20 thoughts on “How to Make a Birthday Buds Bracelet

  1. Hermione Granger says:

    Lovely colour combo Loom Love 😀
    Your rendition is so pretty!
    May I ask, what are those brown bands called and the silvery bands you used in the middle? They are so pretty!

  2. Loveanddraw says:

    Hi! Loving the Persian bands! I love Claire’s wears’ designs, so intricate!Don’t forget to check out my site, Loveanddraw.weebly.com.

  3. Sarah A says:

    Hi! I love your website, but I was wondering if you could do some more round loom knitting tutorials, like the hat. Thanks!!

    • AK says:

      I make lots of bracelets by claires wears because they looks SO good!! I’m trying to find some bracelets by other loomers but I cannot find anything AMAZING!! 🙁
      Also claires wears has a design contest but I don’t live in the USA 🙁
      And it’s on Instagram:( And I live in the UK(England).

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