41 thoughts on “How to Make a Beagle Charm

  1. Hermione Granger says:

    Aww! That’s so cute 🙂 When are you going to post the Tootsie Roll bracelet? You said you would post it soon and I just think the Tootsie Roll is so cute and cool.

  2. Ria says:

    Yay!!!!! First Comment! Anyways I had to tell you this. I am in love with dogs and I have one. I am just sooooooo happy that you put this tutorial up!!! Thank you Loom Love!!!

    P.S I really love the fact that you are putting up craft tutorials too!

  3. Lillie says:

    I had a beagle for 7 years who’s name was Georgia because we named her after our aunt and uncle in Georgia and they named their dog tex after Texas because that’s were were we live. We had to give Georgia to our aunt and uncle because it was to hard to take care of her:(. She died of a kidney problem last year:(. So this beagle reminds me of my dog:). Thank you loomlove for coming out with this design! I really like it!:)

    • A says:

      Thank y’all so much!!! I’ve been looking for a dog for a while but this is the best I’ve done so far!!!!!
      Thank y’all!!!!!

      • A says:

        Btw I just made this and when I saw the slipknot at the top i didnt want it so I put my hook where the mouth would be (if it had one) nd pulled the loop through there and it looks like a tiny little tongue!!!! I LOVE it!!!!

    • Ginerva Weasley says:

      Hey, we’re the same person!

      I LOVE DOGS! I have a rotweiler mix puppy and a 10 year old golden retreiver mix.

  4. Hannah says:

    I lovr it.
    I can’t make it right now because I am at a yard sale but when I get home I will make it.!!!

  5. Loom_crazy8896 says:

    Two things:
    Please follow me on Instagram my name is loom_crazy8896 you’d make me SO happy!
    This is such a nice charm!!

  6. Mylittleponyloom says:

    So amazing!!!!!!! BTW ive made a awesome butterfly charm and would like it to be on loomlove. I don’t have a YouTube account though. Can you email me so i can tell you how to make it and show you it?

  7. Fia says:

    Hi LoomLove. If you like this beagle charm, I recommend the Yorkie on her channel also, she has tons of cute dogs! TY! ;p

  8. Codycopuppyfacegirl says:

    Yes!!!I always wanted a charm like this!!I made mine look like Cody (my golden retriever) tnx soo much for this charm

  9. Lovesloombands says:

    Soooooooooooooooo cute
    can you do the slipfish bracelet by tutorialsbya
    Please that would be awsome

  10. Doglover says:

    I LOVE THIS! It is so CUTE! Could you PLEASE do more dog tutorials? I just love dogs and animals. Loom Love you are the best!

  11. Mackenzie Thomas says:

    I love this beagle a lot. it looks just like mine!! The only bad thing about this video that its very hard to see the bands on the pegs and also it is going to fast. It gets very annoying to having to stop the video multiple times. Just wanted to let ya know that, other than that this beagle to perfect!!

  12. Geekgirl says:

    Wow, this is absolutely adorable. I wanted to make it until I saw how many bands it needed *gulp*…

  13. Moon-Magic says:

    Hi Loom Love o3o..I’m Kate, and I LOVE your website! I made this beagle, and a few more charms. My beagle is ADORABLE!! I’ll talk to you later, bye!! o3o

  14. GRACE says:

    hi fia how are you? this is grace by the way if its the right person[: are you sofia your real name????????????? 2 sisters 2 brothers 2 beagles???????????????????????????????

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