How to Make the Super 8

super 8 rainbow loom

An easy bracelet that looks cool? What more can you ask for in a Rainbow Loom design?

Our Aunt Susan came with this pattern. We call it the Super 8.

super 8 rainbow loom

We figured out to make this bracelet on one loom without an extension. Watch our video to find out how! It’s a trick that you can use for other bracelet designs too!


36 thoughts on “How to Make the Super 8

  1. Mary says:

    I know this is easy, but I tried making it, and when the person was putting the bands on the loom, they did it a little bit fast for me, so I decided to not make this Super 8 Braclet.. 🙁 Wish I could make one but I can’t

  2. Everything is awesome says:

    Brianna you can make this on Cra-Z-loom!!!:D 🙂 except you will have to make an extension.:(

  3. JNg says:

    The super 8 is great!!!!!!!!! love it. I am going to make a super 8 right now. I hope you
    have a super day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! and the other bracelets to!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you anger me says:

    It looks too easy so I am not going to do it???? UNLESS you convince me otherwise. Plus all you have to do is make single then put bands on like 8. Its ovy by the pic. I said what I must.????

  5. amiria says:

    Hey, I have some mini ‘figure 8’ shaped loom bands. What can i use these for?? All the designs I am finding use the regular round ‘O’ shaped loom bands… ?!

  6. Jazzy says:

    Hi loomlove
    I have a new bracelet design.
    Could u consider putting the design on loomlove
    Thanks btw super 8 is so awesome

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