How to Make Chicken Drumstick Charms

chicken drumsticks

For those of you who love food charms, what Rainbow Loom collection would be complete without a set of Chicken Drumstick charms?

Want to make them? Check out this tutorial by ElegantFashion360:


21 thoughts on “How to Make Chicken Drumstick Charms

  1. Anayeli Gutierrez says:

    OMG I cant belive you have DrumSticks its bcuz me and my friend say MEATS AND CHICKEN WINGS lol idk for us it sounds funny so Imma make this drumstick but for the stick imma use brown too to make it look like a chicken wing and plz make a meat charm plz like Carne Asada or watever lol plzz thxs <3

    • Ember_11 says:

      I feel sorry for you! I remember when I was a beginner loomer and everything was so hard for me…but now this chicken drumstick is super simple. What parts did you have the most trouble with?

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