powers to come up with her own designs!

Although we’d love to take credit for this fab bracelet, it’s our Aunt Susan that came up with the Times Square design. We hope this is the first of many!

You can purchase clear bands to make this bracelet here.

times square

We made a video to help you create your own Times Square bracelet. Enjoy!




25 thoughts on “How to Make the Times Square Bracelet

  1. AnnaGrace says:

    I love the clear rubber bands!!! Where did you find them? By the way, I love all of your Raimbow Loom® Tutorials!! Thanks!

    • Tiffany says:

      To make it with one loom all you have to do is finish the bracelet off the loom don’t finish off the ends, put new rubber bands on the loom like you did the first time then put the already done half of the bracelet onto the pegs kind of like you would do if you were adding extension bands to it and continue to loom. If you can’t get it let me know i’ll do a video of it if you need it.

  2. Angie says:

    I have the same question that Tiffany has. I dont want to have to make an extension, it ruins the whole look of the bracelet. It would help if you did a vid for that

  3. Alice says:

    This video isn’t that good u need to show the loom at the top instead of the side. I couldn’t tell what u were doing.

  4. Josie says:

    This bracelet is so fabulous that 2 of my friends wanted one and I can’t stop making them! So far this is my all time favorite!

  5. Nicole says:

    Very nice, I can’t wait to try it with my daughter. I love the time we spend together making these bracelets, a great mother daughter special time. 🙂

  6. Debbie says:

    I’m thankful I’ve found this site. My 5 & 7 year old granddaughters are really getting into this bracelet making. ALSO after reading some of the comments here… it amazes me how rude and demanding some people get. These tutorials are FREE to us but they cost someone their time. LORD!

  7. Sweet & Sugared says:

    I really love this bracelet. Awesome girls (and Aunt Susan) !!! I have a bakery blog and I hope one day I’ll get a lot of visits, like you!! Well done, Loom Love!

    Ah, and my bakery blog is:
    I’m sure you will love it if you like sweet things! It’s in Spanish but there’s a translator in the sidebar, don’t worry 🙂

    Keep posting! You’re incredible! (And your bracelets too!)

  8. Coolkid365 says:

    You have really cool designs. I like your clear bands too. My second pin bar of my second loom broke so I did this on one loom, but still really cool. I basically just scrolled through your old archives and found this. How many tutorials have you posted?

  9. Janis says:

    This was super easy to make thanks for the video! I made this using glitter white bands instead of transparent and it also looks fab and elegant. Good thing I habe 2 looms as I love the look without the extension.

  10. Lucille says:

    I have a few concerns about this particular video:
    1. You’re going too fast!
    2. PLEASE try not to talk so quiet. I can barely hear the instructions.
    3. Your hands are in the way and I can’t see what you’re actually doing.

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