How to Make a Tangled Hearts Bracelet

tangled hearts bracelet

The Rainbow Loom Tangled Hearts design is by Instagram’s @loominglozy. This design can be made on your Rainbow Loom, Monster Tail, Finger Loom – or without a loom.

Want to make one? Watch this tutorial by Rena T:


22 thoughts on “How to Make a Tangled Hearts Bracelet

  1. glimmer says:

    So cool. I am running low on bands but that doesn’t mean I can’t do a sample. (: (:
    You did it again loomlove!

  2. Mallory says:

    I made this on my finger loom with white for my main color, and jelly light blue and jelly purple for my alternating colours.

    Loom Love rocks! XD

  3. AK says:

    Rena T does a lot of stuff on 2 pegs, and I had enough!!!!!
    But I’m surprised she made a lot of bracelets on 2 pegs, not that much people do that much bracelets on 2 pegs

  4. AK says:

    Rena T does a lot of stuff on 2 pegs, that’s good and bad, because your mini loom will come in good use and its a bit boring when you don’t loom it.

  5. AK says:

    Loom love, you make good colour combos, and so do I.My cousin has been saying that to me when I send her an email with my bracelets on.
    Can you make up some bracelets too,because if you were only doing a YouTube channel then you wouldn’t be adding a lot.

  6. Hermione Granger says:

    Super cute design!
    Lol it kind of reminds me of protein molecules for some reason 😛 I was just learning about them today which is probably why it reminds me of such a random thing.
    Why do your bracelets always look so different to the one in the tutorial? It’s a good thing though, yours look kind of messy in a very pretty way 🙂

    • Ginny Weasley says:

      Hermione Granger, I was looking at ure Instagram and I want to follow though that may be slightly tricky as my parents seem to think that Instagram is dangerous and I don’t have one.
      Please check out my Utube channel *Looming_Angel*

  7. TaeTa says:

    I love the bracelet and I watched the video last night. But I still don’t really understand how to do the bracelet. I there anyone else like me right now?
    I got to admit, I was kinda lost and just tryin my best to go along with the video. I was or is pretty hard!????

  8. Honey says:

    Im little confuse b.c i was to attach some beads reply emily or maddie i will make another one if you will tell me i have to put beads or not will wait

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