How to Make a Diving Falcons Bracelet (on a Hook!)

diving falcon rainbow loom

We just got a couple of packages of Rainbow Loom pastels in the mail- and we LOVE them. This collection is our favourite to date! We thought we’d put them to good use on gtheloomsterlife’s Diving Falcons’s design.

This loom band design is done entirely on a hook. It is tricky at first, but once you have done a few of the ‘falcon’ patterns it gets easier. The great thing about this design – other than the fact that it looks amazing, is that once you master the technique, it can open doors to other hook-based loom band inventions.

diving falcons

Want to make your own Diving Falcons Loom Band? Watch this:


22 thoughts on “How to Make a Diving Falcons Bracelet (on a Hook!)

  1. Looming crystal says:

    I love this bracelet! Just realised that the bracelet consists of 1 tutorialsbya’s heart link and then to of loomlove’s circle of hearts

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this design so much that I made three of them!! Before you posted this, yesterday on the section where it says ‘Loom Love On YouTube’ I saw that there was a new video where there was a bracelet called Diving Falcons and I thought it looked AMAZING and then when I saw it was made on a hook, I had to scream for a moment!!!! Since I don’t have my looms with me, only loom bands and a few hooks, I could make it!!! All of my Diving Falcons bracelets look amazing!!! Thank you so much gtheloomsterlife ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Tina says:

    What an interesting bracelet! This bracelet, I have to admit, is a little bit tricky at first but you guys were right! Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy! Thank you Loom Love and gtheloomsterlifeโ€™s! You guys are awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ginny Weasley says:

    Great Design!It looks amazing with that pale green you used
    Btw you posted this on my best friends birthday. Only four more days til mine! Also, I’ve made up a new bracelet . . . Well, I think it’s new. Could you please post a video on it?

  5. Hermione Granger says:

    But next time could you please specify more what colour you’re using and where it would go on the bracelet, it was a bit tricky to figure out when I should use which colour if I wanted it to go somewhere on the bracelet. Thanks!

  6. Loom girl says:

    This bracelet looks really cool but I find the video hard to understand it makes no sense aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh

  7. Eliska says:

    Loomgirl and aclarisse I think you should try an easier bracelet before you take another shot at this one I recommend the Bon Bon it is easy and brilliant the wraptor is also an easy bracelet and a great follow up to a harder bracelet I personally tried to make the rotini and failed 3 times so I had a go at an easier won and the next time I tried to do the rotini it worked!

  8. Cool coco says:

    i once made this at home by myself for fun after i made the circle of hearts bracelet i thought it was quite cool

  9. Lover of Looms says:

    This is so simple but so elegant (especially with pastels!) Also, is it just me or do you keep changing your site symbol?

  10. Mariana says:

    For some reason, these that are just on the hook always confuse me lol. But I do like the design! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. molly says:

    wow i love this design, on my first 2 attempts i messed up but then i relised what i had done wrong and made it! i have made 3 and can now make it without the tutorial! i love how it is made on the hook, its so fun!
    thanks for this design, keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. A says:

    hi! i am getting some pastel packs today in the mail, and i am gonna make another one of these in the same colors as y’all did! i love ur new persian color combos!

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