How to Make the Cube

The Cube Triple Single

We have our Aunt Susan to thank for this awesome pattern that we call The Cube.

It’s actually a Triple Single design with the bands laid out to create a cube pattern.

We recommend using clear bands between the colors. You can purchase clear bands here.

the cube rainbow loom

We made a tutorial for the Cube, using two looms. You can use one loom, but you will need to add an extension. Here is the video:



40 thoughts on “How to Make the Cube

  1. GB Shakespeare says:

    I was wondering if you could sort out the tutorials into categories. For example, one loom, two looms, etc. It makes it hard to find good bracelets that I can make. Also, this is just an idea, and it might take a while, but could we possible vote on if we like a bracelet?
    Also, random, but sometimes the level that you have are a little off. I don’t think I’m “super experienced” but sometimes a “challenging” bracelet I find pretty easy.
    These are just tips, you don’t have to do any of these.
    Thank You,
    ??GB Shakespeare??

  2. shelly says:

    I can’t follow along with this video cause of the angle I guess….I am use to people video taping from the top angle. Maybe I am too slow or something!! Maybe I can find it on another website?! Like Loom Love though…

  3. Rose says:

    Hi! I love all your tutorials and the bracelets you make. There are a few things I do want to say:

    Please, try to film at a different angle. It’s so hard to follow along from the side because you cannot see all three rows of pegs. If you could film from the top that would be great. That way, we can see the precise pattern of the cube.

    Some of your videos that you film for your bracelets, you film with two looms. Some people only have one loom, but they would like to make it too. If you could make a separate video with the same bracelet, but with one loom, so that people like me can make it with one loom, that would be awesome.

    Also, sometimes a very easy bracelet that I can make is labled as “Challenging.” Not only do little kids make this stuff, but teenagers like me do to. If you could keep in mind the age range, that would help people. Also, most of your bracelets are hard. Could you include some easy ones for beginners?


  4. Cece says:

    I don’t understand how this bracelet is different from a triple single
    P.S I LOVE your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emily A says:

      It is a triple single but the colours of the bands are set in cube shapes. That is why they call it The Cube. That’s why it says ‘The Cube – Triple Single’.

  5. Will says:

    Hey LoomLove! I found a way to create a full triple single bracelet on one loom! It also works on the monster tail, and I love the way it turns out. I am really surprised I invented it cause I haven’t seen it online anywhere.

  6. Queen of Rainbow Loom says:

    Hi to Loom Love!!!
    I have done almost every bracelet on this site ever since this started! You guys have given me great ideas and inspiration for bracelets of my own!! I will subscribe and try and make your videos more popular on my website. ALL CREDIT TO YOU GUYS LOOM LOVE!!!!! – Queen of Rainbow Loom

  7. Mikaila says:

    Hey, I’ve read some of the comments on your blog, and some of the people who are commenting are impersonating you guys! Isn’t that a problem? I think so! 🙁

  8. dancing coconut says:

    yessss i made it ! I figured out a way to make it on only 1 loom with out making extensions . turned out great ! thanks loom love !

  9. dancing coconut says:

    ps i put doubled band on the middle band of each of the cubes it looks better ,and I used jelly bands

  10. Anam Abbasi says:

    I don’t think you need to lay out the bands in a certain way or use an extension. I don’t have rainbow loom so I make my triple singles on two forks. I just think we need to use those colours. ( clear and solid )

  11. Kathryn says:

    PLEASE! record your videos at a different angle so that we can see where you place the bands. I LOVE Your videos! They r awesome! PS im only 10/ LOVE YOU!

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