52 thoughts on “How to Make a Rainbows & Unicorns Bracelet

  1. Devina says:

    hey i hope u say my comment in the eternity bracelet hehe.. if u havent pleaswgo check it out by the way this is awesome!!! i love this bracelet!! to me its super easy.. how old are you anyways…oh ya !! where do you buy bubble bands or i noe this is impossible but could you send me a packet of one …:} its alright if you cant ..im 12 years old and im a big fan !!! im from malaysia!! have you been to a place called kluang well im living here yay!!! malaysia, the place where the loom creator was born but sadly we dont have any bands mine are imported from USA crazy huh!! hope you all can reply my questions and i love this site its awesome!!!! i will always visit this site no matter what i love u all and this site could you make some easier ones.. my younger sister wants to learn so she wants super easy but nice ones thanks

  2. r loom fanatic says:

    BTW,u havent made a craft tutorial in forever.the ones u did are so neat,i check every day to see if there’s anything new.PLEASE make a craft tutorial soon!!!!! 🙂

  3. Hermione Granger says:

    Oh cool! I finished making the Lorax bracelet by @lateloomer a couple of days ago (I think you should make it too) and I used a tutorial by Rena T because @lateloomer’s Flipagram was way too fast.

  4. The Next Step says:

    This design is really cool, like many others! Love the name 🙂 Thanks Loom Love for this bracelet
    I only just started using Loom Love last week and now I am hooked and its my favourite website ever 😉

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh and I made this into a wreath and it looks awesome (I posted the the comment before this) I am going to put it or them (because I am making more) on my Christmas tree

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