How to Make the Triple Link Chain

triple link chain

Looking for a completely unique Rainbow Loom Design? Try the Triple Link Chain from Justin’s Toys.

This bracelet is unlike any bracelets that we have made.

triple link chain

Want to make your own Triple Link Chain? Check out this video from Justin’s Toys:


46 thoughts on “How to Make the Triple Link Chain

  1. sam says:

    i made this it was so much fun but it was a little hard to follow and a little hard to make. but it looks so cool after done

  2. Carlie says:

    I can’t make these, but my li’l sis (I have three li’l sisters) is a pro at them. She can make a starburst bracelet in 10 minutes. I made this. It was fun but challenging. I love it! Please make more tutorials.

  3. brittani says:

    i did not have the regular rainbow loom i had a different one so i could not flip the middle one around but i still made it. it was so much fun.

  4. BMO says:

    Very pretty! The first time I made this the chain in the middle fell off. But I was eventually able to successfully make it. Great job!!

  5. Rainbow girl says:

    Where I can buy a rainbow loom I went to 7 different Michaels store but I didn’t found Rainbow looms 🙁

  6. Rainbow girl says:

    Sorry if you doesn’t understand what I am writing to you I don’t know a lot of English I am from Mexico

  7. Rainbow girl says:

    I have a friend named —— and I told her about this website now we only talk about this website and the fabulous bracelets you make. WE LOVE LOOM LOVE. U ARE THE BEST. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. 🙂

  8. Pony rider says:

    U dont actually need to flip the middle part of the loom around. It just makes things easier( I have a different loom). I haven’t made the bracelet yet coz I don’t have enough bands but I plan to make it. Also u could make this bracelet but instead of putting two bands just put one. And to the peeps that said the bands keep breaking, I had that problem when I was making the starburst and u just have to be more gentle and pull from side to side to side with the hook and band and the band should come off easily

  9. Vivanna says:

    I made this bracelet! It is so cool…my loom bands did not snap! I totally recommend this design

  10. Emily says:

    This bracelet is so AWESOME!!! Mine was a little to big so I put a kind of a knot where the c/s clip is. I can’t wait to show it off to my friends!!! Thank you!!! 😀

  11. JonASon8 says:

    This looks amazing,I’ll try to make it.My teacher had this bracelet on her wrist the full day in school 🙂 (I’m not a kid,I’m already Grade 6 {supposed to be in high school and graduated elementary})

  12. Kali says:

    Oh my gosh!! I luv this bracelet, it is so cool!! It’s kinda messed up but it still looks cool!! This is now my second favorite bracelet!! Thanks LOOMLOVE for making this website because it’s helped a whole bunch, instead of going on YOUTUBE and sitting there for an hour deciding what to make or if you don’t know any names, but that’s not how it is here on you can just scan through all the bracelets instead of thinking up names. Thanks again and keep posting videos!!

  13. Ginny Weasley says:

    I made a black chain, green and pink of the triple bands loop things with an orange cap band and blue S- clip and I love it! Thank you loom love!

  14. Valeria says:

    I love this bracelet one day i tried to do this bracelet but i couldn’t do it with out LOOM LOVE thank you and remember to post new bracelets designs.

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