26 thoughts on “How to Make a Triple Inverted Fishtail

  1. loomatic says:

    This is really helpful! I love wearing it to school! I have mad one creation of my own on my loom but how do you guys make millions of creations?????? Could you give me some advice

  2. Suummmeeerr says:

    this is very cool but do you have any more that kind of challenging? Like some that a school club can master?

  3. Lucinda says:

    These creations r so cool but I would like u to give tips for like the smaller hooks (plastic cheap version) asap cause it looks so easy at start but then it snaps or something also I would love it if u could create a whole loom design section just for the loom (actuall one not the monster one ect.) so then everyone can just go to the section they need to go. just an idea and I can’t wait to try this out my friends had a really cool one and now it’s my turn thanks so much u gave me a really good hand!

  4. Maddie Ziegler says:

    I love rainbow looming 🙂
    Thanks for helping me with this, no I can show my sister Kenzie!!

  5. loomlover says:

    I don’t have a rainbow loom but can I do it with my fingers.

    I love the inverted fish tail

  6. loomlover says:

    I love the rainbow loom vids but I don’t have a rainbow loom so can I do it with my fingers

  7. Keira says:

    thank you soooo much! this answered my question! can i talk about your website on youtube? thanks!

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