How to Make a Narwhal

narwhal rainbow loom

Have you ever heard of a narwhal? Narwhal’s are considered ‘unicorns of the sea.’ They are found in Arctic coastal waters and rivers – and they happen to be one of the rarest whale species in the world!

Watch this video by DIY Mommy to make your own Narwhal charm:


39 thoughts on “How to Make a Narwhal

  1. Joker says:

    I saw this on a YouTube page when I was looking for something to loom….. It’s so unbearably cute toooooo!!!

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    Omg! That’s really cute 🙂
    I’m going to sell bracelets next week so I can make enough money to buy a Hermione Granger wand for Halloween (I’m actually going as Voldemort, no joke :P) but not just for Halloween. It’s quite expensive, £27. I’m just not sure how to price the bracelets. How does this sound? BTW anyone can reply and give their opinion, think like the customer.
    Single chain: £1
    Fishtail: £1.50
    Inverted fishtail: £1.80
    Triple fishtail charm: £3
    Pencil charm: 75p
    Ring: 50p
    Animal charms: £2.50
    Dragon scale (6 or 4 pin) : £2.80
    Triple single: £2.50
    Complicated bracelets: £4.50

    • Ginny Weasley says:

      Well, I sell brcelets to,but they’re only to family so they’re super cheap. But that sounds OK . . . Ps I really don’t think you should get a wand, they’re literally just a bit of plastic . . . Maybe you could paint some paper brown and wrap it around a toilet roll tube or something, or use a good twig . . . Hope this helps 🙂

      • Hermione Granger says:

        Well.. yeah it is expensive but the one I want is wooden, very good quality and all the reviews are good. And I really want one, my friend (whose favourite character is Ginny 😛 ) has a wand and her sister has the Elder Wand and I asked if I could use it, but apparently she’s going to use it for Halloween. And it’s really cool!

    • Sally says:

      What a great idea! I don’t use pounds, I use US dollars but I looked up the rates. Personally, I would not pay more than 30 cents (I believe that’s 19 pence) for a single, because I love to loom and I can whip up a single in a minute. I know plenty of people don’t make bracelets, but I don’t think anyone would want to pay $1.60 for just a single! I certainly would buy a triple single for $1, not $4.
      Tip: find out how many bands you’ll need for each bracelet, and how much each band costs (in the US they cost about .5 cents because a 600-pack is $3) and double that amount. That way, you are making 1/2 profit and more people will want to buy your bracelets if they’re cheaper.
      Good luck!

    • Lauren says:

      If I knew the equivalent amounts in Canadian dollars, maybe I could help you, but I’m not sure otherwise. I had a rainbow loom sale at my school a while ago and a triple single, double braid, etc. was about $1 if that helps ant.

    • Just a suggestion says:

      This is what I would do. Btw this is in American dollars and cents. I would lower them a tad.
      50 cents for single
      $1.50 for fish tale
      $1.60 for inverted fish tale
      $2.50 for the fishtail charm
      $3 forAnimal charms (also depends
      on the animal)
      2.50 for dragon scale
      $2 for triple single
      $1 pencil charm
      .50 cents for ring
      Complicated $4

    • Looming 101 says:

      Im selling loom bands at my fair and my most expensive thing is 2 pound and that is a pike but I think your prices ar good although you could make four pound fifty three pound however that’s just a suggestion 🙂 😉

    • Venturian says: turqoise? At least it comes quite close. I think you can get it even from Canada now.

  3. Marga says:

    Dear loomlove, if i can ask, what are you two going as for halloween? My brother and i are going as Zorro and Elena Montero. I would love it if you commented back to me! A loyal fan, Marga.

  4. Sg says:

    That’s so cute!
    I also have started a YouTube channel and it also has rainbow loom and other arts and crafts
    So..go on YouTube and search ‘welcome to my channel craft nova’
    It will help me a lot!
    Btw loom love where do you find such cool ideas?

  5. Fia says:

    I <3 NORWHALS! They are so cute! I really like animals that are rare and interesting, because there are none like them. The norwhal defenitly counts! TY LoomLove

  6. Alyssa says:

    Ok so i made one and it turned out great i made mine pink lol 🙂 (even though I wanted blue but i didnt have enough bands)
    I like how its 3d . Is it ok if you dont stuff in the cotton balls?? Because I didnt

  7. Artistic says:

    First of all, it’s pronounced nar-wall. Not nar-whale. That is why it doesn’t have an “e” at the end. And second, all through the video you are saying numbers that don’t actually correspond with the bands actually on the peg, you’ll say there are 3 when there are 5.

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