55 thoughts on “How to Make the Warrior

  1. kristin says:

    I bought a rainbow loom months ago I put it down and gave up but your site I am in love. You are my go to for real. No other site could compete. Will you continue to add designs or is this a complete final. I like the more diffucult ones. Maybe something on organziation a giveaway choosing colors or I would love to see designs using 2 or three looms.

    LOVE LOOM LOVE!!!!!!

    I need more patterns.

  2. Rainbow Loom Lover!!!!! says:

    Hi Loom Love! I hope you are reading this! If you are: could you PLEASE make a picture tutorial for this?

    A Rainbow Loom Lover!!!!!

  3. Marissa says:

    Hi LoomLove! I love your videos! It’s just for the Warrior bracelet, I did it and it turns out GREAT, I just think there’s a better name for it. You should call it the Paracord! I think you should call it that because when you take it off the loom it looks like a paracord bracelet- but with rubber bands! Thanks so much!- M

    • Lovin' Rainbow Loom Right Now says:

      Does it really? That’s so cool, Marissa! I hope I get around to making one of these!! I love this website too, and I never knew that there where this many Rainbow Loom Bracelets out there!! On this site there’s 12 or so pages of them!!! I love Rainbow Loom so much!! I’m so happy someone started making bracelets out of rubber bands!!–So Happy

  4. Cher says:

    First bracelet I made off your site and did it in our school colors. Turned out great! I just wished that you would of listed how many bands I needed of each color. Can’t wait to try more bracelets! Thanks again!

  5. kathy says:

    My oldest son got a loom for Christmas. We found camo bands and decided to make this bracelet using them for my niece, she loves to hunt and I thought “Camo Warrior” sounded neat. It turned out great and she loves it but it broke his loom as we were pulling it off. Luckily it wasn’t an official rainbow loom, which is probably why it broke. Now I have an excuse to go buy the real thing.

  6. Karou Respiratie says:

    I meant to ask if I could put some of these patterns up on SnapGuide if I posted a disclaimer and a link to this site.

  7. Jill says:

    My son and I tried to make this bracelet 4 times and each time many bands broke. We were using rainbow loom bands so they ‘should’ be the good ones. Any tips on how to avoid breaking bands?

  8. Melissa says:

    My son made this design and wasn’t too impressed with it. So many bands made the bracelet very stiff. Looks cool, but not our fav. Thanks loom Love for all the great ideas and use of color!

  9. hailey says:

    thanks to loomlove I got new desins to show my school and help kids with cancer I know this desin will be popular in my 5th grade class in Jacksonville fl I have never seen a school so obsesd but I have never seen this desin there .love hailey beale

  10. LoomLove says:

    Hi, do you know why it is called Warrior?
    Better names (I hope I’m not being rude. Sorry if I am) include:
    Framed Stripy
    Side by Side!

  11. Leticia says:

    Any way you can do the tuts with colors that are easier to see? Your first two colors are similar and hard to figure out which order they go in.

  12. Kieri says:

    As I was reading other’s comments, I see that some of them have the same concern I had. The two yellows (?) are so similar it’s very hard to see which band goes where or which band you’re grabbing. Next time please use very different colors so it isn’t so hard to tell! 😉 And also, could you maybe talk louder or put your camera closer to your face because I had to turn the Youtube volume all the way up and turn up laptop speakers as high as they could go (usually VERY loud), and I could still barely hear you. 🙂

  13. Sav says:

    I wish I could make this braclet!!! Each time I tried, I couldn’t because the person on the video didn’t explain it well enough. Anyway u r awesome loom love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sofie says:

    This is probably my favorite bracelet but when you pull it off the loom it shows the side that I don’t prefer as much (the side with the straight lines). Do you have any suggestions on how to flip the bracelet to the other side?

  15. Ezy says:

    I found this a really fun bracelet that wasn’t to hard but still made me think! I loved how mine turned out and appreciate your website so much! Thank you!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Please do a remake of this video! I would love to make it, but I can’t hear what is being said at all!

  17. Therese says:

    Hey loomlove!!!
    I feel like the challenging bracelets are easier than the easy ones. Also, if you could make more charm patterns i would like that!!! Thanks!!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    It’s so hard!!! Maybe it would be easier if you had like really bright colours to help us understand which bands which xx I love loom love!????

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