32 thoughts on “How to Make a Penguin Pencil Topper

  1. Lucy says:

    How cute is this!!! I would definitely try this however I don’t have black bands! ???? I am from Newcastle, England.

    • Lolly says:

      I get all of my bands from the works, I’m from kent soooooo I don’t really know if you have the works, but if not order them off of ebay

    • glassesgirl12 says:

      I made mine with different colored bands because I didn’t have any black either, Lucy! They are SO cute in different colors! Believe me!

  2. Rainbow Loom Goddess says:

    I made that before! I also created a human girl and boy pencil topper and give them to my friends at school.

  3. Luv My Loom says:

    Hi Loom Love, I love this website and I check it daily… I literally made the penguin topper yesterday for school and here I am today looking at this page. Wow, coincidences…
    -Luv My Loom

  4. Jaycie says:

    you go to fast when u make the beak. im furious because I have no idea what im doing. I think that made by mommy is better. no hard feelings

  5. Jaycie says:

    It may seem really cute but i find it is really hard to do the eyes. You should either but the description on how to make the eyes on the loom or go a little slower. I am NOT sorry.

    • Winter says:

      Loom Love didn’t even make this video, Jaycie. Try grabbing the eyes with your hook when you’re done and pulling the eyes out. It helped me a lot 😀

  6. Emersyn says:

    Just made the penguin, so adorable! My sister is jealous. Very time consuming since it was my first charm, but well worth it when I got the little cut

  7. Charlotte says:

    Love the topper but for some reason my puffy cheeks ended up on the back. I followed the tutorial perfectly so very confused!

  8. patrick says:

    thanks a lot fr the tutorial.it really very cute
    my only complaning it was very.fast
    wich make it harder for beginners like me
    but since i made it 🙂
    every one can do it

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