33 thoughts on “How to Make a Cross Quadfish

  1. kierstyn says:

    i made a cross quadfish the same way but for the border i had just two bands instead of three that way it does not look much like the double cross fishtail love your site

  2. Erika says:

    I don’t have the monster tail yet, and my not get one, so I love that you can make some of the designs on the rainbow loom as well! I love this bracelet

  3. RubberBandRockstar says:

    Love the pink, black, and white color combination! But how is this different from the Double Cross fishtail besides the fact it’s done on a Monster Tail?

    • kierstyn says:

      if you only have 2 bands on the border side it will look less like a doublecross love your site loom love

  4. RubberBandRockstar says:

    Also, are you having another contest anytime soon? I had a lot of fun entering the first one 🙂

  5. Bea says:

    Loom Love, I’d like to make a charm request! 😀
    I would love it if you tried Kaledioscope Turtle by feelinspiffy on youtube!
    I really comes out great, and I would like to share to other people who view this website 🙂

    Hope you try it,

    • kierstyn says:

      no because if you only have two bands the border and three for the inside it will look different

  6. Pinsy Pie says:

    I like this design but it’s almost exactly like the Double Cross. But it’s still pretty!

  7. karinas looms and craft says:

    love your youtube videos and loomlove.com love everything you
    do in life can you comment me on my video in youtube
    channel: val lam
    just type in val lam channel then find the one that says val lam and thats it
    bye see you soon.

  8. Alina says:

    Hi loomlove plz can you make a bracelet with fruit charms or something you could call it the fruity twist thx love your designs!

  9. Sophie says:

    Hey I don’t have a dragons tail is there any way to do it on a fork or rainbow loom? Also if not where can I get a dragons tail because I haven’t seen them in the store?

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