How to Make a Three Fish

three fish rainbow loom

This easy two peg Rainbow Loom design can be made on your Rainbow Loom, Finger Loom, Monster Tail – or without a loom at all (two pegs of a pencil).

Want to learn how to make the Three Fish? Watch this:



8 thoughts on “How to Make a Three Fish

  1. soph says:

    Sorry, but why is it called a three fish? It looks similar to a normal fishtail but…
    and am I right in saying that you have posted a two fish or something on this website ?

  2. Hannah says:

    probably easy for most people but to me it’s complicated…. she talks too quietly, to fast and i also want to remind you that these are YOUR tutorials not random loomer’s tutorials. if that’s mean to your point of view, i’m sorry but yeah.

  3. LoveAlways says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this bracelet! And if this is too complicated for you, whenever she says something, pause it, do what she said, then hit play. Repeat until the video is done. If this advice does not work, feel free to seek out other advice. This is just what I did. LoveAlways out.

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