How to Make a Raindrops Bracelet

raindrops rainbow loom

We finally got around to making Rainbow Loom’s Raindrops bracelet. You don’t have to be a master loomer to make this one in a snap!

raindrops rainbow loom

We watched this Official Rainbow Loom video to create our Raindrops bracelet:


16 thoughts on “How to Make a Raindrops Bracelet

  1. ElasticGirl says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Super easy for the beginners, and most importantly, stylish. But one problem for me. Rainbow Loom makes super complicated videos-no offense. They could just say the color instead of all that a, b, c, you know, and so on. No offense.

  2. Sapphire says:

    I agree with loomie love because their are two more names for this bracelet wich are: Rainbow Bridge and The Zipper, but other than that it was awesome.

  3. Marylee says:

    I love this bracelet my best friend showed it to me today and I asked what it was so I could search up how to make it.

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