How to Make a Honeycomb Bracelet

honeycomb bracelet

If you are new to Rainbow Loom, why not try the Honeycomb Bracelet.

The Honeycomb is an easy bracelet – and the result is sweet!

Watch the Official Rainbow Loom video tutorial to learn how to make one:



13 thoughts on “How to Make a Honeycomb Bracelet

  1. Elenaloveslooming says:

    I entered a couple of days ago, but not sure my entry got through…. Am I supposed to get some sort of conformation email letting me know I entered? Thanks!

  2. Seryne Swiftie says:

    Hi I’m from Philippines. This is so easynand cute. I will make this for my cousin for her birthday because she wants a loom. So thanks this is pretty cool:)).

  3. Ella woods says:

    This is so easy but I no how to make a lot of really hard ones like carnival and I’m only 10

  4. JaydenTheLoomer says:

    Cool!!!I couldn’t make it because I don’t have rainbow loom just a cheap kmart one

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