34 thoughts on “How to Make a Bella Bracelet

    • A says:

      Really, Awesome? what was the point? They let people leave comments so they Know wut they think about the bracelets

      P.S i have bubble bands and clear bands, so i think i’ll make it today! 🙂

  1. Loveloombands says:

    Wow this bracelet is pretty cool I like it better with the clear bands though . P.S first comment ! (I think)

  2. Meleficent Isabelle says:

    Hi,My name is Isabelle so that is kinda close to to Bella. I want to make some X-mas decorations and this is on my list.

    Keepit up

  3. Emily says:

    Hi loom love! Would like to know why there are no knew bracelets on the first page! As I love looming was suprised and agitated by it?:( hope you make more bracelets as we are coming close to christmas was hoping you would be making lots of new and Christmassy things!

    xx- Emily

  4. mylittleponyloom says:

    Amazing!Izzalicious designs strikes again!
    BTW I have this butterfly design that I would love to be on loomlove. plz email me and try to get it on!!!

  5. Emily says:

    Hi loomlove! I’m a mega fan! But I’m sad to see no new bracelets or charms in the home page:( are you guys taking a break until Xmas is over or something? Because I hope your not, though I totally understand that you want to take a break for Xmas because you want to spend time with your family!!

    Xx Emily

    • Utashya says:

      Are u KA-RAY-ZEE of course their takin a break if they <3 their family! OMG!you would rather do rainbow loom then spend time with ur family!!!!!

      • Hermione Granger says:

        That’s really rude… I loom and spend time with my family!! Watch your wording Utashya 🙁 Emily isn’t crazy….

  6. Glittergirl3 says:

    Hi loom love and any othe people that read this

    I’m doing a school raffle and my prize choice was loom band braclets but I have no clue what easy but pretty or cool looking designs I can use

    I would really like if you put as a reply any designs you think are good but easy

    P.S I’m also doing charms so if you can recommend any of those then great.oh and the designs have to be one of these on the loom love website

    Glittergirl3 xx

  7. Loomergirl says:

    Hey I love my rainbow loom!!!!i want to make this braclet its super cute I have a question um how long does it take to make it and how hard it is to make it?

  8. LoomLoveLover! says:

    I love love love love love love loom bands! this Design is great and it’s off the loom! Sadly our school has banned them, making them and even wearing them! But I have fun at home watching these fab videos at loom love! And I’m getting a good loomist! (That’s the right name for it I think!) xxx keep up your creativity!

  9. Anam Abbasi says:

    I really agree with A. What’s the point in getting so happy if you got first comment? Totally silly.
    PS: Awesome bracelet!

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