LoomLove.com’s Rainbow Loom Valentines

rainbow loom valentines

We just finished getting our Rainbow Loom Valentines ready. We added a bracelet to each Valentine, as well as a pack of Hershey’s Kisses.

In total, we are giving out more than 50 Valentines – and that means we are giving away 50+ of our bracelets!

We can’t wait to hand these out on Friday. If you want Valentines like ours, go here. All the proceeds from our printable Valentines are going to an Animal Rescue Group. (You can read about it here.)

rainbow loom valentines


18 thoughts on “LoomLove.com’s Rainbow Loom Valentines

  1. Addicted to Rainbow Loom says:

    That’s what I’m doing! Except I’m making Amore bracelets – X’s are pink and O’s are metallic purple for the girls (with a glow-in-the-dark white perimeter), and X’s are metallic green and O’s are metallic blue for the boys (with a metallic silver perimeter) – they’re both so pretty!

  2. larissa says:

    I totally would but I have a little sister and she will steal them plus she stole all my money so I cant buy any. sorry

  3. Cathy says:

    Our church is making a goody basket for a family of missionaries overseas and their daughter asked for loom bracelets. I don’t have any children so I’m not in the loop. Can you tell me where I can buy them?

  4. Christy S. Lube says:

    I wish we could do that, but the school my daughters go to has banned the bracelets and bands 🙁

  5. Ella says:

    I’m England you can get bands in places like Claire’s and The Works but I don’t know about America, but you can get them cheap off Amazon + EBay and probably in most high street stores…

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