How to Make the Little Star

little star rainbow loom instructionsOur eyes lit up the first time we pulled this invention off of our Rainbow Loom. It reminded us of the Kaleidoscope bracelet, but it wasn’t nearly as challenging. And you only need one loom!

The Little Star looks amazing in so many different color combinations:

little star bracelet

Want to make your own? Check out our Rainbow Loom Little Star video tutorial:


24 thoughts on “How to Make the Little Star

  1. Kat says:

    I love its like a newer version of the starburst I was wondering if you could make some things without the rainbow loom I would love that

  2. Sari says:

    Looks Cool! I’ll try to make it, but a problem I have with the Starburst is that I follow the instructions perfectly, but then when I take it off it becomes a rubber band mess!!! PLEASE HELP1

  3. Mega Loom Lover says:

    Hey loomlove! I absolutely love the bracelets you make. Um… I’ve been doing rainbowloom since Christmas and I want to know how long you’ve been doing it? I love all the bracelets you make especially the Dragon scale bracelet. I don’t know if you know the hibiscus bracelet, but I did a mixture of the two bracelets and I was wondering if you could make a video out of that. If not, that’s fine too


    Mega Loom lover

  4. Alannah says:

    So this tutorial is really awesome and so are a couple others I just love your tutorials. I was wondering if you would allow me to make a tutorial on youtube for your designs and I will give full credit. Thanks for the amazing videos!

  5. jocelyn says:

    I made I bracelet just like that several weeks ago, but it was so simple I figured that someone else came up with it and I didn’t make a video tutorial… huh. I guess I actually was the first. Who knew…lol

  6. Coolkid365 says:

    This is beautiful and a lot like the Flower Power bracelet from the official Rainbow Loom website. Also on that website, there’s a tutorial for the hibiscus bracelet, which is really pretty. You have a wonderful website but to grant the requests of viewers, please post this bracelet tutorial. Thanks!

  7. Laugh, Love, Loom says:

    LoomLove, your bracelets are outstanding! I love all of the ones you make, especially the Little Star and Stripetopia. Every time I want to make a bracelet, I look here and find the best tutorials!!! I have to ask you guys a question: What is your most favorite rainbow loom creation that you have made? I would like to know so I can make that bracelet. Thanks so much!!!

    Laugh, Love, Loom

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