How to Make a Barbie Santa Hat

santa hat rainbow loom

We think Barbie looks pretty fabulous sporting her new Rainbow Loom Santa hat. What do you think?

If you’d like to make your own Barbie Santa Hat, watch this video by DIY Mommy:


18 thoughts on “How to Make a Barbie Santa Hat

  1. Looming101 says:

    Sorry my name is meant to be looming101 not 10-
    Also a says I have been meaning to say for a while I love your name it’s so exotic I would have never have though of that!
    Seriously though your name is good.

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi loomlove ! I love all of the bracelet/charms you make on the loom! I would like to make a bracelet request. The bracelet is called the shell chainmail by Claire’s Wears on youtube. I have made the bracelet and it looks amazing ! So can you post it here on ? Thanks. Oh , and yo should do it in ombre colors. It looks fantabulous !!!!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Really cool. I have a friend who’s crazy with barbie. She’ll so love this idea.
    P.S. I am the same kid who suggested some Christmasy tutorials. Thanks a lot!

  4. Ginny Weasley says:

    I don’t have any barbie dolls, so I might make this into a hat for my pencil or something . . . But i don’t have any red!

  5. OHMY POTATO! says:

    Cute. So, taking my mind off of Christmas, I,m going to my grandma’s house for thanksgiving.I can’t wait to eat some stuffing! Man, I love stuffing almost as much as potatoes. Maybe I’ll change my username to ‘OH MY STUFFING’
    It dosn’t have the same ring to it,huh…

  6. Cho Chang says:

    Dear loom love I’m Cho,
    I am an amazing loomer the best probs better than anyone but I found out that there r 2 btr loomers in this their names r Maddie and Emily u guys r the best I <3 u guys

    P.S I know a lotta ppl will say OMG she is such a boaster. And my name is actually Cho Chang

  7. Emy says:

    Seriously Cho Chang ur the biggest boaster on this planet! God I’m sure that everybody on this planet is a btr loomer than u!

  8. A friend says:

    I am awfully confused. Why do people use characters from Harry Potter in their comments? Looming and Harry Potter are totally different. Just use your nicknames from real life, or be creative and come up with one of your own. To be honest, I’d like to see more Suzies, Izzies, and Daves, Manzanas or Senseis. Or anything that you want.
    Be imaginative, kids. Break from conformity and be yourself. If you love H.P. so much, than say so! Talk about your clarinet’s rubber band embellishments. Describe how you raised a hundred dollars for ALS with your looming skills. Tell loomlove that bracelet they made a while ago would look gorgeous in blue and pink.
    The best part about looming is that you can express your feelings and creativity through little loops of rubber and a curved stick. If you work at looming, you can create new designs and accomplish as much as Loom Love themselves.
    I know it sounds cheesy. I know it sounds cliche. Just express yourself. If you are really dedicated to looming, use your skills. Whatever your talent, whatever your weakness, you can accomplish so much.
    Good day, and good luck (though you’ll hardly need it),
    PS. I’m not kidding about the Harry Potter stuff.

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