How to Make a Chevron (New SIMPLE technique!)

easy chevron braceletDon’t you hate it when you get all excited because you think that you’ve invented a brand new Rainbow Loom pattern and then you discover that it’s already out there?

That’s exactly what happened to us with this bracelet. We made several of these before discovering that this pattern was called the Chevron, and it was all over Youtube. Our bubble burst pretty quickly, but we perked up when we realized that we used an EASIER technique to make this design. It’s so easy, you’ll be whipping these up in no time – and your friends will be VERY impressed.

easy chevro rainbow loom

This is one of our favorite bracelet designs – as you can tell!

easy chevron rainbow loom bracelet

easy chevro rainbow loom

Want to learn our simple technique to make the Chevron? Watch our video tutorial:


98 thoughts on “How to Make a Chevron (New SIMPLE technique!)

  1. Marissa says:

    Hi!! I’m not trying to be mean, but I also created this bracelet but with 3 bands instead of 2. I called it the Spotlight bracelet. If you want to post it on this website, it’s always on my YouTube channel, TheRandomChannel. Thanks! <3

    • Enoch says:

      The nautique is made with 4 pins, so it looks more like a singled version of the single band quadfish, where this one is more like a three-pinned fishtail

    • Wendy Brown says:

      Then don’t make it! Why do you have to leave a mean comment? It is certainly not necessary to EVER leave mean comments on a sight like this. I appreciate the time and effort bloggers like this put in to their crafts. Thank you so much!!!

      • Kayley says:

        I wasn’t trying to be mean it just looks like a fishtail and it’s not like you’ve never expressed your opinion on website before. Looks like I’m not the rude one.

        • B says:

          YOU are awesome I’m practicing too and I’ve made a lot of bracelets and charms! Keep it up ^3^

      • Shannon says:

        I could not agree with you more Wendy! If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Loom Love, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to share your talents with us. Your site is AMAZING 🙂

      • Nicole says:

        Guys that is just an opinion …… Not every one thinks is a fishtail…. Please don’t fight……. This websites aims to help people learn more techniques on how to make more with RainbowLoom …… We are all different in a way……

  2. LoomloveMarz says:

    Awesome! I love the chevron bracelet! I just came on and saw in the photo of your favorite Chevron bracelets one with gold,black and silver colors and I thought “Why not try this design with MY metallic colors too?” and so, I DID it!! Awesome!

    Also 1 Question:
    This reminds me, I learned how to make a SUPER EASY single and fishtail bracelet. Even EASIER then the ones here since you can make a single and fishtail using 2 pins with similar method. So, perhaps I can explain how to do it or you can make a tutorial if you know what I’m talking about.

    • Julia says:

      I have an average sized wrist, for an 11 year old girl, and I used 45 bands for a 3 colored bracelet (15 bands of each color) and 46 bands for a 2 colored bracelet (23 bands of each color.) For the two colored bracelet, make sure you only go back and forth between the two colors. Do the same with the 3 colored bracelet. Hope this helps!

      Please subscribe to my Youtube channel, JuliaandEllie, for weekly videos. Thanks!

  3. Grace says:

    Cool! Where do you get your gold and silver bands? Are they Rainbow Loom brand? Are they part of a metallic pack?

  4. Julia says:

    I like the music in the background that you have added! Sounds great! Also, the color of the bands compliment each other very well.

    Please check out my YouTube Channel, JuliaandEllie and subscribe!

  5. Emma says:

    I have a bracelet that I just created the other night and would love it if you would check it out! I called it the double stripe twist.

  6. lol?? says:

    I am so glad I found this website I have been wanting to make other bracelets but they were to complicated.

  7. Paige says:

    Loom Love I would really appreciate if u like my Facebook page Rainbow Loom!!!!!!!! It is not the oringinal page but I would really appreciate your support!!!! Anyone else who wants to like it also is more than welcome to!!!!! 😀 Thank u!!!!!

  8. Loomatic says:

    Hi! My sister my friends and me are doing a rainbow loom bake sale. We are running out of ideas. I showed them this and they think it’s awesome. So thank you SO much!

  9. Hannah S says:

    Loom Love could you post a video of the dragon scale cuff?

    you can find it on this you tube channel Socraftastic

    • Will says:

      Are you sure you are crossing all the bands as a figure eight? I believe that if you weren’t it would make a single.

    • busterthebunny says:

      make sure you have two at a time n the loom. When you loop one ,you should have two left on the pegs

  10. Will says:

    I love this design! It reminds me a lot of the inverted fishtail for some reason. I also love the music when she finishes the easy part.

  11. Charlotte says:

    My rainbow loom does not look like your loom. The pegs you put the bands on my loom are not straight across like yours. Mine are zig zag! Aren’t all rainbow looms the same?

  12. Sophia says:

    The cheveron turned out beautiful for me thanks so much for posting these videos theyve helped me so much. 🙂

  13. Taylor says:

    Wow thanks! This is a nice and easy to make a fun bracelet! Its kind of like a fish tail but its different in a way. Thanks for teaching me how to make this!

  14. Hailey says:

    I love this bracelet! But sometimes when you pull on it,the bands come apart so it turns into a single.

  15. Julianne says:

    Made two for my aunt and she is IN LOVE with the bracelet, she wants me to make another one for her lolz ^U^

  16. greta says:

    im not trying to be mean i just wanted you to know that i made glow in the dark gloves. you should see them they are very very very very very very very very pretty.

  17. keri says:

    hi, i personally think that the old technique is easier . BTW can you please explain things more clearly. On the other hand, I LOVE this website, keep posting more !!!!!

  18. Will Montgomery loom love #1fan says:

    Thanks so much the song well matchs the band but It keeps Turing out as an single chain please help

  19. Loom Love's Biggest Fan says:

    Very fun and cool design. It is very easy to make and the colours you used worked very well together. I LOVE your site/blog. I LOVE the chevron it looks great! 😉 Keep posting cool designs like this!

    <3 Loom Love's Biggest Fan

  20. Caroline says:

    I just want to say this, but rainbow looms are zig zag. If you want to make this bracelet but don’t have a straight loom, all you have to do it take out the 2nd row, flip it around, and bring it up a peg. Ta-da! Straight loom.

  21. D J says:

    I created this bracelet like 1 year ago, with three bands also! I recently did 2! just found this video lol! love it! I called it the unknown bracelet we all think alot!

  22. Denise says:

    Hi, What if I don’t have the loom you are using. The loom with three columns? How can I make this Chevron technique? :'(

  23. Maddie says:

    Hi, I was just wondering where you get your bands from; when ever I stretch mine a bit they snap and I am unable to do simple bracelets that involve minimal stretching.


  24. Random Loomer says:

    Hi. Love the chevron bracelet. I have a crazy-loom. I was wondering if you can do this on the crazy loom. Most bracelets I can do on the crazy loom but I can’t do this one. When I do fishtail I do it with my fingers. Are there any ways to do it either without the loom or with crazy loom. This doesn’t really apply to this bracelet but if you take a paper clip and unfold it you can use it to help when you have a bunch of bands on l peg. Thanks I love this site.

    • Pamela says:

      You can try making it using three fingers instead of pegs on a loom. This may sound silly, but you could also use three prongs of a fork.

  25. bridge says:

    I love your site! I went online to learn how to loom bands and I’m glad your site came up! I will start to loom soon! Thank you!

  26. Allison says:

    I think you did invent this, or at least it’s not quite the same as the chevron. The stitch itself looks like chevron, but the ‘easy chevron’ made on 4 pins in a square ends up with a much more round bracelet. Yours lays flat, which I love. I have taught this to my elementary school kids and we call it flat chevron. Very nice design, thanks for posting it. sorry for all the rude and crazy people posting. Keep doing what you love.

  27. hannah n says:

    thanks for the tutorial! have you ever noticed it looked quite like the 3-way bracelet and 4-way bracelet at my school? it is like doing a fishtail with 3 pegs.

  28. Kitten404 says:

    I just did it with two pencils cus I don’t have the loom and it worked! But it doesn’t look as neat so I’m hoping to get the loom soom

  29. Kel says:

    Mine looks NOTHING like a fishtail….. And can we stop arguing and make a bracelet? 😉

    This is really easy! Thanks LoomLove! 😀

  30. Janelle says:

    I really like this bracelet! I only got my loom and bands yesterday, and so far I have made lots of fishtails, one of those easy diamond ones, a triple single, and I am about half way through this chevron. It is by far my favourite! It’s so pretty! I found some of the others quite challenging, but this one is just amazing! The only thing I don’t like about these loom bands is the fact that when you get into the challenging and very challenging ones, you have to have lots of other tools 🙁 meaning I can’t make any more than the simple ones, so on that note, can you please make some more easy ones?

    Thanks! I love this site and wouldn’t even slightly think to go to youtube 🙂

  31. Kate says:

    Hi I want to teach my girl guide friends this technique. They are 10-15 years olds and I was wondering if you could give me some written instructions for the older ones please?

  32. Benny says:

    Wow… Thank You For Making This Lovely Braclet Simple And Easy. I Would Love To See More Of Your Crafts. Thank You.

  33. tosia says:

    I was trying to make this and I did it right,but my bracelet turned out like a mini ladder.Awesome

  34. EMMA says:

    i think this one is very tricky and she needs to explain it more but it looks simple
    also it was my first time so may be if i do it any a few times i will get better

    • Livluvs2loom says:

      You take the band and put it on your index finger (next to thumb think that’s its name) and twist into a figure 8 and put on your middle finger then twist it into another figure 8 and put it on your ring finger do this again with one more band then put the bottom band over the top. Quite hard to explain but hope I helped 🙂 😉

  35. Mai says:

    I just made this and i love it. it defiantly worth the work and i like more then the original fishtail. Thank you for sharing

  36. loom girl says:

    this braclet is actually called the fishtail, and theres got simpler ways of doing it… and it is called the fishtail becuase it is like the hairstyle pattern

  37. Mathu says:

    I love this easier version of the chervon! I only used to do fishtail and connected but noew I know more! Thanks loveloom. Can you put more easy ones that I can do? Thx! ???????????????? I ????loom band!!!!!!

  38. Livluvs2loom says:

    OMG just found this and today my 4 year old brother wanted to invent his own “cool” new bracelet and he made this on his fingers can’t believe he made a bracelet as a 4 year old and it was actually a real one! LOL!! Xx PS thanks loom love you’ve taught me how to do a lot of bracelets -_- 😉

  39. Lunarkim says:

    Loving all your tutorials!! For this one I turned my loom’s center row the opposite way so the bracelet was coming off the end of the loom instead of back across the pegs. It was easier to loop it that way 🙂

  40. Hayden says:

    I love this new way! However, could you (at some point) make it with fingers/pencils/fork? I haven’t got an actual loom yet so if you could do that it would be great. Thanks and hope to hear back!

  41. Cassie says:

    I love this bracelet style!! Loom love you are amazing! I love making the charms the peeps bunny is my favorite ????

  42. SmileyBrynn14 says:

    This looks so cute! I used the same colors that she did, and it looks like she used lime green and galaxy blue/pink, which are on the rainbow loom webstore. You just have to look up Blue/Pink Galaxy. There is also a Pink/Blue Galaxy,but they are the exact same thing, except that the outer layer is swapped; same with the inner layer. Anyways, great job!

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