And the Winner is ….

loom love contestAnd the winner of the Loom Love Fabulous Giveaway is ……..Kaighan!

Kaighan’s comment was randomly chosen by the Random Number Generator:


Kaighan wins a copy of our book Rubber Band Glam: A Rainbow of Dazzling Beaded Designs for Bracelets, Accessories, and More published by Quarry Books.

The book has 30 awesome beaded one-of-a-kind Loom Love projects that don’t appear anywhere else! Along with photos and step by step instructions, each project has a QR codeΒ  that allows you to access the video tutorials for each project.

The winner also receives:

  • A Rainbow Loom kit that includes the upgrade metal hook
  • 6600 loom bands including bubble bands, electric glow, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, metallic, poker chip, colour changing and Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest!!!!


25 thoughts on “And the Winner is ….

  1. strawberry shortcake says:

    Congrats Kaighan!!!!
    I am disappointed for my best friend Ashley though. πŸ™
    She convinced her parents after so much of persuasion to allow her to participate in the giveaway but she lost. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    Anyway, as Donald duck said some ducks get all the luck!!!!!
    congrats again Kaighan :):)

  2. Someone says:

    LoomLove, are you ever going to post another tutorial on this website? It’s been for AGES since this post.

  3. Taylor says:

    Hi Maddie and Emily, I love your channel and website. Do you know what I have done every single one of your loom band tutorials on the website and in your book. I love your new book. Congratulations Kaighan. I did compete and was a bit disappointed when I found out that instead of me winning Kaighan did. Well done to everyone that took part (even me) and especially well done to ……… Kaighan!

  4. Awesomecake91 says:

    You guys are awesome at finding and building loom creations.It would be nice if you could do a Christmas giveaway.

  5. Elizabeth!! :) says:

    Hi Loom-Love,
    Can you please do more tutorials, and giveaways? I know you are probably very busy with the holidays and all, but can you please try to do one soon?


  6. Bella says:

    Hi, congrats on winning, thats awesome! It has been a very very long time since you guys posted, and i hope you do, thanks for this amzing website!!

  7. ella koch says:

    hi, congrats on winning, that awesome! hey it has been a while since you guys last posted hope u do soon thank you for an amzing website!u guyd

  8. BigSis2003 says:

    When will you have another one of these? ‘Cause I’m sure excited! Thx to LoomLove for doing cool things like this!

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