33 thoughts on “How to Make the Stripetopia

  1. anna says:

    I am sort of frustrated because I couldn’t see the very end before she takes it off the loom because her hands were in the way…. 3 hours of working on this wasted……

    • Kyriana says:

      I don’t know what you are talking about. It was easy to see. You just bring them up to the middle one, reach under all the ones on the top, hook a rubber band on your hook, pull it through (make sure you don’t catch it on any of the others), loop the other end of the rubber band onto the hook, and pull it off the loom. 🙂

  2. cool kid1 says:

    Can you please make the video again?I could’t see the hooking part because your hand was in the way:(

  3. Jelly says:

    Honestly I don’t think her hands where in the way cuz if u zoom in u can c her loom perfectly fine I just watched it and memorized it really easily.

  4. Periwinkle says:

    I was a bit sad when I finished this as it ended up the same as the other design named “Sun”

  5. Marjorie F. Ilacio says:

    it’s very interesting but what I need is a written instruction so I can send it over to my daughter back in the province. We don’t have net there yet the eason why I need written instructions. Do you have one? O where can I get one?


  6. Bunka says:

    I think I can see how this girls hands being in the way a a tiny bit of a problem, however, I don’t really think it got in the way of anything and wasn’t really worth getting angry about

  7. crazyglossyloomer says:

    umm… i think it would be better if u speak abit louder cuz i already put maximum and i still cant hear what u say..and your hand waz blocking though….but it waz still awesome!!

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