How to Make a Compact Triple Fishtail (on the Monster Tail!)

compact triple fishtail

We finally cracked open our brand new Monster Tail Rainbow Loom and did some experimenting. We came up with this super stunning Compact Triple Fishtail.

compact triple fishtail

This bracelet is different from TutorialbyA’s Triple Fishtail. The bands fit together tighter, giving it a clean, compact finish. We love it!!!

Want to make your own Compact Triple Fishtail on the Monster Tail loom? Watch our video tutorial:


79 thoughts on “How to Make a Compact Triple Fishtail (on the Monster Tail!)

  1. LoveMeSkye says:

    Hi LoomLove, I’m Skye.
    I was wondering if it is possible to do this on a Rainbow Loom, because I haven’t got a Monster Tail loom yet?
    Also, on the second paragraph, I think you meant ‘… different FROM’, not ‘… different THAT’! I’m sorry for pointing it out, because I know many of your fans will hate me for supposedly ‘cyber-bullying’ you, but it’s a real pet peeve of mine.
    By the way, your cat is so cute!
    From Skye, age 10

    • LoomLove says:

      Hi Skye (cool name!)… Thanks for the heads up on the grammar. Sometimes we rush through the posts and make mistakes.

      BTW, we will figure out a way to make it on the Rainbow Loom soon.

      • lone fotis 10 years old says:

        Hey Loomlove,
        I am in the same position as Skye and don`t have a monster loom yet…cant wait until i can make this bracelet `cause it is so awesome !!!
        Have a great easter!

        You two have really wonderful choice in colours.

    • Sarha says:

      Hi, I did this on my Rainbow Loom by taking out the middle row of pegs. Then I moved the small blue connectors to either side of the loom, the I moved the big connector so It touched one of the small ones. This left a 5 peg gap. I then placed the horizontal band from peg 1 of row 1 to peg 5 of row 2. This allowed 3 bars in between this horizontal band. I then placed the 3 vertical bands in between this horizontal band.

    • SophieClaireLuv says:

      To make it on a Rainbow Loom, just align the 2 outside peg rows, and take out the middle peg row, the take out the middle base. Hope I helped:)

    • Hayley ยซ**ยป says:

      Hallie can you tell me how to make the mouse on one loom and by the way my name is Hayley:)

  2. PEACE,LOVE,LOOM says:

    Monster tail loom is so tiny, yet u can make so many cool bracelets. WANT 1 SOOOO BAD, LOL really

  3. Bea says:

    I was just wondering, what is that thing in the video that looks like an autograph on top of your box?

    • LoomLove says:

      Hi Bea.. It’s Choon Ng’s (the inventor of Rainbow Loom) autograph. We got to meet him in March.

  4. MKTOlover says:

    this is awesome i have made 20 bracelets already (i love looms and stuff like that)
    i want it on the rainbow loom two

  5. Shannon says:

    Gotta ask what color bands these are and where in the world to find them. Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Candy says:

    Can u make more bracelets on the monster tail?
    I tried it on my rainbow loom and it didn’t work.
    I’m getting a monster tail soon though.;)

  7. ### says:

    I bought my monstertail at Walmart. And loomlove when are you going to do another giveaway??? Can you do the next giveaway international please?? I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG

  8. keishla says:

    Three things one,i lobe your nail they are soooo cute two,your cat is so adorable and three where did you get your monstertail loom?

  9. Lauren says:

    My Monster Tail is coming in the mail!! Ad this is the first thing I’m going to make on it!!!:)

  10. Megan says:

    Omg that bracelet is soooooooo cool sad face don’t have a monster tail kit:(
    btw your nails r awesome

  11. charm says:

    hi loom love, im having troubles looking for one of your posts.. the technique is like creating a double cross fishtail but it kinda looks like a chevron but much thicker.. i forgot what its called..:( i hope you can help me..

  12. Pamela says:

    Hi! This is Pamela and I just wanted to point out that your page is awesome!!! I’ve learned many styles of bracelets and I plan to learn more. However, my mom says that she spent so much money on my Rainbow Loom that she refuses to buy me a Monster Tail loom. If there is any way you could make a tutorial for this bracelet on the Rainbow Loom please let me know at
    Thank You!
    (Age 12)

  13. happypopet8 says:

    i love this bracelet! i tryed making one on my mums fingers in a certain way and it came out fine so she odered it on amazon for 14 pounds and 49 pence! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. bernard says:

    Hello Loom Love, do you guys know where to buy the monster tail because I need it to make the Compact Triple Fishtail. Just let me know
    (Age 10)

  15. Sara Rebecca Thompson says:

    Do you know were to buy the monster tail? Please let me know:)

    Thanks .

    Sara (age10)

  16. Molz says:

    Hi I love your designs. I would just like to ask if you could put a picture or you wearing the braclet/ring or next to your hand if it’s a charm just so we can see the size of them. I know you have done this on some.

  17. Rachel says:

    I made tutorials by A’s triple fishtail, and I found it quite difficult, this one was much easier.

  18. kym says:

    Hi, i have a monster tail but not a rainbow loom and was wondering if its possible to make a minecraft bracelet with a monster tail?

  19. looping ur loom says:

    hi loom love
    I’m wondering if u can do more inventions on the monster tail cuz ur videos are so good and I’ve just brought the monster tail

  20. D says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to make a suggestion (don’t feel pressured to take it) but I was wondering if you could add a category to the “rainbow loom tutorials” thing at the top. It would be awesome if there was one for monster tail designs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Susan says:

      Seriously MONSTER TAIL DESIGNS by the way GOOD LUCK WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. The Next Step says:

    I do not have a favourite bracelet any more because this one is so cool! My other favourites are the Double Rotini, the Solstice and the rock candy bracelet and ring, but this is SO awesome! The Next Step ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S: I do not have a monster tail so I borrowed my friend`s one to make this, but do you know how you could make it on a loom? (For you it would be a rainbow loom, but I have a Cra-Z-Loom which is almost the same.) Thanks!

  22. Live off of the loom says:

    This is a great bracelet! I used metallic blue and black and white tye die(: Phew this bracelet took a long time though but it was definitely worth it (:

  23. Kate says:

    I love this! Can you please PLEASE make more videos on Monster Tail bracelets? There are really no bracelets for the monster tail. Also, I love your nail polish!

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