22 thoughts on “How to Make a Penguin Charm

  1. looming101 says:

    Hi ! I Love all of your designs and I’ve made alot of them, too. But sadly, Rainbow Loom Bands aren’t available where I live. I was wondering if you could do a giveaway and make the entrys available For Pakistan if it’s possible. Thank you <3

  2. Chloe says:

    Hi LoomLove I was just curious, I really love the original designs that you guys come up with, I was just wondering if you are currently working on any? Please respond (P.S I REALLY enjoy this website!)

  3. soph says:

    Hi I luv crafts compare what you do to the tutorial, so you can improve on your design if possible. But perhaps you might find the designs too hard? You can just go on the Easy section.

    P. S. Has your single bracelet ever fallen apart?

    I hope this helped.

  4. Heather Birdy says:

    Omg, I made this beautiful penguin and it’s super cute now I’ve finished it! It took about 25 minutes but I’m so pleased how it turned out! 🙂 It’s Super adorable, you HAVE to put it on your ‘must do list’ 🙂 😀

    Tysm Loomlove! <3 x

  5. LoveAlways says:

    This looks really cool!! I can`t wait to try it! Right now I am working on a double cross (Which I think should probably go in easy). I just have one question: Why is it in easy and challenging? Is it somewhere in between? Please answer. Thanks!

  6. GRACE says:

    made 2 the first one i did was better. the second one i made half of the bands snaped ): but its okay the second i was making for my brother….. but this is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LOOMLOVE……. (:

  7. arwen~kun says:

    Have you ever noticed how addicting it is to just make rainbow loom when you finally get the hang of it? Huh

  8. arwen~kun says:

    This was so cool and fun to make. The best part was seeing my sisters face when I gave it to her. Her eyes lit up like fireworks in the night sky.

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