How to Make a Sailor’s Pinstripe


The Sailor’s Pinstripe is the most difficult bracelet we’ve made so far. It takes oodles of bands – and oodles of patience. Because of its difficulty it gives you a sense of accomplishment (bragging rights!) when you master it.


This bracelet is neat because it has two different looks depending on how you wear it. Here is the other side:


Justin’s Toys was the inventor of this bracelet. Here is their tutorial:


37 thoughts on “How to Make a Sailor’s Pinstripe

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  2. anonymous :) says:

    thanks for linking a tutorial. i love this bracelet and just made it. if you have an instagram got to @1ducttapegirl for some pictures of bracelets. thanks again!

  3. KA Loom says:

    This is so pretty. But… I don’t think I’m ready to make that challenging of a bracelet yet……
    Maybe later.

  4. Da Bo$$ says:

    This is awesome-sauce!!!
    But a little hard 😛
    Oh well, keep up the gr8 work!

    ~~~Da Bo$$~~~

  5. Kailey Davis says:

    I checked out the tutorial, but it turns out you needed two looms. I found a tutorial online that you can post on your website. I love your tutorials otherwise. Thanks so much! Reply soon!

  6. Rachelle says:

    Justin’s Toys currently has a one loom Sailor’s Pinstripe. Check YouTube if you have one loom and wants to make the Sailor’s Pinstripe and the one loom tutorial is waaaaay easier than the multiple loom tutorial.

  7. santos says:

    Loom love did you know that Justin’s toys made a new video on how to make the sailors pinstripe braclet, it is so mush easier

  8. Twister says:

    I made about three of these bracelets. I tried once when I only had one loom to use my best friend’s loom and we could take turns, then I got another loom!
    My three bracelets were: two for me and one for another one of my best friends.

  9. LoomyLeopard says:

    WOW! This is one awesome bracelet! I was just wondering how many bands did you use for this bracelet?

  10. Texas says:

    Im so good at this cause i made like three of these just like Twister jk i am Twister but a different name cause i like Texas hahaha 🙂

  11. Charm says:

    i love this! it’s actually easy!!!!!!!!! and also, add more designs on your website that is your original designs cause i love your designs!

  12. Rachel says:

    I LOVE this bracelet! Even though it takes almost 200 rubber bands it looks AMAZING! It looks great if you use glow in the dark white for the sides.

  13. Faustine says:

    Why is this in very challenging?
    The atomic weave( which is in challenging) is much more diffucult than this .

  14. Trunks says:

    This is so easy if you do the one loom version which is on Justin’s toys channel. Hope this helped……

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