How to Make a Ladder Bracelet

rainbow loom ladder bracelet tutorial

If you’re looking for something a little challenging, but totally worth the effort, give the ladder bracelet a try. If you are like us, it will take a couple times to master, but it might just end up being one of your favourite Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns. (It is one of our faves!)

This is the tutorial we used to successfully master the ladder bracelet rainbow loom band. It was a good video, but Ashley failed to include instructions for making an extension. If you don’t know how to do this, watch the video below Ashley’s video:


38 thoughts on “How to Make a Ladder Bracelet

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  2. Nikole says:

    Why did you put very chllenging when its just a challenge or easy The level should be a average not your opinions. Heres a tip. THINK

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  4. Jack loves to loom says:

    This is one of the not-so-many bracelets i know how to make. This is my favorite. It took me a couple times to master- but i got the hang of it.Thank you for the tutorial. From, Jack

  5. makayla says:

    It was so easy the first time I did it …they say it is a hard bracelet but it isn’t its so crafty????

  6. BlazerodLOOMING says:

    It’s pretty easy, but I could be a challenge for beginners. This was the first one I tryed to do back in December, and failed very badly, so I tryed simpler ones, and now I can do this one.

  7. Vannesa Nicole Garcia says:

    Hello my name is Vannesa but my friends call me Nicole and i have a question how do you do these make a starburst bracelet with FUNLOOM because my opinión is i like funloom better than rainbow loom becase I have all of them and the best were Funloom and crazloom

  8. Alyssa Kathrin L. Reburiano says:

    I really love this ladder bracelet but when I first tried I failed because my loombands kept on breaking but now it don’t break anymore

  9. Alyssa says:

    Thanks a ton!!! My bracelet turned out great. 🙂 At first I failed, but then I tried again, and it worked!!

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