36 thoughts on “How to Make a Mini Backpack Charm

  1. Melena Barron says:

    I know this is random but, WHO’S GOT 2 THUMBS UP AND IS TURNING 11 ON FEB16? THIS GIRL!


    • Craft Fever says:

      Yeah, but these guys have abselutely not enough time to loom, the school hustle n bustle’s started and I don’t know bout you guys, but I HAVE to get all my homework done before looming, I would never be able to post that regularly!

  2. maddi says:

    hi loomlove i absolutely love your website and i have two questions… #1) where did you get that doll because i have been looking for cute little kids ever since i got barbies but i want one that is not chelsea like the one you have. #2) i made up a really cool new bracelet and i do not know what to name it so i need your help you always come up with cool names for bracelets. and i also want to know if you can post a video of it on your website. thx PS keep on posting

  3. Mariana says:

    Does anyone have a problem wtih bands desintegrating or breaking after the design is completed? I made several bracelets for my daughter, but the bands seem to degrade very quickly (over a few months) and break. I am using the cheaper no-brand bands because that is all we can find here in Brazil (no official rainbow loom or loom bands). I was wondering if this is a problem of my bands and if I should try and get bands from the US (if they don’t break as easily). I don’t have problems with bands breaking as I am making the desing, it is after the design is done that they break (even if they are just sitting in a box, they break)

    • AK and MK says:

      Yeah, we used to have that problem. I personally would purchase rubber bands from http://www.rainbowloom.com or Claire’s Accessories(if Brazil has Claire’s),another tip is to keep them away from sunlight, we used to leave bracelets and bands on my window sill and they’d break and slightly harden. There are also some bands on Amazon and eBay, that are really good, but make sure that they are official rainbow loom, they have got Persian, medieval, pearl and much more 🙂

  4. Booshbaby says:

    I love your site and creations but I think your not doing enough tutorials for us.I know it gets harder as it gets older.Once I didn’t go on the site for a week and you had only made three things.More please but keep up the good work I think your amazing LOOM LOVE ????????????????????

  5. Emz says:

    I use rainbow loom bands which can be purchased at rainbowloom.com. I was having the same problem with cheap no brands bands…sometimes my bands would break after a few weaks if I left them in the sun. Rainbow loom bands however don’t for a few years as long as they aren’t left in the sun.
    I hope this helped 🙂

  6. Eva says:

    Go Loom love woo hoo go loom love woo hoo two four six eight who do we appreciate loom love

    My little chant for loom love im crazy about your designs

  7. Georgina says:

    HI loom love this is an awesome design and you three are great loomers but I was wondering do you stillest designs regularly sorry if I sound mean

  8. maelee says:

    CUTE!! I agree you have been posting less. :/ when you post another can you do it on the monster tail loom? I am into the monster tail loom right now! 🙂

  9. Daughter of Hecate says:

    Not to so offend or anything…. I’m just wondering why Loom Love hasn’t posted lots lately. I mean, just give me like an explanation or something, so I know what the deal is. Anyway, love your tutorials! You guys are awesome!

  10. Majison02 says:

    Loom love,
    I just made your backpack loom and it was an amazing design. I hope I have more time to make more of your beautiful designs and I hope you can make and post some more designs. I LOVE YOU LOOM LOVE!!!!!!!

  11. Emzie says:

    I <3 this back pack! But you guys are posting less and less, I know you have school, but I haven't been on for 20 days and there were no new things :'(

  12. love2loop says:

    Dear Loom Love,
    I’m obsessed with american girl and rainbow loom like a lot of girls are. I was wondering if u could maybe make some american girl sized stuff? Hope u can!

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