27 thoughts on “How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Bracelet

  1. Chloe says:

    AWESOME loomlove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you do another bracelet like the corset on the rainbow loom, THANKS!!!!!!!!!! (P.S First Comment)

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    Very cool! And I have to agree that it looks a lot like a hot air balloon 🙂 I might make it with Persians, Emily and Maddie you should make the Global bracelet by @crazyjustmightwork on Instagram. The tutorial is by Justin’s Toys.

  3. Looming101 says:

    No way, they look exactly like hot air balloons!
    I am really enjoying these really tiny little charm bracelets, this, th unicorns and rainbows one, bracelets like that.????

  4. Llamaloomer says:

    Why is every one obsessed about the 1st comment?!!
    I love the bracelet. It dose look like a hot air balloon

  5. Ginny weasley says:

    Hey loomlove!!!!! Amazing! Where did you get your bands from? Will this bracelet look good in Persian bands ?

  6. Loom Band Lover says:

    Love this design! Could you do the 3D Christmas tree next (I used a tutorial made by someone called ‘Kate Schultz’ on youtube)?

  7. Rainbow Loom Lover Forever says:

    Could you do a heart eye emoji rainbow loom charm? By the way I LOVE this bracelet!
    It’s not too hard and it looks really cool. Also I love that you can use so many colors! Keep posting more tutorials! 🙂 -Rainbow Loom Lover Forever- 🙂

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