20 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom Colour Ideas: #2

  1. RLfan#1 says:

    Hii!!! Yeah I lOVE this color combination it looks soooo cooool!!!! I also did it with the firecraker and the starbrust!
    Can you please do me a favor?!! Its that I figured out a way of making a compact triple fishtail with the rainbow loom!!!! What I did is that when we are placing the vertical band in the three pegs you double it, just that band. The rest is like the normal triple fishtail so could you make a tutorial for that??

  2. kayla says:

    hey loom love I was wondering if you have done anything on the fun loom or moon loom idk where to get the rainbow loom can you tell me where to get one please I really want one cause some that you do I can’t do on the fun loom like the reverso I want to do it but my loom don’t come apart like yours does

  3. kayla says:

    and I really love your site I’m on it everyday at school and at home I love making the bracelets and my mom and grandma loves them to I make them all the time on my fun loom thanks for all the awesome bracelet ideas your really awesome

  4. Lily says:

    Love these colours! Absolutely beautiful! I am a huge fan of Loom Love! Thanks for making these posts with colour suggestions! They’re awesome <3

    Looming with Love <3

  5. Somebody says:

    I love this combination! After I saw your first firecracker post, I made it right away using the same colors. I usually don’t mimic the same combinations, but I couldn’t resist, it looked so great! 😀

  6. lottie says:

    i have never used this color combo before but definitely will can you make some more bracelets that only need a 3 row loom.

  7. Tucker@HOPELoomlove.com says:

    hi! i’m tucker i was hoping to make videos for you guys i am at expert level and can make videos

  8. Unknown says:

    Try these…
    Purple, Yellow and Black
    Pink and Black
    Red, Blue and White
    Black and White Polka Dot, Black and White

  9. Hannah says:

    There’s ideas really helped me with my bracelet for my friends. Thank you loomlove and especially to Emily in the loomlove team. Xx

  10. Looming Ls says:

    Can you please do more color combinations? I really like to see what colors you use as you choose such nice ones!

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