110 thoughts on “How to Make a Squared Single

  1. Rainbow Loom Enthusiast says:

    This video was very hard to understand and stretches the bands to the point that they break. Do not recommend this video 🙁

      • LoomloveMarz says:

        just so you know, everybody whos saying negative comments about this video is WRONG. I like the video and it’s quite clear. In fact, sometimes my sound won’t work and I could still do the video!

  2. loomie loom says:

    why do you have to start with the arrows pointing toward you because if you start at the top of the loom and work down that is pretty much starting with the arrows pointing away from you.

    • Robert says:

      You have to do this as when you come to loop the bands over you need to be able to access them through the hole thing in the pins.
      I made this mistake on another bracelet and ruined it all.

  3. Grace says:

    Hasn’t LoomLove already done a post on this? Using the turquoise and black as the cover picture? Or am I just making up stuff?

  4. LoomloveMarz says:

    Ooh la la!
    @loomlove , listen to this!!!!

    first of all, about a month or 2 ago I was designing new bracelets for my crafts site, Chapter loomatic’s and using about 5-4 pegs I made the exact same bracelet! It’s quite easier then then this one and it’s like, you stole my ‘already made’ idea!!

  5. daisy says:

    The braclet is cool and not that hard to make also some of the braclets that or on loom love look really hard but there really not.hope to make more new braclets

  6. Daisy says:

    I have no idea how to loom. I am ok with putting the bands ON the loom but not with looming. Is there an even EASIER version?

  7. chooseabeagle1234 says:

    I love this band. I made the extention different colours . It looks awesome! At my lincraft store you can get 1500 packs for 3:00$ LOOM IS LIFE

  8. Sky says:

    It’s to hard for me because I don’t have a loom hook! Plus it is cool how you do it! Keep it up!

  9. Diya says:

    ???? this bracelet design! It took me a fair few go’s until I masterad it but totally worth it!!! ????????????

  10. umamah says:

    easiest one after the fishtail . thanks sooo much easy but difficult to take it off . its just that you are soo brilliant at it you can do anything you like with the bands

  11. loomtastic.com says:

    Such a good bracelet did mine green and purple and it turned out gr8. It is very fun, quick and easy to make and I like how it doesnt have an extension.

    Btw. It has really cool background music. Like a techno type 😉

  12. kittykatlove says:

    I loved that! I made it for my mom and she loved it. The only kind of bracelet I could do was the single and now I can do two. Thanks!

  13. Lillianna says:

    Loom love, i seriously don’t have a loom so girl (or boy) u need to get some vids without the loom!!!!
    Thanku, from lillianna, girl that hasn’t got a loom but wants one desperately

  14. Anika says:

    If u need my help or u need answers to questions dont worry i will be checking any questions on most band comments so stay in there!!!!!!
    From Anika

  15. Paige says:

    This bracelet is so pretty and cool! Mine came out great I used red neon yellow and sky blue.i love this website!

  16. ruby tuesday says:

    love it!!! needs to be clearer though. I diddn’t know where to put my first lot of the bracelet.

  17. Robert says:

    This bracelet is simple and really easy to make. It is an amazing boredom buster but if you rush you could overstretch a band and break it.

  18. Casandra says:

    Totally Awesome! I didnt do it again 3x over though. Just did it once and then do an extension. Thanks for posting it!!

  19. MeggyLoom says:

    I think this was quite easy and my bands did not break (for once! ) I would recommend this video, plus where I live you can get 3000 bands for £1. 🙂 Byee

  20. Mariana says:

    It’s cute! 🙂 I dislike the single because it is just TOO plain for my tastes, but this is enough of a step up that I actually really like it!

  21. Sofia says:

    Hi loom love this is fab! I just LOVE IT!!! It is soooooooooo cool! 🙂 😀 I’ve tried it in one go and it was tots right

  22. Ashanti #loomlove says:

    It’s hard but looks WOW!!!! At first it looked like a tribal fishtail……:)but when I looked at the pic’s and then the braclet it looked like one. Yes I agree that the video is not very cleer….. sorry if words don’t make sense, I am Afrikaans so sorry. I approve of the braclet its a fums up from me.:)

  23. randomnessgenerator13 says:

    Wow! it looks cool! I am trying to sell bracelets for $ for charities so this is helpful 🙂

  24. SquishyLovesBracelets says:

    Wow! I loved this bracelet. At first I could only make the single but this one is just that easy! I highly recommend it. Also the music in this was AWESOME.

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