How to Make a Dainty Twist

dainty twistWe love it when we stumble on new designs that really stand out! Take the Dainty Twist by Loves2Loom, for instance. This unique bracelet design is two sided and pretty darn cute, don’t you think?

dainty twist

Want to make your own Dainty Twist? Watch this video:


35 thoughts on “How to Make a Dainty Twist

  1. RubberBandRockstar says:

    So pretty! When I first saw it I thought it was a mini snake belly bracelet! 🙂

  2. Marylee says:

    I don’t have a Facebook yet but when I do I am so going to like you guys and subscribe on YouTube when I have one.I love your guys’ bracelets keep it up!!!

  3. 100my 130p@rd (loomy leopard) says:

    COOL bracelet! <3 it. Just some suggestions for tutorials on your website…

    Monstrosity bracelet (Monster Tail version AND Rainbow Loom) – Claire's Wears
    Zig Zag Fishtail- Justin's Toys
    Mystique bracelet (Monster Tail) – Tutorialsbya
    Graceful Lace bracelet- Claire's Wears
    Anchored Lace bracelet- OfficiallyLoomed
    Frays For Days bracelet- SoCraftastic

    …and for some SUPER CHALLENGING dragon & animal designs check out Cortney Nicole's channel on Youtube!! They are all awesome. Bye! 🙂

  4. Kel says:

    I love this design!

    Also, has anyone else seen the new RL Persian bands?! I ordered some and they are awesome!!!!! (They are under the “Online Only” category.)

    • Hermione Granger says:

      Omggggg they are so pretty when I get back to London, that’s where I live (I’m on holiday) I am ordering all the Persian bands, Sweets bands, Medieval bands, electric bands, tie-dye and some other colours 😀

  5. Fulton says:

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE you guys have the rainbow loom award why haven’t you displayed it i just became a member of rainbow loom I can’t wait for electric glow bands. If you want to be a member go to and go to the member zone it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS

    • Sophia says:

      Yah me too i dont know why but the only problem that happened in mine the loom bands didnt pop out like in the picture they were like really small and hidden

      • Loves2Loom says:

        To make sure they pop out make sure your doing a triple cap band.. and also using a good quality band.. you dont want to use bands that are SUPER stretchy.. regular rainbow loom opaque banda work great!!!

  6. AA says:

    This bracelet is so pretty! I used the same colors you used and it looks so cute! And where did you get your top? It is cute! I am one of those girls who loves turquoise!

  7. We love loom says:

    This design is easy to make and the instructions are really clear thank you loom love!!!??????????????

  8. Klaire says:

    I had to make this one! Its awesome! LoveLoom I think I may have created a new rainbow loom bracelet but I don’t know.:)

  9. Bunka says:

    This was nothing like it was shown. The only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong was do a double instead of a triple capping band. But overall, the look wasn’t what I Expected however, I like my look better. It was thicker and more sturdy looking almost like a python

  10. Pierre says:

    I just made one with your video (easy to understand even for french people like me).
    I succeed but at the end i cut one of the first band, the others ones fell down too. It up with a Dainty Twist with a single row instead of two. The result is still good.

    Thanks a lot !

  11. Lottie says:

    Mine worked perfectly. The trick is to push the two colours in the middle of the bracelet up when it has been loomed so they pop out more like the picture…

  12. kira says:

    HI loom love this one is sooooooooooooo my favorite one and ive read the
    LOOMLOVES EPIC RAINBOW LOOM GIVEAWAY one way to enter is to post a comment and so im doing that so i want to enter beacause i am a HUGE FAN and i love rainbow loom ( plus i dont have rafflecopter or facebook or a youtube account) please reply so i can enter!!!!!!!! YAY!

    • LoomLove says:

      You don’t need a facebook or youtube account to enter. If you leave a comment here though, you have to go into the rafflecopter widget in this post and confirm that you left a comment. It requires your name and email address to confirm you entered. Rafflecopter is used to pick a winner randomly. Good luck!

  13. Vera says:

    I just bought rainbow loom, it’s better than crazy loom. Btw, it is totally possible to make frays for days on rainbow loom. Wanna bet? Watch frays for days on rainbow loom to learn!

  14. Keirsten says:

    LoomLove this is really awesome! BTW LoomLove I have a question: I’m farely new,and I was wondering if you could maybe add some easier ones?!?!?!?!?

    PLEASE REPLY ASAP!!!!!!!!! thanks LoomLove!

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