30 thoughts on “How to Make a Ring

  1. Amy says:

    I like the video’s where the camera is looking down onto the loom…not the side of the loom. It makes it easier to follow when doing it for your first time, also it’s more kid friendly that way too. Thanks

  2. Mc says:

    The girl in the video made it harder than it needed to be.You don’t need a parallel loom for a starburst.

  3. Ashleigh Danielle says:

    Okay, Loom Love. Now I envy you. You create so many good designs and tutorials! Plus Awesome bands! I just ordered some to be an awesome loomer like you guys! Keep Being awesome!!!

  4. Ashleigh Danielle says:

    Plus, do you know any 50’s Themed bracelets? I have a part in a 50’s school musical.

  5. Carla says:

    I love the stuff u teach us but I need a tutorial on how to do a basic ring without the flower in the middle

  6. Olivia says:

    I really really liked this video because when I watched it first on YouTube I didn’t get it so thanks

  7. Rachel says:

    This vidio was reeally helpful and now I can make many loom bands!
    One problem, starburst vidio was useless!

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