How to Make a Ziagonal Bracelet

ziagonal bracelet

We came up with the Ziagonal Rainbow Loom bracelet design this summer while we were at a cottage up north. We loved it so much we made enough bracelets to cover our arms!

ziagonal loom bracelet

This one reminds us of Fruit Loops:

ziagonal rainbow loom

ziagonal rainbow loom

ziagonal rainbow loom bracelet

We finally got around to making a tutorial for the Ziagonal. Learn how to make it here:


48 thoughts on “How to Make a Ziagonal Bracelet

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi I just wanted to say I love your website and you have the best tutorials! The reason I got into rainbow loom is because of your website:) i would LOVE if you commented back to me

  2. Nabilah says:

    this is the bestest of all websites for rainbow loom bracelets and what if in hunger games someone actually wore one of these bad Boys???
    that would be cool!!!!

    • Marta says:

      I was in the middle of making it when i couldn’t go any further so i pulled it of the loom BUT… It stayed whole! I had invented a new bracelet!

  3. Angel says:

    I love this website its the best i love making bracelets then i found this site and it gave me so many more ideas thanks

  4. Sophie says:

    This is so pretty:) But I’m gonna have to wait until I get more bands to make it:( I ordered some from and on the site it said they were rainbow loom brand but when they got here they didn’t even have a brand. They were pewie quality too:(

  5. Sophie says:

    Haha my mom says it looks like a big jumble but what does SHE know about RL bracelets? NOTHING! Ha… my mom is weird.

  6. Cupcake says:

    Wow you guys are amazing because of u I’m gonna start a YouTube channel about rainbow loom check it out MultiPurpleCupcakes is my name

  7. wigs says:

    i messed up but it still didn’t fall apart i just got a different bracelet i LOVE your website though thanks

  8. Brookelyn says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! This did not take much time, and it turned out prefect! 😀

  9. Len says:

    This is a pretty bracelet. Thanks loom love! I did not do single band extension but instead made it 2x and loop in the first with the second as I only have one loom. I also doubled the last border and “ziagonal” bands to go in (like cap bands) instead of looping the last ziagonal band (so it’s not loose) and then just used monster tail c-clip to join both ends.

  10. Aeriella says:

    Love this!!! Post a pic of someone wearing it like on someone’s hand so I know what it looks like when u wear it?? Cuz big rainbow loom bracelets (a little bit like this one) r rlly cool but are too big for me to wear. I would really appericiate it. Keep up the good work! Love your website + video tutorials 🙂 <33

  11. Heather moton says:

    How can I make the ziagonal bracelet without a whole loom cause mine keeps breaking and I think it’s easier to make with just a few pegs? ??

  12. fela says:

    Didn’t work! But cool. You left out one step. At the end the black bands also need some twirling! Saw it on youtube, worked

  13. Livieloom says:

    I’m making a bissnuess with my brother we call it llm’s loom llm stands 4 livieloom and little monkey it’s so c 2 the o o l c-o-o-l we’ve made like 30 bracelets if you know me I go to benignus elementary and live in spring brook 🙂 🙁 ;(

  14. fela says:

    Always diagonally hook the black bands-important step. Onto themselves else you get what you started of with- bands!

  15. fela says:

    youleft out by mistake> nothing aginst you though! awesome website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nicole says:

    Awsome design. What colour is the metal brown in the second bracelet from the bottom of the picture with all five bracelets. Is it an original from Rainbow Looms?

    Many thanks for your reply!

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