How to Make Beaded Fishtail Dangles

beaded fishtail dangles

Aren’t these Rainbow Loom Beaded Fishtail Dangles awesome? We used our Persian bands for these, and love the look!

These earrings are just one of 30 gorgeous (and original!) beaded Rainbow Loom designs in our book, Rubber Band Glam: A Rainbow of Dazzling Beaded Designs for Bracelets, Accessories, and More.

For these earrings you will need:

  • 30 Persian bands in yellow
  • 10 small silver tribal style beads (Halcraft Bead Gallery)
  • 2 slip rings
  • 2 French Hook earring wires
  • 1 loom
  • 1 hook

For instructions on making these earrings, watch our tutorial:


11 thoughts on “How to Make Beaded Fishtail Dangles

  1. soph says:

    LoomLove, can i still buy this in England ? because the price is in dollars and sents, whilst in England i use pounds and pence. 🙁

    i’m will try to save my pocket money for it if i can buy it using £ and p

  2. Hayley says:

    Loomlove will the bracelets in your book that will be published next month also be on the site or no?

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