How to Make a Cute Coin Purse

rainbow loom coin purse

This adorable coin purse was made with Rainbow Loom bands and glass beads.

Although it is time-consuming, and definitely not a beginner’s project, the result is fantastic!

Want to make one? Watch our video:


15 thoughts on “How to Make a Cute Coin Purse

  1. This person says:

    Apparently this project page doesn’t show what level this project is. It would usually say something above, like ‘easy’ or ‘challenging’. This design is cute, though!

  2. HorseLover says:

    First comment!!!!!
    I love it but my bands broke 🙁
    Then I tried again with rainbow loom bands and…. it worked!!!! 😀

  3. hermione11 says:

    Cute purse. Defienetly gonna make one straight away.And loom love,when are your cooking videos coming up???

  4. Honey says:

    Hi why are you not mak8ng more loom love braclets means your own inventions im really waiting every day i see just that purse appear nothing else please reply im harmly waiting ??

  5. Jessica{AKA Horse/Dog Lover 101 says:

    Hi Loomlove! I was wondering when you r going to post another video. I know you are busy with other stuff but i would LOVE to see more craft and some cooking videos. I like rainbow loom videos but not a lot of people do them any more. I would probably still make them if you posted one but i still LOVE Craft and cooking videos.
    ~ Jessica{AKA Horse/Dog Lover 101
    P.S i still check this every day!

  6. Lovetobealoomgirl says:

    Me too jesica i dont open my tab from 2 days because i know that if i will i would open loom love and then when nothing will vome ill smash my tab and yes i was going to smash it but dont (when you will post another video i will start looming again but will take a small break) and please wish my sister tomotow she will be 2 years old i wish she would be 6 so she can loom with me errrrrr!!!! Why is she a babyyyyyy!!!! Ok bey had said alottt

  7. Gwendolyn says:

    tbh i really miss this website, i still love rainbow loom even after all these years and it sure would be nice if you could make some new videos.
    I’ve recently made a full triple single bracelet, no extension just the bracelet if you’re interested i could email you a picture and i also made a lollipop charm that i cold email a picture of and if you’re starting out the lollipop charm would be great i am going to make a video myself about how i did it and if you would like to post it that would be great.

    • Applebeegail says:

      I still loom too and I remember discovering Loom Love way back in 2013. Do you have an Instagram? If you don’t I totally understand (it took me forever before getting an Instagram) but if you do, there are a lot of loomers there and we’d be happy for you to join if you want to! Also, if you want I could email you with some bracelet/loom stuff suggestions! Just let me know if you see this comment. You’re right that there aren’t many people left that still loom.

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