How to Make an Easter Basket

rainbow loom easter basketWith so many bracelets and charms under our belts, we felt we were ready for a challenge.

We love the idea of a Rainbow Loom project that involves candy and chocolate – so we decided that Craft Life’s Easter Basket would be the perfect project to take on. (We knew our mom would have to fill it with chocolate for the photo shoot – and we would reap the rewards!)

rainbow loom easter basket

We lost track of how many bands we used – and how many hours. Let’s just say it took us several days to complete it.

easter basket rainbow loom

There’s Emily, looming away!

easter basket rainbow loom

About half way into the project, our loom caved under the pressure and actually came apart. Luckily, our smart-as-a-whip dad came to our rescue. So did Martha Stewart!

easter basket rainbow loom

If you are going to attempt this project, it is super helpful to have an extra loom on hand so you can make the base more secure as pictured above. Also, a few large books under the base makes it less flimsy.

This project was the most difficult one to date! Do not attempt it unless you have spent oodles of hours on your loom – or you are adept at crocheting.

One more tip:Β  Use glow in the dark bands, instead of plain white ones.

glow in the dark rainbow loom easter basket

Go here to watch Craft Life’s tutorial on making a Rainbow Loom Easter Basket.


72 thoughts on “How to Make an Easter Basket

      • Kaylee says:

        How do you know if it took long? You’re not them! Maybe they got really good at looming and it only took them 2 seconds. You don’t know because you weren’t at their house.

        • nawras says:

          they said it took them several days
          “We lost track of how many bands we used – and how many hours. Let’s just say it took us several days to complete it.”

    • Texas says:

      By the way, Twister is actually me, I’ll be posting as “Texas” now all you “Twister” fans out there!!!

  1. soleil says:

    I made the mini Easter basket, which took a long time. But my basket looks wimpy compared to yours. You guys are awesome!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Effie Li says:

    OMG i made this before you posted it and i was so dead after i made it cuz mine broke like two times and i did ten extra rows

  3. Joseline says:

    I know right it’s really Cool and I’m making the smaller version of it cause I only have one loom. Awesome job on the basket !!!

  4. Sara says:

    Where do you get all the stuff to make them because I live in Aussie and it was even hard to find the proper Rainbow loom so now I got rainbow bands and it’s the same but different (it’s not the bands it’s the loom) please help

  5. Joanna says:

    So cool. I went to the link and watched the smaller basket video cause I only have one loom and it is looking cool. Love your website.

  6. Casloomer says:

    I’ve adapted this to make a bag. It’s very good and well done on the basket it looks hard.
    Ps thx for the idea

  7. Erin says:

    Sara, right above the about option there is the rainbow loom supplies option if u click on that it takes u to a page were they get most of there cool rubber bands, the clips, hooks, looms, and loom cases. Or once I have money I’m going to have my dad order some rubber bands and possibly another loom off of eBay because u can get a loom on eBay for like $4 and thousands of rubber bands for like $5 or even just packs of clips for a $1, but your parents would have to have an eBay account. If u use eBay you can get supplies from all over the world and they would get shipped to u in a few days depending on were u were to order them from. Hope this helped u out! πŸ™‚

  8. Amiya says:

    Can u make a Easter Basket with your hands and u and so sweet me and my friends will be here and if u cannot make it out of your hands u can make it out of wonder loom.

  9. Izzy says:

    Wow! That must take a really long time and lots of patience. Is there a video of it? I really want to make one!! My favorite one is the one that glows in the dark with the green and black!! I wish I could make one. I would use mine and my sisters but my sisters is broken! I love it!!!!!!!!!! I rate it 10/10!

  10. molly says:

    where do you get the glow in the dark loom bands from? btw I live in Brisbane so where would be the closest place/shop to get them from??? please answer!

  11. Coolkid365 says:

    I don’t have enough looms to make this, but I luckily was able to make Craft Life’s small easter basket with one loom. (I don’t have enough elastics either, Lily)

  12. LoomLoverH says:

    OMG !! How do you know what you are doing … That’s just AMAZING !!!! I wish I could do that but I have no where near enough. SO COOL . Keep Looming :):)

  13. Alisa says:

    So amazing,i made a smaller version of that easter basket and it took me 2 days but during that time you were able to make this amazing creation(the smaller one took me like 600 bands so this one must have TONS in it)

  14. JAY says:

    I would think this takes long, looks amazing when done though. And I would be proud of my self if I made it:) Also I think this would be a awesome thing to sell in a little shop and stuff.

  15. Madfactor says:

    Whoever designed this is like, REALLY REALLY GOOD!! I couldn’t figure it out though. πŸ™

  16. May-Fox says:

    I tried it it was sooo hard later i caught my big brother on the loom he had made one too with a huge version of the easter bunny,he is awesome πŸ˜€

  17. Fia says:

    Hi Loom Love! I want to know where you get you glow in the dark white bands? The place I saw glow in the dark bands they didn’t glow. :/ I was not happy. Could you tell me what brand those actual glow in the dark bands are? I would really like that! Keep looming! XD

  18. Mystery Loomer says:

    OK. I have a saying. Here it is: When life gets hard, buy a Rainbow Loom and get LOOMING!!!! Also my BFF came up with this: Keep Calm and Rainbow Loom on!!!! I think it is VERY TRUE… I say that to my self when I can’t do a bracelet. I will probably be saying that alot when I start this thang!

    • Ashleigh Danielle says:

      EASTER BASKET!!!! The Sailor’s Pinstripe is actually pretty easy. The Easter basket, on the other hand…

  19. Kate says:

    How many packets of bands did you use? I chose the colours I want to use but I don’t know how much to use.

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