22 thoughts on “How to Make a 3D Present

  1. thehypermia says:

    Awww, so cute, I will have to make some more for Christmas time! So cute, keep posting stuff 😀

  2. Mylittleponyloom says:

    Amazing! I’ve made 3 of these and is planning to make a Christmas tree with the loom to put these awesome mini charms under

  3. The Next Step says:

    This is amazing! At school we are having a Christmas Market and I’m doing a loom band stall, so I will make loads of these to sell! Thanks Loom Love!

  4. Poppper8365 says:

    I like all your designs but for the rainbow loom giveaway is it important to be 18 years old?

  5. Lexia lyons says:

    Very cool I’m making this for my little sister this Saturday because it’s her birthday she’s going to love it at first I had troubles making it but then I saw the mistake I made and at first it was flat and I thought it wasn’t gonna be 3D but when you started folding the present I start getting it do you have any winners or prizes ?

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