How to Make an Arrowhead Bracelet


We love it when we discover brand bracelet new patterns, like this Arrowhead Rainbow Loom design.

arrowhead bracelet

You can make your own Arrowhead Rainbow Loom bracelet by watching this video tutorial:


29 thoughts on “How to Make an Arrowhead Bracelet

    • Will says:

      Try ordering rubber bands that are from the makers of rainbow loom (you can order them at They don’t snap as easily, and ironically, they’re cheaper than most other bands (its usually $2 for 300, but fornbthese its 2.50 for 600)!

  1. loverainbowloom says:

    It’s just like a starburst they both are easy to me thanks!!! If your bored and not doing loom then go on this website called woozworld it’s really fun.

  2. Autumn & Lily says:

    You did a great job on this video! It helped us out a lot!! Thanks!!
    ~Autumn & Lily

  3. Anna says:

    This message is for Loom Love:

    Did you know that your arrowhead bracelet is featured on the rainbow loom website? It’s on the top right corner of the homepage!

  4. LoomLuver says:

    I followed ur tutorial for double starburst and made a double aroowhead. I tlooked super cool. u guys are the best, loom love. You brighten my day with your everyday- new- bracelet- thingy on ur website 😛

  5. Lily says:

    You did a really good job on this tutorial! You have done the best of anybody I have ever seen! Great job! I love the Arrowhead bracelet!!!!!

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