How to Make a Diamond Weave Bracelet

diamond weave rainbow loom

If you’ve made the Diamond Rainbow Loom Bracelet, you will find this Rainbow loom pattern a breeze.

This pattern is based on the Diamond Design, but we tweaked it by adding a ‘weave.’

diamond weave rainbow loom

diamond weave rainbow loom

If you like the look of this design and you want to make your own Diamond Weave, watch our tutorial:


10 thoughts on “How to Make a Diamond Weave Bracelet

  1. VICTORIA says:

    OMG so cute defiantly gonna make it, keep the creations coming up. one question when is the next wacky bracelet contest cuz i want to participate but i always miss them and i really want to participate can you please answer back 🙂 i a big fan of you girls, like i sated keep the creation coming up and make more bracelet tutorials

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