Schools Banning Rainbow Loom

rainbow loomAn increasing number of schools are banning the Rainbow Loom; one school in the news recently even banned kids from wearing the bracelets.

Schools are banning Rainbow Loom for two reasons: 1) They’re distracting kids from doing schoolwork 2) They are causing arguments among schoolkids. (The kids who don’t have looms feel left out.)

What do you think of schools banning the Rainbow Loom? We hope our school doesn’t ban them!


519 thoughts on “Schools Banning Rainbow Loom

  1. Sam says:

    That’s crazy! Why do people take away kid’s rights? Kids have just the same amount of rights that adults do! So, do you see managers telling people they can’t wear a simple bracelet! This happened in 2009 when schools started banning silly bands, what is up with this! I mean really why are they banning kids from wearing bracelets! If you agree with me either wear your silly bands and rainbow loom creations to school, make a t-shirt that says “#donttakemyloomaway” and draw a picture of a rainbow loom bracelet on your t-shirt, and paint your nails rainbow to support children’s rights! Post your creations on instagram by posting a picture and hashtag “#donttakemyloomaway”!

    • Lori Nicolini says:

      I am a teacher at Stratford School and kids in my class have been wearing rainbow loom. This one kid was playing with his fishtail necklace so I took it away. A couple of days later, I gave it back to him. Another student was wearing regulars I took them away as well and put them in a plastic bag. I wrote a note to the parents saying that he couldn’t wear them to school. I am not banning them from the classroom but i am going to take them away if they are a distraction to the kids doing schoolwork.

      • katrina says:

        well look i’m a kid ok? so i wear and make rainbow loom ALL the time. This is how i see it. if they are playing with it and you tell them stop, and they stop that’s k! you can also tell them to put in their bag until after school! but if they don’t stop THAN take it away from them, see i catch myself play with them but don’t be that harsh. Because i don’t think people are this sensitive but sometimes they might be very sad if you take it away from them because they made that. With all do respect Ma’am Or sir. Its ok to let them mess with it as long as its not all the time. Im not saying that you should change your ways but you know cut them some slack i mean they made those out of their creation, you didn’t take the time or patience to make it The kids (child) did so don’t be so harsh because that is their creation ok??

        • Emma says:

          Im a kid too and I wear them too and love them so pls dont take them away u can ruind our childwood memories!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but is the truth

          • Super Rainbow Loom says:

            I totally agree! My school has completely banned the loom AND bracelets, and it is ruining any chance I ever had of actually liking school. I now despise my teachers for doing this to us. I have a right to wear what I want, and I made it, I paid for the loom and bands, and unless they actually make it an official rule in the handbook, I will continue a black market for the bracelets. GET A GRIP, TEACHERS. IT IS JUST A BRACELET.

          • Kyla says:

            I totally agree I’m a kid in year 5 and its like the big thing everyone has them NO ONE IS LEFT OUT so Lori don’t do it ya poo he could of gone home crying cause of you

        • Cami says:

          Ok I am a kid and I make rainbowlooms I think if they play with it u should say stop playing with or I will take it away and if they don’t stop then you take it away and if they have a other one tell them put it in your bag or I will take it.

          • Charlotte says:

            I know I’m a kid too and I love and wear rainbow loom bracelets and rings. I totally agree with you but I go to a school with a uniform and you couldn’t wear bracelets or rings anyway so ehh.

          • Lauren says:

            I’m a kid too. My teacher said no looms until recess and/or lunch. Thankfully he doesn’t take our looms, unless we are learning something totally new and someone is totally distracted. But he doesn’t take our bracelets. Thank goodness he likes wearing the bracelets that we make him. πŸ™‚

          • Lauren says:

            Dear Charlotte, I’m a kid to and I go to a school with uniforms. I think uniforms or not we can wear bracelets πŸ˜‰

        • CuteGal says:

          here is how u not stress about it being banned: u keep wearing it and dont let them take it. Then they might kick you out of school, and wont u be happy to leave that school? or: wear it when the loom banners arent lookin. thats my advice!

          • Anastasia says:

            Okay, I’m a kid. I understand what you’re saying but if it’s going to get you kicked out of school, give it up. Yes, I agree it’s stupid that they want to take it away, but every child does according to law have the right to a distraction free learning environment so if they’re causing problems the school has the right to take them away.

          • Astra says:

            I have heaps of rainbow loom I disagree why teachers and schools are banding them I’m lucky my teacher doesn’t really care

        • Angel says:

          k my teacher does th same but its because some kids are constantly messing with them. If they are messing with them tell them to stop and if they dont THEN take them off them but just till the end of the day then tell them not to bring them in tomorrow.

          • Madihah says:

            I think it is horrible that teachers say that. My teacher doesn’t think it is a big deal and we 5th graders know not to mess with them.

        • dylan says:

          How can a teacher be so harsh like that, if you was my teacher I would tell you to sort yourself out and say NO to giving it to you. PATHETIC TEACHERS

        • Evie says:

          I totally agree we’re allowed to make them but not wear the m in school but yeah as long as we’re not fiddling with them wats the problem?

      • Lennie says:

        I think that you should just talk to your student about the distracting bracelet and then inform their parents. Give them a few chances and then take away the bracelet.

      • Will says:

        If the kids are distracted by a bracelet, the teacher is not properly engaging their students. I realize it is difficult to keep twenty plus children engaged, but taking away bracelets is a short sighted solution. The problem is not a bracelet but the method we use to educate children.

        • rmpbklyn says:

          well stated!!!!
          maybe instead of cutting their creativity and trying to parent them. Have craft time and show all the kids how to do looms. who knows, maybe it will inspire them to patterns (regular expressions) thus computer science as shown in knitting patterns k1p1*, vs (k2)* , as a teacher of course you would know that first programming language was named after ada lovelace who invented the crochet machine.
          Incorporate in the history session, what country did knitting start? what was the first knitting board?
          Also for science, what are the bands made of why do they pull back ?
          Teacher need to learn to ‘think out of box’ because your role is to prepare them for life and career, and to be successful they must learn to be leaders not followers and think outside the box.

        • CuteGal says:

          Very true. and whats weird, my teacher said loom is nice and has her collection of them tooken fromm other students, at bel aire elementary. she said she will throw them away, and turn the student into the police. she simply took them away and didnt o that.. so she just dosent want us to wear them . they dont distract the whole class, so she cant ban the whole class. I still secretly wear them when shes not looking. (so weird teachers these days)

      • Andrea says:

        look im a kid too alright? the rainbow loom might be a fidget to them (like feeling it etc.) they sometimes wear them for a personal reason like to feel it when there stressed if they were wearing u cant just take it away wwoowww so wrong!

      • Raye J says:

        So if it was a necklace made with beads and elastic would you have taken it away as well? Those are just as easy to play with and fidget with. I don’t see why the rainbow loom bracelets and necklaces should be an exception.

      • alyssa says:

        I am a kid. I make bracelets but don’t take them away unless a child is playing with them but if they aren’t don’t take them away you have no right

      • parker says:

        i think that this is stupid kids should never have there rights taken away tell them to stop messing with the and if they don’t stop take it away for 1 day and if they still don’t stop tell there parents and they can deal with this problem .

      • Sophie says:

        Lori, taking away things that children(like myself) have made is wrong. Did you ever think about how they made it using their mind? Just say “I know you like your bracelet but please stop playing with it or put it in your bag please.” I’m homeschooled so I don’t have this problem. I go to a homeschool co-op every Thursday and they don’t restrict rainbow loom. There’s even this one boy who has bracelets up both his arms and has like 5 necklaces. Please think about it. Lots of schools and teachers are extremely unfair and I hate it. Think about it.

      • Mason says:

        Are you trying to take away childrens rights to creativity, personality, and individuality? Are kids just supposed to conform to each other?

      • Laura Jonas says:

        How far will this go? A child taps his foot insistently, or one of them plays with their hair, or bites their nails. these things are also distracting, but is coping mechanism for stress. How much and how far do we go to stifle the youth and make them be all like one robot. I think when you take away a bracelet you are teaching the children that anything distracting should be taken away. How does this benefit them in the future in the work force full of distractions? It doesn’t and you are just creating a weakness towards coping with everyday nuances when they are out in the real world on their own.

        • Shelby says:

          Thank you Laura!! I seriously don’t think that looms and bracelets should be banned. Like she said(I am kind of bending it a bit but still……), if teachers take away bracelets, they are practically taking away their personal rights as a human living in the US. if they think that distractions are bad, then what will happen when they are adults? They won’t ever get married because they had been taught not to have any distractions. I mean seriously, I realize that they could distract kids, but really, how terrible can BRACELETS made of RUBBER BANDS actually be? Do they harm kids?!?! No!! They don’t!! Wow what has happened to the world? Kids are being distracted in class bc the lessons they are being taught obviously aren’t interesting. I mean school is no comparason to minecraft or anything, but most kids hate going to school. Teachers wonder why no one likes school? The lessons aren’t interesting enough. I am twelve and I know that school isn’t supposed to be fun, but kids shouldn’t have to force themselves awake and drag themselves to school just to have their bracelets taken away. Thank you!

        • Andre says:

          Your right and im a kid to and banning this things is wrong because we the kids uses our imagination and creativity and schools should NOT BAN this things!!

      • ms smith says:

        well if you weren’t such a boring teacher then your students wouldn’t be distracted.
        im a teacher too and yes I get the whole if kids are being distracted take the distraction away thing but seriously don’t be so boring!!!

      • Ella says:

        I Am A Kid And I Think It Is Unfair To Take Away Childrens Inspiration On Life!!

        A Childs Mind Is Younger Than An Adults So Childrens Minds Are Stronger And Good At Making Decisions!

        • Alfie says:

          I am a kid and I’m sad about crazy loom has been band even my school banned them! I know why kids keep selling them for like 50p but i still wear them at school please schools dont steel our lives

      • Anonymous says:

        That treatment is too harsh sir/mam.I’m a kid too.I make bracelets too.I’m just saying don’t be too strict.thanks for reading.

      • Γ‰tienne says:

        and then you ask to yourself why kids drop out school , give them more freedoms , if they want to wear it at school let them do , the thing that I’m agree don’t allow them to bring their making kit to school or if they want allow them to bring it one day per 2 weeks ( something like it ) and they’ll be happy I’m sure .

      • Miguel Moreno says:

        You shouldn’t take the bracelets away. Why? ‘Cause you are restraining the kids’ freedom to wear loom bracelets. You have the freedom to dye your hair and your supervisor says to you to remove your hair dye. Loom bracelets are just bracelets in your eyes, but in our eyes, they’re more than that. So you shouldn’t take the bracelets away ’cause it’ll just star a rebellion on the kids. I know that feeling ’cause I’m a sixth grader.

      • Michaela says:

        I think that is a great idea your not banning them your pretty much telling them to stop or this is what’s gonna happen

      • A kid with RIGHTS says:

        What is wrong with you? Some kids may have anxiety issues during a test, (We all do) or if they cant focus they do stuff like that, its like when we bite the end of our pen, we play with our pencils, or make weird drawings in the corner of the paper. You can’t make a child stop doing something that will stop his nervousness doing class. And if it IS a REAL distraction, you tell them to stop. If they do not, you give them a little warning and tell them what you will do if they don’t obey, if they still play around with it (As a distraction) THEN you are allowed to take it away, because you warned them and they didn’t follow directions as said. Kids might be silly but they are not stupid.

    • Tiffany says:

      That’s so creative! You have a lot of rights that your standing up for. You could get a lot of kids protesting. It would be huge!


    • Larissa Wright says:

      I totally agree. At my school they take away the right to eat in the halls. They haven’t taken away rainbow loom. Luckily.

      • Annie says:

        At my school we can get detention if we eat in the classrooms. We can only eat in the cafeteria or outside. Thankfully my school hasn’t banned the loom bands, even though we wear uniform and we aren’t allowed jewellery, as loom bands aren’t hugely popular at school.

    • Twlight says:

      That is so true! Why would you take the loom away when all we are trying to do is have fun?#donttakemyloomaway!

    • alicia says:

      taking it away will make them feel more left out THATS SO STUPID!!!! those schools dont know what there getting into…poor student i hope they change that rule :/

    • i am a person says:

      @Sam thats a great idea! so far, my school hasnt banned these bracelets. And I am GLAD!!! Some of the things i have heard about schools,or even just teachers doing are terrible! Giving away someones creation (that their parents probably paid for in the long run) to their son (I mean hellooo thats not cool), throwing away a loom that was probably a gift from parents (adults work hard to earn money!!!!).

    • i am a person says:

      what if these bracelets are the only way for someone to be accepted by fellow peers or thats the only thing thyre good at!! what if its an outlet for them!!!

    • Ijustdidit says:

      I am a preteen as the call it, and it don’t take my actual loom to school, but I take the bands with me just to make fishtail bracelets. To be honest, my school has indoor recesses left and right. That’s how I spend my time. it’s also a nice calming activity for, well, those days….. Especially for a middle school student who is new to the stress of middle school
      ( it’s stress trust me) I guess what I’m saying is it’s not right to ban the rainbow loom from school, ESSPECIALLY wrong to ban the bracelets. Like c’mon its a bracelet, I bet adults had ‘ trends’ in school too? No, I don’t bet, I’m positive they did.

    • Laura Jonas says:

      Grade school isn’t about creativity it’s about conformity. Maybe that is why our children don’t have their own thoughts. I can’t imagine why America is failing to stay on top as a country that is compromised of young talented people designing and creating the future wave of technology? It’s because of things like what the teachers and schools are doing. Also I want to add every kid may not have a loom, but neither do they all have cell phones or Nike Air. Their argument that it isn’t fair that every kid doesn’t have one is preposterous. If they actually went back and read their comments and the interpretation of said comment then almost everything would be banned from school. Cool haircuts, cool clothes, cool jewelry, and more: cause every kid can’t have one.

    • Rube says:

      I agree that class is not a place to make looms, but take it easy! If kids are left out, share! At my school you ask to make one you get to do it. That’s teaching you the quality of kindness ain’t it? If your school has kids remaking looms in class then have a few art lessons where you learn too make different types of looms! Banning them is a lat resort and must be only implemented if kids are absolutely on the verge of leaving school.

      A student

    • Anna says:

      You are totally right! It’s not fair that schools can take away the right of just wearing a bracelet! In fact, schools should be supporting the creativity involved in making them! And if the bracelets are distracting, parents should deal with that, not the school. And taking away rights is NOT one way.

    • Julia says:

      That is mean just tell them to put them in there bags until the end of the school day be KIND BE FAIR DONT BE MEAN!!

    • lady says:

      good point
      schools should not do that because loom bands are educational . but i think they are also not allowing them in schools is because children sometimes get hurt .
      my school allows loom bands but not in class only in the play ground.

    • Keira says:

      Run awaaaaaay. A storm of 5th graders are coming. Seriously though maybe you guys would let the bands distract you in lesson but most kids will.Teaching kids is a hard enough job and when you don’t have their full attention it’s even harder for them to do their jobs.

    • Evie love lol says:

      I agree, why band rainbow I love it is one off the best things I have ever had. It is fun, colourful and all my BFF have it!!! I love rainbow, I payed for it and I also put my mined into!!! XxxX ^_^

    • CuzzyCrafts says:

      I live South-East Asia so the Rainbow Loom is really popular here. The original ones here cost about RM40-50. So, we buy the packet ones that are not really expensive. At our school they allow us to wear them and even bring them to school. But there are just some rules! – we can’t play them when the teacher is in the class teaching us. We also can’t bring the looms! Well that’s it for now! We love your blog.
      The Cuzzycrafts team πŸ™‚

    • mitch01 says:

      Anyone here in high school? I’m in year 8 (in Australia), and very few wear them. But at the primary school near us, there are always loom bands in the playground.

      • Spike says:

        I’m starting year 7 in September.
        – Our school banned us making and wearing bracelets, but we are aloud pencil toppers and charms to our bags –

    • Michaela says:

      Don’t take away us kids privileges I mean I love looming in fact I’m combining two really ausome things rainbow looms and helping the needy I’m selling them to raise money for the food bank me and my friends are going out pretty soon to sell them

    • Rickyardo says:

      Stupid really to ban loom bands. Me, as a kid in 5th grade, I have brought loom bands to school and made a fishtail and people literally sabotaged my bands. I suppose teaches don’t like it when people crowd around and don’t do their work

  2. Dawn says:

    Really a shame that these schools have taken the easy way out by banning bracelets and Rainbow Looms instead of using the opportunity to actually TEACH! There are so many positives to this product–creativity and self-expression; learning to plan and follow a pattern; a sense of accomplishment…not to mention the chance to share ideas and bracelets, give them as gifts or sell them for charity fundraisers. With a bit of effort and imagination, the schools banning Rainbow Looms because of a few negative incidents, could use the opportunity to turn them into a positive and have the kids teach, share and create bracelets for a good cause. Much easier to “ban the bands” and go back to staring at computer screens. So sad.

    • Lori Nicolini says:

      I would NEVER ban rainbow loom from my classroom unless it gets really bad and the kids are not focusing and doing their work. That is also such as focusing and paying attention.

  3. Annette says:

    I don’t agree with the Ban. I work in the lunch room at my daughter’s school (K-2) and we have not had any problems with the looms or the bracelets. I’ve heard only one teacher complain about the bracelets. The gym teacher at my son’s school has threatened to take any bracelets from the kids and give them to her own son if they bring them to gym. Take the bracelets, fine…. but give them to your own kid? I’m not ok with that. I just told my son to make sure he takes his bracelets off before gym and he can put them back on after gym. My 3rd grader’s teacher even has a loom in her room and the kids get to make their own bracelets at recess or quiet time. My daughter and son have asked me to make bracelets for their friends who don’t have the loom. So far I have made about 30 bracelets for my kid’s friends. My kids love to share and they like to include other people when they are able. I’m planning on making bracelets for all the kids for their Halloween parties so every kid in their class will have at least 1 bracelet.

      • Kaylee says:

        Giving them to her son??!! That’s really messed up. Her son must be a spoiled brat and probably doesn’t know how to make the bracelets… But, really, it’s not that hard, and it’s easy to remember. And not to mention it’s fun and it’s a definite time-waster, which, don’t get me wrong, is a good thing. I love to make the bracelets, I’m 11 years old, and some people think that these are only for 4-8 year olds, but it’s really fun for me. I don’t have the loom, but it’s not a necessity to make the link-link-link regular one or the fishtail. But you do need it for the Starburst and Triple-Whatever-It’s-Called, and a few others, so I’m asking for one for Christmas–3 days left!!!!!!

      • Jerquel says:

        I am kid and I have a Rainbow loom kit I love making them I always make them and give to love one teachers and friends but I don’t think they should ban them from because we are wearing them jealousy!!!!!!!! They are mad cause they don’t have them for real and one more thing I have to say if they ban them I will be mad for real !!!!!!!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Reagan says:

      My teacher from last year has a “class loom” now. Someone donated it and they can use it during recess and E.A.T. (Earned Activity Time) Too bad I’m not in third grade anymore! (I’m in fourth!)

    • Cec1015 says:

      Give them to her SON?! that is just downright MEAN! Thank you for your rainbow loom kindness. that is very kind of you! πŸ™‚

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi I just discovered your website and I am really liking your tutorials and project ideas.

    Banning the rainbow loom bracelets is a crazy idea! I think if it is distracting to the class then take the bracelets away from the students until the end of the day. My daughter is only six but I do Rainbow Loom bracelets with her. In a generation where almost everything is computer based it is nice to see something kids can do that doesn’t involve technology. My daughter LOVES her loom. She has been making bracelets as gifts for family and friends and I have been learning the more complicated patterns and charms to teach her later down the road. It has been a great mother-daughter project. I really hope banning this doesn’t become the norm. Kids need something to express their creativity.

  5. Abi says:

    Wow! I am a rainbow loomer and i love wearing my bracelets to school. everyone loves it and the teachers have started to take them away. Its crazy

  6. Valerie says:

    We have 3 grandchildren and my husband recently purchased a loom for each of them – 2 boys 10-1/2 and one girl 3-1/2 – I have been busy making bracelets for them and can’t wait to teach my little granddaughter the easy one. One of the most important things in a child’s life is their creativity and to take this away from them is just plain crazy. Children don’t play enough anymore – they hardly ever do puzzles or use their imagination or play pretend. It seems that schools would rather put them all in front of a computer screen. I can remember the friendship safety pins we all wore – and my kids too – and the decorative barrets we were busy making by the dozen – we wore Beatle Boots and Hats, and Jelly Shoes. I wish some of the teachers would think back to their childhood and all the fun they had, rather than trying to ban the kids creativity. Are the schools going to start banning the more expensive backpacks, workbooks, pencils, shoes, or clothes if every child doesn’t have exactly the same thing? This is just utter nonesense. Let the kids be kids and have some fun and enjoy their childhood – they’ll be old like us soon enough.

  7. Carrie says:

    My youngest daughter (3rd grade) commented one night that there were kids who felt left out because they didn’t have a loom or bracelets. So for her birthday she gave every kid in her class a fishtail bracelet. And every week we make a couple of the more complicated ones to put in her classroom treasure chest–the kids can trade good behavior tickets for things in the treasure chest.
    So now every kid has at least one bracelet and the opportunity to get more. Win/win. Except for me, I should be studying for midterms instead of making bracelets….

  8. lexi of the loom says:

    What??? I’ m a kid, my teacher banned bringing the loom but the bracelets? How are they distracting!! If you want to fix em, fix em and continue with your work! My teacher allows us to wear as many bracelets as possible! Wear a t-shirt that says your thought about this like sam said

    • Hannah says:

      I’m in 4th grade and I think that if the teacher said we weren’t allowed to wear them I think me and a few other kids might faint (probably not, though) . Come on. They are bracelets. They are not gonna kill people.

  9. Angela E. says:

    what that’s crazy! I’m in 7nth grade and I love Rainbow loom, if they banned in our middle school I would get really mad, reply if you agree with me

    • Blake says:

      That’s so crazy if rainbow loom gets banned from my middle school I will still where them and #donttakemyloomaway!

  10. kaylee says:

    what that’s crazy. Why would they want to torcher the kids. How was it distracting to kids. It gives them something to do. I am I right? This is crazy!!!!!!!

  11. Tiffany says:

    So teachers want their kids to stay off technology and have less screen time but they ban Rainbow Looms because of “hurt feelings”? School is a place to prepare kids for the real world no matter how young you may be. My school tried to do the same for me when I was in elementary school: no phones, prepared school supplies so everyone would have the same thing, no large five star binders… Now that I’m in high school, I see people with Apple laptops, iPhones, and my school can’t take those away because “not everyone has one.” Having a policy of one bracelet or not an excessive amount on is ok, banning it is ridiculous.

  12. Its a secret says:

    Banning Rainbow loom is crazy! They’re just bracelets! Sheesh I have like a ton of people in my class and they all wear Rainbow loom! They barely even look at their bracelets, once I told this kid I liked his Rainbow Loom bracelet, and he was like “What rainbow loom bracelet?” is that distracting? Huh teachers? Huh?
    It’s a secret……………….

  13. Its a secret says:

    Welp that was at my old school, my new one banned rainbow loom! I have my own loom
    and I love to make bracelets. My new friend brought one to school and they threw it away! She checked every garbage can and her hand smelt terrible. You know what school? I hate your face. THEY’RE BRACELETS FOR PETES SAKE! WHAT CAN BRACELETS DO? CAN THEY DESTROY THE WORLD? NO! SO THEY’RE DISTRACTING
    THE TEACHERS CAN BE LIKE (NICELY) “It’s a secret, can you please put that in your desk until the test is over?” Can they. We may never know.
    It’s a secret………

    • Athena says:

      Im a kid as well and my school hasn’t banned the looms. Yet.

      Now I read your story and Im thinking. THEY THREW IT AWAY? They do NOT have the right to do that. To be honest, That’s the same thing as throwing away a childs phone.

      • Cec1015 says:

        that is horrid. I’m pretty sure they can get sued for that by the parents. I would go to the school and tell the teacher that threw it away to go find it, and give it back to her.

    • MB says:

      What are they thinking! Luckily my school has an activity devoted to rainbow loom. but I can believe they threw it a way. That is just plain WRONG

  14. Caroline says:

    I don’t think it is fair at all! Rainbow looms can give kids a sense of accomplishment when they finish one and they spark creativity! Teachers could use them as a reward, or for educational games, or even fundraisers! To ban something with so many possibilities is just mean.

  15. JaylaJ says:

    It’s a secret I agree with you! Bracelets, Oh My God! How crazy are schools getting?
    They’re just bracelets, If they start fights, don’t bring them to school if you’re afraid they are! My daughter has a loom, and loves making bracelets one day a teacher took them from her because she was LOOKING AT IT! Looking at it! Usually I’m on the school’s side, my daughter isn’t a trouble maker, but my son is. He doesn’t even bring his bracelets to school. I called her teacher to bring it back but she refused to, since she thinks they’re distractions. The next day I told the teacher to give it back pr I’ll call the princepal, he doesn’t really mind bracelets, she gave it back immediatly, and said she was sorry. I told my daughter to keep her bracelets at home, until she gets a nicer teacher. Really I think this is all messed up.

    • Reagan says:

      That’s Crazy! Looking at her bracelet! Maybe I’d take it away if a person is constantly playing and tossing it.

  16. Maria says:

    I don’t agree with the ban. You can bring them, just put them away while your working
    that’s all to it! My son’s school banned rainbow loom, but was absent when they were announcing it. He wore his bracelet and the teacher called me to get it. I told her she was ridiculous and they were bracelets, he didn’t even know about the ban. The teacher
    didn’t like my attitude, but I didn’t care. I told my son we could go home. Next year, I’m enrolling him at a different school ( I had to since he was going to middle school)

  17. Emma says:

    Banning it is plain stupid. So they want time off video games and TV, but off BRACELETS. Making bracelets is how to express your creativity. I got my twin daughters each a rainbow loom for their birthday, and they loved it! Sasha and Miranda
    (My Twin daughters) can’t stop using it. I have 5 kids, Sasha Miranda Jason Liam and Tara.
    My oldest (Liam) Is jealous and so is Jason and Tara. I guess that’s why they banned it.
    Three of my kids go to elemtary, that is where they banned it. Tara, Sasha and Miranda.
    Maybe I should have got the loom for Liam and Jason

    • Eve says:

      It’s only rubber bands fashioned into a bracelet what’s the harm in that? It’s not like someone gonna have their eye out with one is it?


  18. Javier says:

    I’m a student in middle school, and so far, my school hasn’t banned Rainbow Loom. It stinks that schools are banning them. It just makes me sad.

  19. DoughnutGirl331 says:

    I am a student at a middle school and many kids wear bracelets, necklaces, etc. every day. We have to wear IDs on lanyards around our necks to school, and lots of kids have loom lanyards. Some teachers have taken them away, but most don’t mind. No one actually brings looms or bands to school. My friend goes to a religious school, and only religious jewelry is allowed. They don’t always enforce this rule, so rainbow loom bracelets are allowed. The other day, they banned the bracelets because kids “played with them too much.” I’m pretty sure that they actually did this because of the jewelry rule. I am generally against the banning, but I understand if teachers take them for a couple of days. This, though, is totally understandable. All that they did was start enforcing a rule that they should have been enforcing in the first place.

  20. Grace says:

    I would hate that to happen in my school (though I’m home schooled) but I’ve been to real school and I can see how it could distract kids from doing there work and at reses kids would be showing them off and make kids that can’t afford them feel bad.

  21. Katrina says:

    This is just wrong. People buy this stuff for wearing it outside and showing other people!!! Also friends make the braclets for friend ship. Or they can give their best friend a braclet for Christmas but the only time they can give it to them is when they’re at school because of X-Mas break!! so they shouldn’t ban them. i mean seriously!! Don’t you schoola know what creativity is??? it just makes me so mad. Even though i don’t go to one of those schools it still makes me mad!!!!

  22. Loomatist says:

    I’m so sorry but I agree. Kids getting distracted by the bracelets is not good and they can’t get the education they need. I’m sorry but that is simply my opinion.

    • We love looming! says:

      I agree. If it distracts from school work, which is the reason for going to school, take them away and send it home at the end of the day. My daughter and I have made them for her entire class, her teacher and her principal. We do it at home. She does school work at school. If she is wearing them or anything else that’s a distraction I expect the teacher to take away the distraction. Just my opinion.

  23. loomgal says:

    A school down the street from me recently banned the bracelets. Actually, schools have been banning them all over my county. Most of these schools, though, have a reasonable explanation. One student was landed in the ER because someone slingshotted a rock or something into his eye. This school banned the bracelets.Most kids have been flicking them at others, (I should know, I’m a victim!) but this doesn’t hurt. I don’t know of any fights resulting from the bracelets. Nobody has been making fun of anybody, though. I think banning the bracelets is juvenile. It’s not fair. Please Please #don’takemyloomaway


    • rmpbklyn says:

      Just because of one person’s actions, the others should not have to suffer. Kick the kid out of the school who did a violent action. What happens when a kid throws a pencil or book? do we bann pencils and books.

  24. ElasticGirl says:

    I agree with Ms. Nicolini. I don’t think taking them away if you only see them wearing bracelates is right. But if it gets out of hand, for example, kids are trading bracelates instead of learning, or selling them during breaks, then I think they ought to take them, for a short time, anywho. Now, I’m not going to go crazy about my opinion, but I will say one thing: I’M GLAD I’M HOMESCHOOLED!!!

  25. Grace says:

    But it’s just a bracelet and ya why can’t the teacher’s just say please put those away if there distracting not throw it away that’s just stupid!!!

  26. Elsa says:

    I think banning the Rainbow Loom is so stupid and dumb. Like it says in The article it hurts other kids feeling when they don’t have rainbow looms. Its like saying you cant wear Jordans, UGGS, Sperrys, ect. because not every one has one. in My opinion this is very dumb.

  27. Reagan says:

    At my school, we can bring our looms. We can use them during recess and free-time. One day I wore about 10 bracelets per arm and the assistant principal gave me a notice. Now we can only wear 3-4 bracelets per arm. That’s not bad considering that some schools banned them Everything runs smoothly.

  28. Loomatist says:

    ElasticGirl,that’s exactly what I’m trying to get at (almost). Take it away for a period of time then hand it back. But if it’s a constant type of thing then I understand. They took pokΓ¨mon cards away in my school so I understand completly

  29. CrazyBracelets says:

    Don’t ban bracelets! Kids will be bored and will have no motive to complete schoolwork and homework. If you keep the looms, kids will want to do their schoolwork and homework to loom it! Kids will look forward to school to share bracelets with friends!

    • Unicornlorde says:

      I totally agree I am getting the loom for Christmas and when I get it I will always do my homework so I do nt get in trouble and so I can make more advanced bracelets.

  30. kylie says:

    my teacher told me not to make a bracelet at school just make it at home .you can wear it but when your teacher see it distracting it from you she will take it away. dont be mad.dont bring rainbow loom at still have time to make bracelets at school.

  31. Megan says:

    It’s so stupid to ban them. My school hasn’t banned them yet. One of my teachers told me not to play with my bracelet. I wasn’t even touching it! I don’t have a loom but a lot of my friends do. They make me bracelets. I have like 4. I SO agree with Sam.


    • mya says:

      do ino u megan do u go to claton because I might go there u never no no jk I do but mya is not my real name

      • mya says:

        don’t take MY Loom away from me I love it and even if banned from school ill say to bad they are mine and I created them so I AM BRINGING THEM SO UHH DEAL WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  32. Reagan says:

    For all you “Loom Lovers,” I don’t really think you should bring your loom to school. Bracelets are fine, but I think school is a place to learn. One cool thing is that we have bean-bags in our classroom, so I had a “stuffed” one and this girl gave me two triple-singles to trade bean-bags. That was awesome!

  33. Reagan says:

    I am a Rainbow Loom Fanatic and something sad is that it tore apart my friendship. Two girls in my class brought their looms to recess every day. They started a business and found new styles. They wouldn’t show me any of it and kept running away from me because they thought I would steal it for my business. Another girl spilled the beans. Thankfully, I have Loom Love and I sure “Love it!” I would have to show them a style to learn a style. I showed them the Dragon Scale Cuff but they “Didn’t like it,” So the never showed me anything.

  34. Reagan says:

    Help!! Does anyone know how to make a Cinderella Charm with one loom????
    Please respond with video link or website link and title. Please respond before December 1st!! Thanks to everyone!!!

  35. MintyDelight says:

    This is STUPID! The teachers just think like, There EVIL or something! The looms and teach kids to listen and understand and learn patterns like nothing else!


  36. Dominic says:

    Sam I totally agree with you. I am in fifth grade and there is one girl that brings the loom in class with her and never puts it away. Some People in my class make their own loom and bring it only to lunch with them. Everyone argues about the bands and the bracelets and what was whos. In the fifth grade it causes alot of drama. So, everyone wants to take time off of Xbox or something or TV and make bracelets! The plan of the banning is plain stupid. WHY WOULD SCHOOLS BANN STUFF LIKE THIS? The Rainbow loom expresses people’s feelings. Yes it is true that the Rainbow Loom can be distracting in school. The idea of taking the bracelets or the loom away for a little bit is fine. Schools don’t have to go all out and ban everything.

  37. Me says:

    I believe that this banning is stupid because teachers and most guardians want kids to express their feelings and creativity instead of playing a video game or doing nothing. I am so sorry for the schools that had banned them and that gym story wow. If you just simply wear rubber bands, she takes it away and gives it to her son. Wow. Stupidness. That is selfish. If she wants her son to have a kit then BUY HIM ONE!!! I remember when silly bandzz were banned because of wearing too many. At my old school they got banned because people were wearing them up to their elbow. Or they were wearing A silly band necklace. I was wearing a silly band necklace and on that day the principal saw me, and on the announcements that VERY morning they were banned. I had forgotten my backpack that day so I got them taken away because I didn’t put them away. I didn’t really have a choice. i dont really get why people would ban them because they are simply bracelets and i bet the teachers wear more jewelery than a kid wears rainbow loom. ainbow loom is meant for having fun and expressing their feelings and creativity. i am going to instagram to support this banning. i mean yes, yes i am against it. DONT TAKE AWAY THE LOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  39. Clara says:

    My school hasn’t banned the bracelets. Yet. My gym teacher claims that if they see students playing with them at the wrong times, they are required to take them, and hand it off to the principal, so they can be sent to the less fortunate. Kids have even offered to donate.

  40. mazie says:

    Mazie (student also)
    i am so glad that they havent banned them at my school yet.i am also new to this website but in within 1 hour i have made 5 braclets and am exited to make more

  41. Paloma says:

    Why would they take away the bracelets????????? It’s just a bracelet, in my class my teacher is fine with it, me and this other girl are the one who have them. She doesn’t care when we are doing a test we can’t play with them but when we are finished with the test she lets us. When she is helping other kids and we are done she lets us. Why can’t all teachers be like mine???????

  42. Lexy says:

    I am a kid too but I think this is horrible I love love looove my rainbow loom my school hasn’t baned them yet. But how evil my priceable is I don’t know. But my teacher lets us girls make the bracelets during free time and at recess so don’t take away our lives!

  43. Neshialy says:

    My little sister is in grade K and her teacher doesn’t allow them to take them off. I understand this, but, really, she made specific bracelets for her friends, but she can’t even give them to her friends! I understand her motives, thinking they could get lost or stolen, but still, she made them for friends, and they should be able to be given to her friends.

  44. GB Shakespeare says:

    I think that if the bracelets are a distraction, sure, take them away for a day, then give them back at the end of the day. Some kids in my class have been shooting them and they had to go the principal’s office. That’s okay, but banning them completely?? No thank you!


  45. Mb says:

    Survival of the fittest…kids who don’t have a loom feeling left out??? We’ll… Not everybody gets a trophy or wins on the real world. Get over it…

  46. Julia says:

    My school hasn’t banned rainbow loom.
    Not yet anyways.
    Although, if my teacher sees us playing with them when we’re supposed to be working, she takes them away.
    Honestly, I think this is stupid. I make bracelets and sell ’em for free.
    So if you feel left out, you can ask someone who has a loom to make you one.
    If you agree with the ban, I know you have a right to your opinion but really
    if they’re distracting and you’re afraid youll loose ’em just put them in your locker.
    At school on Friday we can bring stuff in, so I bring in my loom.
    Banning bracelets is just plain WRONG.

  47. Jake says:

    I don’t believe in bans.
    Anyways, last week I bought a loom.
    a couple of days later, they banned the bracelets.
    I walked to my mom and she said, “Youll get over it.” well I didn’t.
    mom if youre reading this, im not feeling better

  48. Caroline says:

    They banned making or selling Rainbow looms at my sister’s (elementary) school. I’m so glad they can still wear them. I can understand saying kids can’t sell things in school, but to ban making them is ridiculous. They also banned wearing sillybands a few years ago. Personally I think the school should let the teacher decide what to ban, not the principal. There are some classes where kids don’t get distracted by them at all, and now, no more of them!

  49. Hayley says:

    Its so ridiculous schools are baning rainbow loom!! i agree if kids aren’t doing their work, take them away for the day!! but looking at them?!?! I mean really? That child isn’t doing anything wrong!!! Not everybody in my class has one, but people who have looms make bracelets for everybody!! When i go back to school, I’m going to have a protest about it! I’ll a also make t shirts and paint my friends fingernails… Wish me luck… #donttakemyloomaway Also,Jake, i agree with you.

  50. T.M. says:

    Hi guys!! I’m in the 7th grade and recently received a loom for christmas. In middle school, the loom doesn’t seem as popular, but as i have read it seems it is very popular in grade school. I enjoy making the bracelets and wearing them, but i don’t think that you should bring your loom to school to make bracelets. However, i believe that wearing the bracelets is fine unless they prevent the student from participating in class work. So, i believe that making bracelets and having the loom during class should not be allowed, but wearing the bands in class is fine unless they become a distraction.

  51. Czarina Calisaan says:

    Now that’s crazy…….why are schools banding rainbow loom????? They are just rubber bands and bracelets….. I know kids are suppose to learn but kids have to have FUN.. I just can’t believe that some schools won’t even let them wear the bracelets it’s just BRACELETS it’s not going to harm you or anything and kids who dont have looms can use there fingers or something to make bracelets soo they won’t be left out!!!!!

  52. gabe says:

    they will never take away our looms.we could always start a rebellion or riot.LONG LIVE THE LOOM

  53. gabe says:

    we will never lose our looms.for all your TEACHERS watching you will never take our looms.we will start a riot or rebellion. LONG LIVE THE LOOM.

  54. Kathy d kittycat says:

    I HATE IT when stupid teachers ban you from things you just wear!!!!!!! My friend, he was making a rainbow loom bracelet AT LUNCH and my stinkn fat teacher took it away from him and threatened that she was going give it back at the end of the school year. She said that our luch time was suppose to be only 4 eating.My friend Isabel’s mom even said that if they take it away then she would go to the teachers face and yell at them. Come on lame adult people! Let kids keep their creations. If ur school is banning rainbow loom than make as many rainbow loom bracelets as you can, wear them, hashtag #keepmyrainbowloom and post it all over Instagram! We need to go on strike!

  55. Stacy says:

    This is just NUTS! “Reason #2” was that kids that DON’T have them feel left out? Well, that’s just LIFE now, isn’t it?!?! Geez… I drove a used car in high school, not a brand new Mercedes/BMW/Lexus like several of my classmates. Did the schools ban cars? NO! Oh, and not everyone even HAD a car!

    School today is a JOKE. First things like Dodgeball are banned because the game wasn’t fair to the nonathletic kids. (I was a fat kid, and HATED dodgeball, but I turned out OK!) Then they stopped keeping score in sports because THAT wasn’t fair. Then red pens were banned, because the red ink on the kids’ papers was “too traumatic” so the teachers had to switch to green or purple because these are more “soothing” colors. Where does the madness end? Is MATH unfair? ENGLISH? SCIENCE? ART? Do we stop keeping grades because some kids excel in all subjects, some kids excel in some subjects, and some kids need extra help?


  56. Kimberlyn says:

    That Is rediculous what teachers do these days.well yah if the kid plays with it and you tell them to stop and they keep on playing with it then take it away πŸ™‚

  57. kkrainbow says:

    They banned them at my school cuz kids were taking them apart and shooting them at other kids and teachers one kid got shot in the eye and had to get it pulled out!

  58. Megan says:

    I LOVE rainbow looms and everyone has one in my class because me and my friend make them during recess for everyone, so basically everyone in sixth grade has one πŸ˜€

  59. Jewels says:

    When i was in school I always had to doodle or fiddle with something because ir ir helped me pay attention. Every student has a different way of learning. If a kid is fiddling with a bracelet its not because hes being distracting or not paying attention, maybe hes a hands on learner. Teachers think that they can teach a whole bunch of students the same way but thats not the case. School is not hands on. They set for hours and give you a lecture and think thst you will just pay attention. But you have to remember thats BORING! Everything is messed up in schools now. Teachers need to take time and get to know every student and the way they learn. Not only would would it benefit the students but the teachers as well. If you are a teacher you take your time out to teach a child. And if you dont know how to teach that child, then you are failing him as a teacher. Its not your life and future on the line, but that childs. It all falls on you! Teacher now a days are so lazy, and it agrivates me. Stop nlaming bracelets, thats just plain ignorance! Everytime you take something a child makes and creates with their individuality you take away their creativity! Bit yet i hear everyone complain my child plays to many video games, your child doesnt pay attention in school, your childs a class clown, Stop and look at the bigger picture…. I mean seriously!

  60. Evie says:

    I think I’m about the only one in my school who has a Rainbow Loom. I got it for Christmas and am scouring the Internet for loom ideas. I am just making them like there is no tomorow!

    I have already made a funky Minecraft key ring that I have put on my school bag, but this has shocked me. Some schools must be pretty hi-tec if they want to stuff a kids creativity down the plug hole. It’s crazy, my school never ban stuff unless it’s urgent, like making kids upset. We aren’t allowed to wear bracelets/rings/necklaces in school after people lost them/someone stole them, which I think is fair, but we CAN take the out at lunchtime/break. I think it’s pretty fair, don’t you?

  61. wlaina says:

    okay I am a kid also but at my school they are banned yet. but are teacher says if he finds us playing with them he takes then away until school is over and talks to how ever was playing with them.then we are on are way . one of my friends was playing with one and I told him to stop and I got in trouble for talking it was unfair but my school hates when we sell them in school they get so mad. but are school is small so if some one tries to hide it wont work. but if schools banned them know n will have fun if my friends feel left out I give them a million bracelets to make them feel good at my school if you bully you are I big trouble but I never bully. so let rainbow loom be in every school to make kids happy.

  62. Kendra says:

    I totally hate that schools are banning the bracelets. Even though I am homeschooled I still hate it. I think that it is unfair and mean. Some kids are very sensitive and by taking their bracelet away it could totally break their heart. My swim coach bans them in the water, but I totally understand that because if the bracelet slips we may try to fix it and then we wouldn’t be doing what we were supposed to. I play with my bracelets when I am bored, so if kids are playing with them I think that they need to keep the kids’ attention better. It is not the kids’ fault that the teachers are boring them. I have a bracelet that has the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on it and I hope that they don’t ban the bracelets anywhere else.

  63. Kitty says:

    I’m a kid to and I also agree that taking looms andbracelets away is crazy.I mean really, making them serves as a break from electronics. It may not be as active as riding your bike, it still is a break from the computer screen. I understand not wanting to make other kids without looms feel bad but you don’t need a loom, I didn’t use one for a while, and the rubber bands are rreeeaaaallllllyyyyyy cheap.


  64. Kari LOVES rainbow loom! says:

    they banned from my school and I still make em’ but I cannot where them for school ;(

  65. Emily says:

    It is true but still I think schools should let us were what we want like my school we can were those if we mess around then my teacher takes it away and then at the end of the day we get are bracelets back!!!!

  66. dragonlover997 says:

    They are doing the same thing they did with banning silly bands when I was in middle school. I’m surprised they’re not banning them for popping others with them. That’s the whole reason they banned them at my school. Why not just punish those select few who injure others? Or tell those who have it out during class to put it away then take it away if they don’t listen? Society has come to so ridiculous places.

  67. Jo-Angelina says:

    if my school bans rainbowloom me and my friends are going to start a HUGE protest with shirts,signs and anything else we can think of. this is takeing away our creativity! I understand the sillyband ban but rainbow loom! that is just crazy rainbowloom makes us use creativity and imaganigation sillybands are just go to the store buy them and where them. rainbowloom that is go to the store buy take your creativity make something that is all your own then done today it is all about tecnolgy!!!

  68. Mya says:

    Schools shouldn’t ban them. They should give warnings to people who play with them. If they play with them again ask to put it in their backpack. Sell or give the kids the rainbow loom bracelets who don’t have them.

  69. Lexi says:

    I can’t believe that people are banning the rainbow loom from some schools! That’s not right! It’s like when they banned silly bands, or when the Harry Potter books came out they banned them too. This is ridiculous!!!

  70. Mrs. Moran says:

    I am an elementary art teacher and I just went and purchased 6 looms for my classroom. I’m hoping kids will bring their own from home for “Freedraw Friday” fun. And, it gives those kids a chance to try one out since they don’t have their own. Just find this site — it looks awesome and I hope my students can access it as a reference!

  71. Raye J says:

    I understand banning the looms themselves. My dad teaches sixth grade and some kids just refuse to pay attention without bringing their own distraction along. But banning the bracelets themselves is just silly. It’s just another type of jewelry. And you can fidget around with pretty much any bracelet or necklace, so I don’t see why they’re going after ones made with the rainbow loom.

  72. Shaily says:

    Look, I just think this is ridiculous I a obsessed with rainbow loom so are my friend we do it all the time but still get our homework in somewhere so I think teachers shouldn’t be banning rainbow loom just take them away from Certain students.

  73. Kiara says:

    My school band rainbow looms because student flinged them at teachers and and across classrooms while the teachers were teaching and everyone were getting distracted by them.

  74. Niala says:

    I’m only a fifth grader and I really don’t think it’s fair. I hope my school doesn’t ban rainbow loom! Everyone please protest against banning rainbow loom! They’re just the same as regular bracelets so school staff, if you’re out there, stop.


  75. Madison says:

    That’s not fair. If kids don’t have RL and feel left out why don’t they just get it. And if it’s distracting kinds why don’t they just take them of. No one has to ban it.

  76. Diana says:

    At my school, we are only allowed to wear rainbow loom bracelets on dress down days- which isn’t very often. Most kids wear them under their sweaters anyway, but risk getting in trouble. I don’t think this is fair. Teachers are always telling us we’re responsible to this, mature enough to do that, but apparently not responsible enough to wear bracelets. No one plays with the bracelets, dress down day or not. When teachers aren’t watching, we make bracelets. If you think they banned them because kids feel left out that they don’t have a loom, you’re wrong. If you don’t have a loom, there a plenty of kids who will make them for you.

  77. Zion says:

    Wow. I’m a kid too and I think that is sorta unfair for kids to have their Rainbow Loom bracelets taken away. I make Rainbow Loom ALL the time and at my school i’m pretty lucky. They allow these bracelets! I made one for my teacher once. And she loved it! If you don’t have a loom just stick with pencils! I don’t have a loom, and that doesn’t make me feel left out. I really don’t think this is fair to other kids though…

  78. Victoria says:

    I think you’re all extremely ignorant. While I did not read all the comments, the ones I did have the displeasure to read consisted of atrocious grammar and ignorant statements. I believe the loom bands should be taken away. Perhaps if some of the parents that disagree took the time to read the comments the children made, their grammar alone should be proof enough that the bracelets need to remain at home. I’ve noticed that most of you believe that this shouldn’t be allowed to be banned because of “Kid’s Rights” and all I can do is laugh. They’re children. They need structure, and order, and most importantly they need to be taught that there is an appropriate time and place for everything. If you’re unwilling to discipline rules, or deny a child boundaries, they will all grow and learn to become as ignorant as you all are. It’s not your “right” to do whatever you want to do. The fact of the matter is, they are a distraction. not just to the individual child, but the entire classroom. How fair is it that a teacher has to take time away from learning and teaching the other twenty-something students because he or she has to remind yours to stop being a distraction? Perhaps schools wouldn’t have a problem with your children wearing jewelry if you got off of the computer to teach your child how to wear it? As far as some of the other comments I read by children (Particularly the comment concerning “the school has taken away our right to eat in the hallway”), you don’t have a right. You are a child. You are legally bound by your parents, and must do what they tell you (within proper respects to the law), and release that responsibility to the school while you are there. I’m sure your parent or guardian doesn’t allow you to eat wherever you please at home, why do you expect to do it in public? Personally, if these silly bracelets were taking away from my child’s education, I would encourage a ban. Education is far more important than a bracelet.

    • loomatic says:

      Dear Victoria,
      Why are you saying that kids have no rights! And even though I’m in middle school and technically a teenager I still believe that kids should have there own rights. I take it from your comment that you are an adult so I in a way must respect you. But just because your an adult doesn’t mean you can’t respect us! I don’t know about the schools you live in but in my school we have uniforms. We are not allowed jewelry and we HAVE to have black shoes. Rainbow loom is the only thing we have that can keep us original. And you have no right what so ever to call us ignorant. It does not matter if you are an adult you can not be rude like that! Do you do Rainbow loom. If not than try it! it will show you how much creativity kids gain with it. If you do rainbow loom why are you against it. If you don’t like it that’s all right. But a lot of us love it so don’t crush down our creativity. And for your information you do NOT know some of these people so you have no right what so ever to call them ignorant.
      Thank you

      • Homeschooledkidsrule says:

        You sound like one of those REALLY snotty people. If we don’t have rights then why if under the law, children in the United States are fully formed human beings with the same basic constitutional rights that adults enjoy? Given, the law also recognizes that children aren’t physically and emotionally mature enough to handle the responsibility attached to legal activities like drinking, let alone the right to vote or run for public office. The law reconciles these two ideas by implementing ages of majority. And yes, I am a kid in middle school, with good grammar and spelling.

      • Crystal says:

        Dear Victoria,

        So are you saying that if kids have no rights, kids don’t have the rights to eat at school, drink fluids, etc? Because kids definitely have the right to do those things. And even though rainbow loom can be distracting, and is also a privllege, there is no need to take it all the way to banning them! Like loomatic said, these rubber band bracelets keep us original. Do you want all of us to be clones, acting, dressing, eating, thinking the same? I believe kids do have the right to keep rainbow loom, and schools should not ban these, because it keeps us true to ourselves, gets our creative juices flowing, and because rainbow loom has honestly made me smile, knowing that i did a bracelet all by myself, and being done with it. I can’t say that about all things i do, so i’m proud when i finish a bracelet. Having that be taken away is wrong.

    • Blazewillmakeopinions(andbracelets) says:

      Sir or madam,
      Just because some kids can’t spell or aren’t using grammar properly doesn’t mean they aren’t smart! To be very honest with you, I am a student myself , and I know kids who just can’t remember HOW to spell certain things! I mess up my grammar now and again and I bet you do too! Also, I would like to say, no it’s not a right, but it’s not actually ILLEGAL to defy your parents, but it could be in your area. It’s really disrespectful yes, but I wouldn’t say illegal.

      Third off, children might be distracted, or maybe they aren’t, like some comments say. Some COULD be distracted, maybe. But I would like to just say to you, I like my freedom. At my school, we voice our opinions, they aren’t always listened to, but we voice them anyway. We students have rights, like you adults. Sure, rainbow looms aren’t a right, but a privilege.

      Oh one more thing! Education is important yes, but so is happiness. If happiness comes from bracelets, so be it! #donttakemyloomaway

    • Blazewillmakeopinions(andbracelets) says:

      Of course I have forgotten something. We. Have. Rights! Laugh all you want, but it’s true. You are an adult, I have to somewhat respect you, but you could Learn that we Aren’t ignorant if you tried hard enough, and I would recommend you try.

    • Alex says:

      Dear Victoria,

      While I agree that children should follow what their parents tell them, I do not think Rainbow Loom should be banned. Kids should not play with them during class but should be free to wear them during recess and lunch break. If they play with them during class, kindly remind them not to play with the bracelets. I personally think you should take their looms away if they make them in class, but it should be okay to wear the bracelets they made. In our class, we cannot have anything other than white shoes in Physical Education class and we can’t wear jewellery. We can’t paint our nails either, although we can paint our toes. These bracelets are not ‘silly’, they teach us a lot of things such as creativity, hand-to-eye coordination, persistence, patience, fine motor skills, visualization, building self-esteem and most importantly, working together. I think that it is absurd to call us ignorant just because of the bracelets that we love. So please, don’t ban them. Just take them away and give it back at the end of the day. Also, I’m a 5th Grader in the Philippines. My name is Alex and I’m pleased to meet you. Thank you for your time. (Sorry if this didn’t make sense, I’m still learning English.)

  79. joella says:

    my school would NEVER ban RL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Olivia says:

    I’m a kid as well, and luckily I’m home schooled so I don’t have to worry about my loom getting taken away, but it still really bugs me. Of course if the kid should have it taken away if it’s distracting, but it should be given back, whether it be at the end of the day, next week, or even at the end of the year if it becomes a big problem. But the kids who wear them without getting distracted, and only use their looms during recess shouldn’t have that taken away.

  81. emily says:

    its a stupid idea the kids who dont have the rainbow looms shouldnt expect the kids who do have it to give them and make them loom braslets its not exactly expensive if they want it why dont they just buy it ? its pathetic its not distracting kids becuase they do it @ home or ‘ lunch so banning it is taking away there rights !!!!!!

  82. Kaitlyn says:

    I think that kids should be able to keep thier bracelets. They can express their selfs. They can also improve thier sociality, and creativity. They may also sell them for low prices, this will help their family survive by helping them gain money to buy food. I am a kid and i sell my bracelets for low prices and half of the money goes to my family part of it goes to buy more supplies and part of it goes to me. Please help the debate against this nonsence.

  83. Rayna says:

    They banded them from afterschool before just regular school. People started stealing just because they didn’t have them. I don’t care if they get banded because it isn’t my life but I still agree with Sam, Cassidy, and Charlotte because they have a point. What can a 3rd grader like me do to save them. What’s the solution…..Tell me why this fun activity is getting in the way of learning. Yes I am a rainbow loomer and I do it in class but I am not going to protest than get in trouble.

  84. Hailee says:

    Honestly this is really harsh! As a kid myself I know how awesome you feel once you finish a bracelet with a really cool design! You put a lot of love, concentration, and patience into the bracelets! When I got my loom I was so excited and started making bracelets once I got it. Anyways schools shouldn’t be this harsh the teachers are taking creativity and imagination away from everyone!

  85. kor'rinn says:

    Honestly? If they’re causing a distraction in class, then yes- teachers have every right to take them away, even ban them. BUT-Banning them because some kids are feeling left out because they don’t have them? Really? That’s like banning name-brand clothes or snacks because some kids don’t have them.

    What’s next, banning Dunkaroos or Fruit Rollups because some parents won’t buy them for their kids, making them feel left out when their classmates do have them? Banning students from wearing Aeropostal or DC or other expensive name-brand clothing because some families can’t afford to buy them for their kids?

    If you’re gonna ban something for making certain kids feel left out, ban everything. Make them wear uniforms so some don’t feel left out because they don’t have the same brands, ban snacks and make kids eat food from a school lunch program so they don’t feel left out because they don’t have the same snacks.

  86. Belle says:

    I’m home schooled. People say I’m lucky. Not really. I’M not allowed to do my loom until ALL my schoolwork is done. (yes, even math!)

    • Cheetahlady says:

      I agree!!!!! I asked my friends for rainbow loom bracelets!!!! I wish schools should stop banning stuff like that!!!!!!

  87. loomingisfun says:

    I agree with banning the actual loom but the bracelets? The loom might distract you from doing school work.

  88. KnittingHooker says:

    My 1st grader and 5th grader both want to take bracelets to school instead of candy for Valentines. I heard about a lot of schools banning them. Thankfully ours has not done so. I did email the teacher to ask ahead of time. So we will be busy this weekend watching movies, eating popcorn, and rainbow looming.

    I can understand some of the schools positions on this issue. It is like the time when the colourful gel pens were all the rage and schools banned those because of similar reasoning’s. I don’t necessarily agree but I understand.

  89. Will says:

    I’m glad I don’t go to one of these schools. If one becomes REALLY distracting to a kid who definetley needs to be paying attention, then she’ll kindly ask, Sweetie, if that’s distracting to you do you want to put it away? All rainbow loom has done to my school is promote two things everyone needs:
    Creativity and Friendship
    I’ve even shown people how to make a double x cross but call it the friendship bracelet. And for the kids that don’t have the bands, people give them out ALL THE TIME. I have never seen anyone left out cause of them. And I live in a snowy place, so we have inside recess alot, would you rather see people looming or playing on a computer? Seriously?

    • Rainbow Loom says:

      I agree i have seen is sharing and happiness so if anyone is banning them you should stand up if you love this more than anything you should be able to tell a teacher or parent that this is what you love and it makes you happy

  90. Rainbow Loom ???????? says:

    I for one love rainbow loom… Teachers at the school i know of have made clubs that kids can go to and i love that but when kids feel left out that hurts more of the teachers and parents than anyone i think they should have it stay at school but have it for each child to play with.. If a teacher makes a club than each kid has to learn on a loom not a child would be left out in that way.. Also all schools should spend money on buying rainbow looms and bands so if a kid is left out at least the school can offer them time to play with something they cant afford or don’t have time to use other than school. But i don’t under stand that all kids will be arguing they are Bracelets that you can make over and over again and some kids may be distracted but if you make sure there looms are away in there bags you can get them to focus and tell them that rainbow loom is a privilege and if you use them during class time you will be in trouble don’t ban them just make sure they know who’s in charge and why there in trouble. As you can see i went around all the reasons to ban them and got a solution. In my school rainbow loom is welcomed and rainbow loom clubs are there and people are selling them… AND FOR EVERY ONES INFORMATION if your school bans them because they go up to your elbow just put your jacket or long sleeves on top of it… RAINBOW LOOM PROBLEMS ARE FIXABLE IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT… RAINBOW LOOM STAYS!!!! RAINBOW LOOM STAYS!!

    keeping kids creative and happy is a teacher and parents job!!

  91. loomatic says:

    ughhh. why do schools ban children’s creativity! I think that doing a protest is the right thing to do.

  92. Thisisblazesopinion says:

    I’m thinking in this direction, it’s distracting to take them away. Because, well, a student might just focus on getting it back! Like come on, I kinda want my loom back! <—- like that
    And might actually SNEAK it back. So , a teacher might lock it up, and, if caught, the student could be put into detention trying to reclaim something that's there's. All over a bracelet. So, if you would want to fix said problem,the teacher could be like,for example, " ok, it's time to put the looms away!" They could ask nicely. Or, mabye a student is kinda playing with it, because mabye they understand the material that's taught cuz they just repeat everything from last year and add like two things…. Anyway mabye you could, uh I dunno, ASK?! Like serious. If it's a ' constant disturbance' tell the child to put it away or mabye call the parents, but taking it away is wrong if they are not your child. Thanks for reading if you got this far you are cool thanks again! Bai!

  93. KayZ says:

    I agree with banning the looms. The bracelets and necklaces should be fine unless all jewelry is banned but there’s no reason to have the looms at school. I spend all of school with things being taken away (Tomogotchis, Pokemon Cards, Skip-Its, Legos, Furbys and lots more) Kids got jealous or sad because they didn’t have one, kids fought over stealing other people’s. I turned out just fine with all those things banned because I actually talked to my friends and played at recess and ran around. By all means, ban the looms. It’s nothing new and it’s not going to ruin a kid’s childhood. Take it from a 22-year-old who went through the same stuff. You have plenty of time out of school to make bracelets.

  94. Sara says:

    Even though this has not happened at my school yet, I believe that if children are constantly playing with there bracelets and tossing them around and trading when it is not free time they should get them taken away for a day or two, if the children bring there loom to school the teacher should stand up and take there loom away, give it back at the end of the day and say to not bring it back unless it is free time.

  95. Rainbow Loom says:

    Ok im a person with feeling just like every other person… Im also a child and like every other child we want to take breaks relax and just have fun and if a child is playing or doing any
    thing wrong because of a bracelet you have a choice you can ignore it or just ask them in a polite manner to stop and if they are arguing about who’s is who’s make sure to tell them “its not about the bracelet its about the fun and hard work you put in making it and if a kids feels left out the school should start a club were teachers buy rainbow looms and bands so every kid has a chance to have fun and play and teach each other.. A teacher has started doing that at a school i go to and its mostly a bracelet club were you can make string bracelets all the way to rainbow loom bracelets and i teach the teacher how to make them because she is new to it and also this coming from my heart “rainbow loom isn’t just a girly thing with a piece of plastic its a piece of plastic that makes part of your creative imagination” and if schools want to ban that why don’t they shut down the school because they just shut down a kids only way of showing there creative imagination on a bracelet and there only way of making them selves stand out as a unique one of a kind child (kids) also kids use this a lot and that takes time away from the iPod and iPads and computers ” I my self haven’t used my iPod for at least a few weeks and my computer for at least a month, i have only started to use my family’s iPad to look for rainbow loom bands and rainbow loom things and tutorials also for projects and other things like that and thats like a teacher or parents dream is for there kids to do something more that play on an iPad or an electronic and to read a book or play with a toy or use your head and think and thats rainbow looms job and honestly rainbow did its job and if schools think its ok to ban things that they think is silly its not because rainbow loom opens the door for children to relax and calm down when they are scared or sad and for any reason rainbow loom is something kids think about when they are happy or sad when your worried for a test you study study study then what do you do when you have 30 minutes before you sleep and you need a break you calm down have some tv on in the back round and do rainbow loom and when you are sad and want to forget about your bad day you do rainbow loom or when your so happy you do rainbow loom so you can treasure the moment for ever!!!!


  96. Mason says:

    I think schools shouldn’t take away rainbow loom creations unless it is an absolute distraction that is happening every day. I mean a rainbow loom creation is like a peice of art that a kid made; it is valuble to them because they worked hard on it. Are teachers trying to take away the rights for kids to show their personality, creativity, and individuality? Is everybody just supposed to be the same? I honestly don’t think it is fair to kids………

  97. zach man says:

    I think that if kids r playing with them teachers should just take it from the kid and give it back later. Don’t ban it from the school!

  98. JD says:

    Sorry to say, but yes they should be banned at school. People have rights, yes, but school is about learning and learning to be responsible. In the work place you will be fired if you can’t stop playing with your clothing/jewelry, etc. Kids can’t focus because they are hiding a half made bracelet in their desk and they thing the teacher can’t see them trying to finish it. Also, young adults don’t understand “rights” and “discrimination” they link to throw those words around without understanding that they come with responsibility and limits. If I go to the movie theater and I am disruptive and distracting to the other movie goers I will be asked to leave. Children have a right to a free public school eduction, they do not have the right to disrupt the other children who are there to learn, the school must make and enforce rules to that end. When you go out into the real world employers are not discriminating because they choose not to hire you because of your bad behavior on the internet or because you are immature and thing it will be fun to have green hair. Employers have a right to hire employees that represent their brand and discrimination laws are very specific about who they protect (race religion, etc). Following the rules of school help prepare students to follow the rules in society and in the work place. If you don’t like the rules you have the RIGHT to home school, but not to come to school and be disruptive the eduction of the 19 other kids in the room.

  99. SavvyC: says:

    Yes, I agree! This IS an outrage, and I do believe we children should have rights to bring out rainbow loom/loom bracelets to school. But I do agree with the fact that they are distracting us kids in school. I catch MYSELF playing with them! I think it is horrible that they are banning loom bracelets, but REMEMBER, this IS a reason! They’re not doing this to ruin our lives, just to help us learn. What would happen if the teacher said something important, while you were sitting there fiddling around with your bracelet? I WOULD take it away.
    And plus, you all shouldn’t be making such a fuss over rubber bands. We all have controversial opinions, as most people believe this is a barbarity. I love making rainbow loom bracelets, too, as you all do. Regardless, I do have provocative and debating thoughts about this. I DO think this is sad, but I also think it’s for our own good, and what the teachers desire us to do-LEARN.

  100. SavvyC: says:

    I totally agree! We kids have PLENTY of time after school, after HW, of course, and on weekends, to make these bracelets. I have also heard from some comments that they are causing arguments and…skirmishes…over these.

  101. Kasey says:

    This is so not fair! I think we should stand for what we love in the middle of our hearts. I think teachers can stop with taking bracelets away. A music teacher in my school and he stands by the door when the kids come in he’ll check if anybody has something on to do with rainbow loom, he takes it away and he’ll put it as a key chain and wear it all the time, no wonder he has millions. I mean its so mean how kids work so hard on making these bracelets and necklaces with their bare hands! So who is with me on strike!

  102. jamie says:

    WAT???!!!!! ok, first of all, this whole thing is completely stupid! u shouldn’t take away a chance for kids to express themselves! did any of these schools or the teachers think for even a SECOND, that this could have positive influences on the kids?! for example: if u have a kid or kids in your class who have ADHD,(like myself, and i do this AND have a’s & b’s thank u very much!) they could work, then when they have a chance, like if their teache’s giving a lecture or something, start on a bracelet with their fingers, then when they have another chance, do a bit more, and so on and so on! and if they’re like me, when they run out of room to put their creations, they could sell them to to the other kids for a little bit pocket money! and if and when they save up enough, they could buy more bands! plus, if kids have a project that requires creative stuff on it, they could work on their loom stuff in a place thats quiet and calm, and making those creative braceletes might just inspire them with creative project ideas!

  103. SavvyC: says:

    Kids shouldn’t be doing loom bracelets in class in the first place. If they hadn’t, schools wouldn’t be banning them. I’ve also seen people-and myself-picking/playing around with the bracelets.

  104. Abi says:

    My school has a strict uniform policy that says no jewelry that isn’t in the school colors (black, white, gray, and dark green), but kids at my school wear rainbow loom anyway in a multitude of colors including turquoise, red, purple, pink, and orange and are any of those the school colors? No! Rainbow Loom is one of the newest, most fun, and most popular additions to the millions of products out there that have been invented to help kids with personal style! Now many schools are taking personal style away from us by adding uniforms and strict dress codes! You know the phrases “Be yourself”, “Don’t change who you are”, and “Don’t let others tell you how to dress”? Well, that’s what schools are doing, they’re telling us exactly how we should dress! I mean, obviously, there are the obvious no-no’s that shouldn’t be worn by anybody but they should just include that instead of restricting our whole dress routine!

  105. community opportunity says:

    My name is community opportunity and I’m not the type of person who would just sit around in a crisis like this. I have started a petition in my school and thanks to Sam, got new T-shirts for everyone who signed the petitions a #donttakemyloomaway shirt. Over 700 kids in my school have signed it and 2538 people in my community have signed it too. I believe that kids have the right to express themselves and stay true to themselves. I believe that doing this isn’t right! Taking away bracelets? Banning looms? I couldn’t stand for this. It reminded me of a music video by Elvis where the video represented that schools are trying to make all kids the same. I totally agreed. We are all creative special indivuals with the right to be seen and express their creativity. Thanks to my petition, I convinced the principal to bring looms back to our school. Power To The Kids!
    ~Community Opportunity

  106. sarah says:

    i dont agree with banning the loom in school because i actually learn better while doing something like this. i was in training for work and i retained all the info that i was trained on only because i was making bracelets. i have ADD and it keeps my mind focoused on what is being said while keeping my hands busy so im not tempted to loose focus and i also knit to and it just goes to show that many different people learn different ways

  107. carolina says:

    Yeah I am not gonna write a super long comment but I do think it’s stupid but they are a distraction but you can’t tell kids what to wear hello freedom of speech pretty sure that means what kind of bracelets kids can wear

  108. rmoney says:

    i think that they should NOT ban rainbow looms from school because it could be a distraction but they can do it after their work that is my option .

  109. Emma says:

    I really think kids have the right to wear rainbow loom bracelets. The kids who don’t have a rainbow loom can ask the friend\ person to make the bracelet so the kid does not feel left out. And if the bracelet becomes to distracting then just take the bracelet off and put it away!

  110. Julz says:

    As a student I don’t believe in rainbow loom bracelets being banned. However I do think that teachers do have the right to confiscate your bracelets off you if they are too big of a distraction. But a note for teachers what can you do if you confiscate a bracelet of a student? They could always make a new one and wear it. Either way, it depends on each schools’ situation.

  111. Lolo says:

    At my school,( I don’t know for sure. Just heard a little kid said that) they started banning kids from wearing bracelets! I mean come on! Why should they ban kids from wearing them?!!! I agree with you Angela.E they shoudn’t be banning looms and bracelets . I’m a kid and I love rainbow loom! Reply if you agree with me.

  112. Rainbow Loom!!!!! says:

    I’m a kid but why are they doing this one of the schools near me in the UK have banned the completely and when i go there i wont be able to make the we have rights. #dontbantheloom.

  113. Xena_W says:

    This is absolute crap! I recently started Rainbow Loom and if a teacher told me to give my bracelet to them for the “first offense”, I would tell them no but I will put it in my bookbag. Very simple. If they get crappy with me and say that I’ll go to the office or some shit like that I’ll be like “Okay fine. I’ll go down there and explain to them that you’re taking away my creativity and personal style and then call my mom to pick me up from school. No big deal,” and walk out.

  114. Hadley says:

    The government should not take away our creativity. Kids need to be creative. Think of all the things we can do. I thought America was a free country!

  115. Cec1015 says:

    this is ridiculous! Us kids have NEVER gotten into arguments about bracelets, and they are not really a distraction! #don’ttakeawaymyrainbowloom

  116. marwah says:

    i think there should be loom bands in school, we finally have the power to express ourselves through colors,schools have uniforms that is one thing ids have to live up to loom bands give them things to express themselves with

  117. Hailey says:

    I don’t think they should ban the rainbow loom bracelets. My teacher threatend to take them away but she didn’t. i mean it’s a bracelet of rubber. they shouldn’t be banned

  118. Rachelle says:

    I am totally against this, especially that I study in a school where sisters are the administration (it’s a private all-girls school). The teachers get to wear the bracelets that the students give them all they want. Then they scold us. Why the heck so? Everyone is equal and we have the right to play, to craft, and be creative! Think about it everyone, if we can’t craft, if we can’t play, if we can’t be creative, what will the future be? The same as the prehistoric ages, and not an innovative world that we’ve always dreamt. Does anyone know why we are at the peak of innovation of history? Because our inventors were allowed to craft everywhere! They shared their ideas everywhere! Imagine, we know better than them at this point because of the technology that they present. And so, that means that we should have a more innovative future!

  119. Rose says:

    Instead of banning them they should talk to the child. Right?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  120. Rose says:

    My cousin can’t even bring pencil grips that I made for her. It is really really really really sad.
    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  121. Isabella says:

    My teacher wants to plant this rule too! And I live in Ireland! We usually only make them during recess, or art but now they don’t want us to even wear them!

  122. Kai Rose says:

    My friend was moving her bracelets because it was tight on her wrist and her teacher saw her and told her to put it away and she told her it was tight but her teacher got so mad she came and took the bracelet away and took the hook off and tore it apart and my friend got so mad. the next day she went to her teacher and said “look, it was tight on my wrist and i was adjusting it on my wrist and when you told me to put it away i was trying to explain why i was messing with it. and when she was done her teacher said sorry but also she said that you can never bring a loom thingy in this class room again other wise she would send her to the principle. i Don’t like teacher very much but i do like some.

  123. Ally. says:

    Well, it is quite difficult to agree with that. (I’m a kid too) I know I’ve seen Rainbow Loomers in class every now and then, but well, I’m the Rainbow Loom Queen of the class anytime. But sometimes, I do have to agree that the Rainbow Loom is starting to distract me aswell, and a girl in my class (Let’s call her Emma, because that’s part of her name), Emma, is really starting to distract me in class whenever she does that Rainbow Loom Fishtail with her fingers. Whenever she makes a bracelet, she redoes it again and starts bragging to me and my friend, Anya. She keeps asking us, “How do you like my bracelet?” and then stops to give us a look and redoes it again, saying the same thing over and over again. The teacher doesn’t even say a thing. So I’m starting to think half-minded over this ban: How about, let kids bring bracelets to school (if you see them playing with it but not remaking it, tell them to put the bracelet on your desk then give it back and give them a warning), but not ban them? You can ban bracelets and BOTH rainbow looms that you see kids REDOING OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and being distracted over it easily? This is what I’m thinking, but henceforth it is just an opinion of mine.

  124. Annie says:

    i dont have a rainbow loom yet but my grandmother has bought one for me and is posting it. i live in Australia and rainbow looms have only just started being a trend here, im in grade 9 and everyone wears them. I always wear a necklace with a crucifix on it and play with it but it doesnt distract me if anything it helps me think. I understand their way of thinking as it is aimed at younger children although, it is really taking away their creativity and something to talk about inn the school yard and brag about. I suggest asking them to put it away if it is truly affecting their education and ask them to save it for recess and lunch if it continues to distract them. πŸ™‚

  125. Lily says:

    To be honest, I think teachers should take away the bracelets only if they are distractions. However, from observing things going on at school, some teachers take away the bracelets even when the kids aren’t playing with them. At the beginning of the year Rainbow Loom bracelets were the “thing.” Almost everyone had at least one, including me, and eventually the teachers took them away even though they weren’t distractions. Then I learned that they were taken away because the few kids who didn’t have the bracelets felt oppressed. Well, honestly, I don’t think the kids who didn’t have bracelets shouldn’t have complained about it. If they really wanted them, couldn’t they just go to Michael’s or something? It’s not our fault they don’t have bracelets and their action of complaining to the teachers that the bracelets should be banned is not fair.

  126. Live Love Loom (Emma) says:

    I know right. Me and a couple of friends enjoy sitting in the locker rooms making loom bands until the principle banned them. It was really annoying as we were setting up stalls at markets and selling our loom bands. We always hung out at lunch to get ready for the stall. We have to make them in secret now as the teachers don’t like us making them, trading them or wearing them. I feel they should not be banned as they are a way of expressing yourself. We raise money for breast cancer awareness from selling our bands. you guys are the best as you have helped me and my friends learn new bracelets (Don’t worry we give all credit to you!) Thanks so much!

  127. Orla says:

    It is the current trend in my school to wear these rainbow loom bracelets and everybody wears and makes them! No teachers have complained so far except my French teacher told my friend to put them away during class.
    I think it’s ok for teachers to tell students to put them away during class and take them out during break and lunch which is what we do.

  128. Amber says:

    If we are distracted then she takes the and also she is a granny well a really angry granny but she does not take our looms that would be wrong for us but with technology and I’m only 11 and if my teacher says for me to give then to her then I say you are not my mother then I go to the hallway and but it in my locker

  129. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow loom bands are good for kids. they get kids creative, make them resilient (through trying again to make them) and a great way for them to share with their friends. they can also cater to different age levels, abilities and preferences. in my opion, it’s fine for kids to make them at break and lunch- it’s something entertaining to do, instead of running around, especially for areas with hot weather. i have seen lots of the diferent patterns and they all look great- another bonus is that it makes kids more equal, as rainbow loom are inexpensive and can be purchased by poorer kids unlike clothes and other toys.

    moving onto rainbow looms at school, i think they should not be taken away unless the child is obviously (teacher is certain) not concentrating or learning anything. they should not be taken away for just wearing them. they are very pretty and eye-catching. bracelets give a school uniform a bit of individulaity for children.

    well, there is my opion.

  130. maisy says:

    that is crazy, they are just bracelets its not like it gonna kill someone. Anyway it makes kids be imaginative and think of different ways to get them to make different designs.

  131. Ameera says:

    All right, I understand, kids may fiddle with their loom bands and get distracted, but if you take them away, won’t that make them distracted even more? Calmly talk to the child; no need to take it away! If you approve of them, and get one yourself, your students will be happy and try their hardest. This is a creative piece of jewellery the child has created, why take it away, when that’s what you teach the child to do in school everyday?! I am a child in secondary school, and my friends and I have started our very own business in school. Business is booming, and everyone wants one. I am very proud of each bracelet I make, and I am so glad that my school hasn’t banned loom bracelets! (yet…)
    Please understand!!
    From a helpful and RaNdOm person!

  132. Aaya shihab says:

    That is insane my mom cant afford all of int but it it fun for me and other kids i have 1 million reasons why i like rainbowloom

  133. aggieloomer says:

    Thats terrible that they do that. One of the best parts is showing your friends. Also no detraction.

  134. Lexi says:

    My school banned rainbow looms because people were selling them for money. Now we can’t wear them and everyone is so sad????

  135. OMG says:

    Oh my god I soooo do NOT agree … They are just being silly . In some schools even the teachers wear like 5 !! /:/

  136. Grace says:

    I am a kid. I don’t think you should ban rainbow looms because everyone loves them, they are the new thing. Once they go out of fashion kids will get on with there work. It will be a good memory when you grow old and you will say to you’re self I had a good childhood rainbow looms made it better and the teachers let us wear them. If you don’t let us wear them we will look back and think what horrible teachers they were. I feel so sorry for the kids who are not allowed to wear them. Our school has banned wearing bracelets or rubber bands but that will not stop me wearing rainbow looms, I’m gonna hide the band under my cardigan so ha ha to teachers.

  137. Pete says:

    I’m a kid. My teachers take it away from all the girls but they don’t take it away from the boys (I’m a boy). I think that’s not right because either both genders should be able to wear them or both should not. I think it’s really unfair that they target the girls. The teachers also targeted the girls when ‘Silly Bandz’ were out and the girls (I must admit) were a lot more obsessed with them, but some boys like me still wore about 5 or so of them. Anyway my teacher took those away too and I thought that was really unfair so I think the teachers at my school should lift the ban because they confiscate the girl’s loom tools and bands and boards and everything away and I think it’s really sexist.

  138. PotatoePia says:

    At my school, they only allow us to wear 2 at a time. But my classmate was able to sneak wearing 4 by wearing 2 on each arm. Is this allowed???

  139. Alison says:

    This is crazy! I’m a kid, I believe making rubber band bracelets is just a way of entertaining themselves. The teachers could just tell them to put it away or just say “don’t get distracted” to the class. There is no need to ban them from wearing our bringing them to school. In class we learned RIGHTS OF THE WORLD, teachers are having all their rights and we just simply don’t! Also, teachers think students are having so much fun but we actually don’t! This is a real thing that happened to me one week: monday: Dictation Tuesday: Assessment in P.E. Wednesday: Scolded by the teacher because I came in the classroom 5 minutes late because of a traffic jam. Thursday: Scolded by a vice principal because someone pushed my friend onto the ground and everyone say its my fault, getting no lunch Friday: I made a rubber band bracelet and it was thrown into the trash by the teacher because I accidentally dropped it on the floor, the teacher didn’t want to see it, I explained it “it’s mine, sorry, I spent a lot of time working on this last night, could you give it back to me please? Sorry” before she could reach the lid, but she didn’t trust me. Not a fun or even good week. This was the worst week I had ever had in my life. Making these can make our minds creative, if we are creative, we could write stories, if we could write stories, we could write a great one in exam, and if we wrote a great one in exam, we get high grades.
    We could also learn to sell, trade, exchange etc if we bring them to school.

  140. Higirl says:

    Right, I’m a kid and I love rainbow loom. I wear mine all the time. Why should they take them away when we love them sooooooo much? If you’ve spent lots of time on them I would say don’t take them to school; I know this is CRAZY but you might as well not take them. If mine got trashed I’d be really upset

  141. Ashlee says:

    This is absolutely insane! I’m a 13 year old girl and I am absolutely in LOVE with these bracelets and necklaces and I can not imagine schools completely BANNING these bracelets. I can understand if a child is distracted and not paying attention and you chose to take them away for a short period of time, that is totally okay! But Banning them? Don’t you think thats a little harsh?

  142. Holly says:

    Well my school hasn’t banned them yet.At the Friday morning assembly out depute head said that we are on the edge because there is peoples steeling bands and destrcting people from there learning.

  143. rob says:

    i am olowed to wear my rainbow loom bracelets to school i wear a super long bracelet its called a 4 pin fishtail everybody wants to trade me but i say no im not trading you rainbow loom bracelets i worked hard on all my rainbow loom bracelets the bracelets that i have is the every bracelet in the whole rainbow loom i even have a super stripe fishtail and a snake belly bracelet and im not rob from justins toys so i dont need to trade inythiing inless you wanna trade me i mite make videos and post them on youtube so get on youtube and see how to make all them will looks like i can go to bed whenever i want cause its a saturday night im 9 and im in 3rd grade and i sleep in a mario bed.

  144. Gemma says:

    Hey, I’m a kid. This sounds terrible! Why would you take it away? I understand that they can distract us, but, without distractions, how are we supposed to live? Distractions are actually needed, thats what I think. Rainbow Loom hasnt been taken away at my school yet. People are selling bands on the school bus though. but nothings being done about that because its not on school grounds… i am still curious about it being banned all of a sudden…

  145. Mariah says:

    Why should people do that? Kids enjoy making bracelets and having looms. The more they bann rainbow looms from school the more there not going to go there and they might tell people that this school sucks or mommy there not letting me bring my stuff to school. Also if they can’t make them then what are they going to at recess? Also they might be trying to make bracelets and sell them but the school they are at is nor going to let them bring there stuff:(. Kids have good experiance in making stuffing on the rainbow loom because it is good for the colors and it makes it easer when they have difficulties in there life and there not going to be able to solve it because there school won’t let them bring the rainbow loom to school.!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(: sad face

  146. Princess says:

    I think this is right. I’m the only one in my class who dosent have loom bands. I feel really left out and I cry myself to sleep. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL??
    I tell my parents if they could get them and they said NO.

  147. Guy says:

    This sucks teachers expect more out of kids than they can do
    We just need to be who we are not become robots like teachers want

  148. emma says:

    My school has banned bands I thought it was mean because they were jerks when they said it and they said if you are caught making braclets or fixing them they will take it away even if you 4000 loom bands they don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Laura says:

    I’m a i kid tΓ³ why ban crazy loom it’s πŸ™ for every one in my school. So 346 pupils.

  150. Crazy Person says:

    Well I’m a child and I love rainbow loom. I think its stupid because teachers and adults tell us to get off the computer/ TV/ phone and do something creative. If rainbow loom isn’t creative then what is??? And they’re banning us from doing it. Well teachers can be forgetful if its a big class but mine is small. Luckily for me rainbow loom is done mostly by me!!!

  151. Lily says:

    To all teachers and principals out there who are banning Rainbow Looms:
    Please don’t do this to us. We should be able to wear Rainbow Loom bracelets if we want to. I don’t think it is fair that kids can’t wear a simple bracelet. Kids have right too you know! #donttakemyloomaway
    From all Rainbow Loomers

  152. Keeley says:

    Up don’t think that rainbow loom should be banned and they haven’t at my school plus at my school we were allowed to loom during recess and for Friday fun!!:)

  153. Hey It's Hayley says:

    Another reason is there changing the school dress code completely in AUS.
    My teacher completely banned them no wearing them, no talking about them, no thinking about them (even tho we still do that), no blogging about them unless it is a home based challenge have a look on my blog
    no commenting on the blog about them unless it is about the subject as seen on my blog, no looking at them online at school, the list NEVER ENDS
    P.S this sucks =(

  154. Hugo Quinn says:

    I’m 11 girls in my class take thier looms and bands to school and wear them during break they are actually banned and its so unfair the teachers lways confiscate them

  155. Hermione Granger says:

    that is SO ufair 4 banning it in my school its not banned we r a international pyp school just not so many people in my school have rainbow loom……… most only have single chain bracelets (COME ON, SINGLE CHAINNS ARE SO BORING) no ofence to anyone who likes them though and the kids at my school have single chain because a girl in grade 5( year 6 in british schools) sold ONLY singel chains even though she has loads of better bracelts like star of wonder and hibiscus and warrior and snake belly. if the kids play with them give them a warning then if they dont stop a second if they STILL dnt stop take it away for one day or give them extra work or something but u sholdnt ban them thats just cruel people work hard on them u know!

  156. Lily says:

    I am a kid and I love the rainbow looms. I don’t think they should ban them kids love them my teacher just takes them off people when it is on our wrist but are school uniform is really stricked

  157. niamh says:

    I live in the U.k and I’m in year 7 we wear them and make them in class (the teachers never notice except my history teacher oops ) and the head teacher has banned them I don’t care if they are banned I will still wear them

    • Some Year 5 Girl says:

      Yep. I’m in Year 5, and loom bands were banned last year because Year 6 kids were selling them for 50p. I still have one my classmate Jade gave me…


  158. Anymous says:

    well if you are distracted yes you should take them away but no if you dont get distracted you shouldnt take them away

  159. love rainbow loom says:

    this is unfair. my school banned these but we still play with them. i had a writing test to change a rule and i said we should be allowed them.

  160. sonalily says:

    i’m a kid and love the rainbow looms.My school allows to wear them in bettween lessons but we must take them off during class.Thats not my idea to ban them

  161. emma says:

    I think its reasonable some dude slingshots the elastics right at my head I think teachers should maybe take them away for people using it during class and for slingshoting

  162. Rebecca says:

    I understand why they would take them away ; someone in my class got injured because someone else accidentally flicked one in her eye. But I am still quite disappointed and wish they would bring them back.

  163. Lily says:

    It is so stupied to ban loom everyone in my class stay in at lunch and make them
    In a few months our school are haveing a gala day and selling them for 5p each so what if some one buys loads and they are not even alowed to were them

  164. jess says:

    i dunno, as someone who wants to be a teacher and a student I can sort of see both points of view. It’s distracting in class and if kids are playing with the looms in class they’re not learning, they should keep it for after school or recess but if they take advantage of that, the privilege could easily be taken away. And if schools ban toys from home from school the loom could be considered a toy on some level. However, the bracelets should be allowed to be worn, deeming that they’re not playing with them during class (i am one to do this though).

  165. Ann says:

    my school already banned rainbow looms the only bracelts we are aloud 2 wear are the attendance bands given by the school and they are rubbish

  166. Ann says:

    in my class we all used to sell them and trade bands dat waz cool but my headteacher came and told us 2 give the sweets (he thought it waz sweets) den dis mix raced boy said dat they aint sweets dey are bands and the head teacher said i dont want 2 see them after sats week which waz the week we had dem! even the teachers were dissapointed! u know the deputy head waz makin dem durin her lesson lol

  167. Bailey says:

    I’m a kid myself and I think that the school banning looms because it’s a destraction isn’t ok. If anything just tell the kids to put it in there bag for the rest of the day but there is no reason to ban them! Where do adults get the right to take away kids stuff. How would they feel if we took away there stuff! So I’m saying to all teachers and schools that don’t ban them and let kids bring looms of they want to!

  168. Harsimran says:

    I think that’s sooooo stupid why do they wanna ban rainbow loom </3 .At my school my grade 5th teacher made a rainbow loom club where we get to make rainbow loom braclet. Hope my school doesn't banned them. Plus all the teachers including are principal and students all wear rainbow braclets!!!!!

  169. brodee says:

    my school has them banned but the kids even me still wear them so the teachers give up and so now we are allowed to wear them again thanks to Mr McAlister

  170. Hanna says:

    If the children get distracted and don’t listen then just leave them as it’s their choice if they want to concentrate or not.

    Love the tutorials LoomLove : )

  171. laura says:

    I disagree with schools banning them my school just banned them yesterday like what’s wrong with them there just bracelets and charms that you where on your arm? So what’s wrong with them “NOTHINg”

  172. Mark says:

    It is just really wrong. Because even if im just a kid, i am the one who bought my own loom and my bands. And they will take it away for something so shallow? I spent weeks not using my budget just to buy my own rainbow loom. It would hurt a whole lot if they took away my bracelets.


  173. scooby says:

    Any kids on here saying things such as “teachers are stupid” & ” I don’t care what the school says” etc, only proves the point of why some schools and/or teachers feel it necessary to take such measures. You all talk of “rights” & “individuality” but none of you seem to grasp the concept of why you are schooled in the first place. School is a place to learn, work and undergo preparation for adult life, it isn’t a social club, hang out or all encompassing playground, also you all talk about “cell phones” & “Nike Airs” and fail to understand that the very teachers who are educating you are preparing you for the time when you will need to be in a position where you will have to “earn” your consumerist products. How does it make you feel to understand that most of the things you take for granted, including these colored pieces of string, are mass produced by people who most likely don’t have access to the kinds of “rights” you all so fervently wish to defend?

    What about the kids who want to go to school and work, why should they have to put up with the distractions of the teacher having to disrupt the class to deal with someone selfish enough to play with bands instead of knuckling down to their work? What about their “rights” to a safe & peaceful environment?

    If creativity is your driving force then why don’t you make these weaved bands on your own using REAL creative methods? Why are you all so eager to buy into a silly consumerist fad that only serves to line the pockets of the very entities that are trying to control your lives on a daily basis. Who do you think are the “victims” here? You? or the people/places/wildlife that are suffering to feed your childish want it all at any cost attitudes.

    There is real meaning to the saying “work smarter not harder” so heed the warning now, wasted time in the classroom will only serve to do you an injustice in later life when you will have to work harder to achieve your goals and wants.

  174. Sora says:

    Taking away Rainbow Loom bracelets is taking away someone’s hard work and creativity. The kids took time trying to make beautiful and colorful bracelets and think of color combinations. I say it is wrong banning bracelets and looms.


  175. AnaΓ―s says:

    I’m a theatcher in Holland. At our school we make bracelets
    for fathers’ day. The children (6-9 years) take their own looms and share with their classmates. They teach eachother how to make the bracelets. During other lessons nobody is distracted by the bracelets. One of my students even made one for me, so kind!

  176. charley says:

    i wear rainbow loom to school and im only 8 so dont away my fun from me coz i still have my hole life still going on and u people are like 10 12 13 14 or 15 ok so dont take away my fun i sometimes even bring my bands into school

  177. Joby says:

    I think that is stupid
    Everyone at my school is literally obsessed and if a teacher told us we can’t where them everyone in the school would wear loads up there arm
    I think we should be able to wear whatever bracelets and stuff we like it bad enough having to wear uniform (England) xx

  178. Astra says:

    I enjoy doing RL, as I find RL relaxing and creative, and have made new friends !!! I am also at fault with RL, as I make RL during classes, and ignor my lessons. Team Switzerland.

  179. Looms4Life says:

    I’m in England and in my school they aren’t banned but a select few teachers (one of mine.) never let you wear them, they even threaten to put them in the bin! Like I get the whole distraction thing but I wear mine and the only way I’m distracted is when the teacher tells me of! And they say there dangerous but you don’t ban pencils, pens books ect. And they’re dangerous! Looms can’t kill anyone! I think it’s a really stupid rule.

    Who agrees?! Let the Looms stay!

  180. Loomtastic says:

    I am a kid too. Once my friend was just getting a few rainbow loom rubber bands out cuz she finished all her schoolwork already, so it’s free time for her. And then the teacher took it away from her and told her she can get it back when her parents come! It’s starting to ruin our childhood, making us more miserable that we can’t concentrate on other stuff! If you still had your bracelet on, you won’t need to mind about it and do ur hw like toodle-loo but if the teacher took it away your mind only has rainbow loom then! Think about it teachers!

  181. Abbie says:

    My school has band loom bands but I have seen teachers wear them and they take them away I think this is mean like my English class we get a c3 if we don’t take them of after telling us that we are not allowed them on but some teachers say we can keep 1 on but she won’t lison to us and some times we go brake/ lunch late coz we were trying to tell her that a teacher seid we can

  182. Cinderella says:

    This is totally unfair!!!!! Our school banned loom bands from only one class which is my class!!!!!!! I started a petition on my school website and I am going to talk to the teachers but that is all I can do. ITS SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Mariza says:

    Im a kid too but I love loom bands and my teachers love too
    They never took them from us but we know when is loom time

  184. astra gaindyke elektra says:

    omg our school allows us to do all this. it must be so sad being not allowed. πŸ™

  185. Jennifer Griffen says:

    That’s sad I am 11 and a year 6! ? Thank god that our school didn’t ban loom bands! But I have 1 good reason that loom bands should stay.First- Loom bands should stay so children can have some FUN AND NOT TORTUED!

  186. Rules free says:

    Oh for goodness sake they don’t need to to band the bracelets
    Rainbow loom is not harmful or dangerous in my class many
    Where those but the teachers don’t get angry WHATS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT IT COMMON

  187. LoomMeSkye says:

    OK. My. Life. Is. Over.
    My school are banning:
    Rainbow Loom
    Fun Loom
    Loom Twizterz.
    My life is SOOO unfair.

  188. mitch01 says:

    I’m at high school in Australia, and the teachers are OK with wearing them. I’m not sure about selling or making at school though, because no one has done that. It’s not as popular over here, especially not with boys due to the redneck culture. People wear them at school sometimes, but usually just a fishtail. I find it stupid that American schools have banned them (I’m guessing most of you are from America) because they are just woven rubber bands. However I think that people should not be making/playing with/selling them during class time.

  189. Tesse says:

    If a distraction comes with rainbow loom bands then teachers reserve the right to take them. School is about education, maths, science, literature, history and geography, not loom bands. My teacher is not that bothered about them but if it causes silliness then she will ask us to put them away. It is fair and as said, pupils have the right to distraction-free learning. Many of you are being immature and acting like 5 year olds who cannot get their way, which tells me that your teachers are not being strict but are letting everyone else be educated. I am eleven and I have never cared for loom bands, but recently I started making them. This does not mean I should strut around the room and show off my bracelets. Stop acting like brats and keep your silly bracelets at home.

  190. Rosellastar says:

    In my school they haven’t banned them yet, but my school has loom band sales for charity and stuff. But i have the most annoying music teacher who makes us take them off.

  191. Loomyfun says:

    My school have banned every single rainbow loom band there is and will cut them if you are seen with them ????????. Me and my friend decided to sell them and give the money to charity but now we can’t! They have taken something innocent away from us and have stopped us doing what we wanted to and basically made students lives a misery ????????????????

  192. antonia says:

    Its CRAZY!My school has banned them because they call it “Jewelry”. how is it jewelry?well ok,it kind of is,but it helps us express ourselves.And they told us that it destracted us,even though I did nothing stupid with them.I wish we could do something about it.I LOVE LOOM BANDS AND LOOM LOVE!!!!!

  193. Alicia says:

    I am in Fifth Grade and I kind of agree with this, but I wouldn’t say banning them completely. Some kids in my class do indeed play with Rainbow Loom during class, and the teacher tells them off, because of course, it is distracting from their work. I sometimes see during classes the students have under their desks, a Rainbow Loom kit, and they usually playing with it, when we are supposed to be writing, but our teacher has to tell someone off every day. What I think is a good idea is that maybe the kids can do it on rainy days, or lunch time even. So I wouldn’t unnecessarily disagree with the banning.

  194. Jsheila segaya says:

    πŸ™ im a year 2 child who makes rainbow loom for every 1 today i got 14,000 pack of rainbow loom. that costed Β£30.000 but my classmates say there banned from school. but the teachers wear it. Can some one reply why children cant wear but adults can

  195. Tej says:

    I love rainbow loom but if it is distracting from what really
    matters and the things you need to learn in life, then they should be confiscated.

  196. Cherry Bloss says:

    My school didn’t ban rainbow loom. They even suggested every Friday we can bring our sets and make it for half of the day! They allowed us because they said they just want us to have the best childhood memories and to have fun! I think other schools should be the same!

  197. livyg1 says:

    we have 5 classes in our school im 7 and my little brother is 5. i have an older brother called aaron and is nearly 17. i made him a loomband fishtail and he wears it every day. in my little brothers class they have banned them but in all the other classes they are aloud as many as they like. in my class we are only aloud 2 but our teacher said we might be able to make them in golden time.i think it is unfair that kids are not aloud them. like our p.e teacher said we must not wear them in p.e. our teacher gives us a warning but then she takes them away. #donttakemyloomaway

  198. maariyah says:

    im a kid 2. so basically a stupid teacher has noticed after 1 MONTH about these and will take them away from us until the end of they week. In my class my teacher will give them back in JULY (seriously teachers). They liet us make dem in da play ground but they are put straight in our trays or bags. I still wear mine, but loads of people like to snich. I H8 SCHOOL THEY DONT GIVE US CHANCES TO LIVE LIKE A CHILD>!!!!!!!

  199. awesomealice says:

    My school has banned the loom, bracelets, pencil grips and practicaly everything you can makevwith it. Ive been told its because of arguments, people getting them pinged at them and getting hurt andits not part of the uniform. Yes im a kid too and I hate these rules I guess its fair about the uniform but just coz one kid in a school probably miles from ours got hit in the eye with one I dont think they should punish us for that anyways ITS NOT FREAKING FAIR!!!!!!!!!

  200. joycetheawesome says:

    Omg our school banned them in assembly today! *cry* *cry* ????????????????????????????????
    Our school is VERY strict about school uniform. We even have to have our hair bands in the right colour! School kills our creativity! Why does anything fun annoy our school so much? ????

  201. Megan says:

    I am 12 and in my opinion they shouldn’t take them away. Because Rainbow Loom resembles creativity and extra-curricular activity. Surely they’d prefer creativity than endless hours of consoles?

  202. joshna says:

    you can ban children from wearing during class time but at morning tea and lunch and at home it should be ok!

  203. Annoyed Girl says:

    Our school has banned them!
    When we come through the gates in the morning, they have even started to check peoples wrists!
    Also, if they do catch you you wearing them, they get confiscated until september- no lie! (Thats AFTER the SUMMER HOLIDAYS!)
    Not only this but you also get sent to ISOLATION!
    (isolation (in our school) is when you cannot go to classes, you have to stay in a special room and do your work there, you have your own desk and you cannot see anyone else because it is separated by screens)
    Isn’t this a breach of human rights or something?

    Annoyed Girl πŸ™‚

  204. Annoyed Girl says:

    They are banning EVERYTHING:

    and ANYTHING made from bands!
    One time, they even searched our bags to see if we had packets of bands or anything!
    I even got a detention!

  205. Mckayla says:

    I am a kid, and our school has banned loom bands, cos’ apparently their “scruffy” but they don’t stop kids from wearing them! You guys need to rebel against your teachers, there’s only one of them and lots of you! Sneak them in, wear them, and if everybody joins, it’ll work! What they gonna do? Put you all in detention? Teachers need to get a grip. Teachers in my school have banned them, but they still wear them their selves!!! Hypocrites. BTW: If you want to join the rebel against the loom ban reply with one word on how you feel, and the word *REBEL*


  206. Helana's Mommy says:

    I’m sorry, but i REALLY don’t think that your schools are being unfair. Being a mom and on the P.T.A, I know that Looms are a problem. My seven year old has had girls take her bracelet, she’s had people break them, and she’s been teased because of the colour of her bands! So there! I said it! I THINK THAT LOOMS SHOULD BE BANNED! I am only on this page as my daughter just love looms.

  207. Georgia says:

    my school has banned rainbow bands .if we bring a single band to school we go to the the means teacher’s class room and stay in there class room for the whole day.and if we wear them to school we get sent to the principal’s offices.

    i hate this rule

  208. Georgia says:

    At my school the teachers wear rainbow bands so why can’t we

    its unfair to the kids so teachers change the rule or stop wearing them

  209. Alicia says:

    My school in Australia banned then cuz students were selling them to each other????????????????????????

  210. Nadra says:

    It’s disgusting, what the point, we never muck around with them during lesson time, wasting three lunchtimes to make a skipping and on the day that they started banning them, we were going to try it out. EVERYONE in my year group wears them, and nobody feels left out. We were going to sell them to raise money for a charity. No detentions or exclusions have been made because of them, if we’re caught wearing them, it thrown in the bin, without warning.

  211. Zillah says:

    My god, I can’t believe it. Today I got detention, a red card, and a sanction cos’ one little rubber band fell out my pencil case!! The teacher conviscated hair bands tooo! I think teachers are mad!

  212. Roxy says:

    I think I understand why they would ban them. At my school, kids have been taking apart their bracelets (instead of wearing them) and shooting the rubber bands everywhere. I see why it maybe wouldn’t be safe, cause a kid could easily get shot at with a rubber band. But I’m still against it! I’m a kid too and I absolutely LOVE these bracelets! Thank God my principal hasn’t banned kids from wearing these super fun bracelets! :3

  213. Baitoey says:

    This is crazy!! In Thailand, where I stay, some teachers only take rainbow loom from the students. At my school, none of the teachers take. The teachers at my school enjoy rainbow loom. I don’t agree at banning rainbow loom. My whole school, even principals, wear rubber band bracelets. Even though I’m in 5th grade, I still feel bad banning the rainbow looms.

    • Loomy Leopard says:

      Yeah, I’m in 5th grade too. One of my teachers (that also teaches the senior grades) banned them in 5/6. I don’t see why she did that- she didn’t even explain why!!!!! But recently, my friends (one in particular!) have been wearing Rainbow Loom bracelets that cover almost their whole arms!! Actually I’ve been doing that too πŸ˜€ Now either that teacher doesn’t notice we’re wearing them, or she just gave up on the ban. We’ve all been making rainbow looms for our teachers and friends. I’m so lucky not to have rainbow loom banned from the whole school any more, I feel REALLY bad for the poor kids who just can’t wear these bracelets to school.

  214. Ang Ang says:

    I think that kids can bring RL to school but the school should have rules for RL. Example If kids bring RL to schools any kids that does not have RL should not feel left out. That is what I think!

  215. You dont need to know says:

    Well I am a kid at my school we havent banned them; our teachers belive that these loom bands are really good for OUR minds. They help us build social skills with the students in the school, this reflects in the class room. When we are caught with them we have to put them in our bag and we cant wear them for the rest of the day. I find its a good thing to trade with people. even the people who miss out will get the opptunty to get some. I acctually gave away my old kit to a young girl who didnt have a kit, she was so happy. In my opion the schools shouldnt even think about banning them.

  216. Fayebay says:

    I think loom bands SHOULD NOT be banned as kids shall express their creativity individuality and personality and children have a right to be unique and not be the same as everybody else Kids need to be entertained and get joy out of ooom teachers are doing this health and safety nonsense and don’t allow us to enjoy our free time my school is so bossy if you wear black tights you get a red in uniform so loom is the only thing left to express ourself

  217. weirdo says:

    my teachers are loom band obsessed. one day the teacher just bought loom bands and told us to make the in class and to give her one. another teacher has over twenty loom bands ( I think she’s on number 36) and she has never made a loom band before. if the school bans loom bands I don’t think it will be the pupils rebelling, I’m pretty sure it will be the teachers. even our head has at least one (she doesn’t think anyone knows but I observed her wrist.) my school is loom crazy and what funny is half the pupils don’t like loom bands.

  218. Miranda says:

    I just agree with that. Schools are being silly now. They even banned making them, which is silly. It is what I do every day and now it feels like I cannot even show my friends one. We cannot even bring one in to show our fiends with no making or wearing them.

  219. Aliya says:

    There are some good reasons for banning but mostly I think it should not be banned. I think kids are getting too distracted, but some are just too addicted and maybe those children should carry on because they cant stop thinking about them and they get distracted all ways by just day dreaming about them!

  220. Kitty04 says:

    My school banned the bracelets cuz they weren’t part of our uniform but we are allowed to make them at recess but not allowed to wear them on our wrists. There are a few people here saying that teachers can wear them at their school but kids can’t, that is utterly stupid and the only reason I think teachers would do that is so they can tease the students. If u go to a school with uniforms I get why they aren’t allowed but if u go to a school where you can wear casual clothes u should be aloud to wear them

  221. Sara says:

    I am a year 6 and my school hasn’t banned loom bands. (Thank goodness!) but I defo agree that they shouldn’t be banned. I mean, get a GRIP teachers and schools! They’re just braclets! GOSH, get over it schools.

  222. Rachael.Laura says:

    Do the teachers, priminster or whoever hate us children or what?! They can’t banned Loom Bands! We have reasons why we bring them to school; we may not have time at home, are parents’ may not let us use them at home too, we can finish are bracelets quick than waiting to go home and MUCH MORE! I’m sorry to say this but whoever made this idea of banning Loom Bands shouldn’t of happen because it is not right! There are reasons why toys were made such as Loom Bands too.

    This is all I’m saying! BYE!!!

  223. Ffvffghg says:

    If a student is not learning because of their loom band that student should have their band taken away until they can focus whilst having a loom band on. If they don’t concentrate give them back their band and tell them not to wear it at school. What is really unfair is when schools ban them just because of a few individuals.

    # schools be fair

  224. Fabteen64 says:

    I live in the Uk, nd my school banned this cos it was ‘distracting’. We r only alowed to do this at break but it’s ridiculous coz sometimes I see teachers wearing them. One time my mate made a red and blue fishtail and he showed me and the teacher took it away from him! It’s not fair, and about feeling left out that’s crap. So people feel left out because someone has a better uniform coz they have more money but there not saying wear exactly this, ur version is banned! Recently my head teacher assistant told us we can’t wear them at all in the school building coz it’s not uniform and were fiddling! Ugh, teachers!

  225. liberty dale says:

    I’m a kid and I agree that they are a distraction. I got into an argument over A loom band and despite looking bright and people work hard on them I hate the!

  226. Emilyxx says:

    Our school in NZ has banned them. :'( The principal made an announcement a few weeks ago saying we weren’t allowed them. I love Rainbow Loom and they totally shouldn’t ban wearing the bracelets.

  227. Dylan says:

    First off, my name isn`t dylan. Second off, i`m in 6th going into 7th grade this school year. Ok so since in not yet in school this year i have no knowledge on bracelets/rainbow looms, but i do know that at my old school we were allowed to wear bracelets and bring rainbow loom creations. So my advice to those who aren`t allowed to bring them is, bring them anyway. If the teacher has a problem with it, TO BAD. Give the teacher a reason, like ” Mr./Mrs. whoever, can i bring this bracelet to school tommorrow to show it to my friends”. It`s as simple as that. Then just keep giving the same excuse and about a week later, your teacher should be used to seeing a bracelet around your wrist.

  228. valentine says:

    okay so im in 5th grade out etcher banded them thank god I’m in middle school #rainbowloomforever

  229. blair says:

    wow am i exhausted, i just read all of those comments, anyway i LOVE rainbow loom but i also LOVE school so if wearing or doing rainbow loom is taking away from some kids learning than i think it is okay to ban rubber band bracelets, but you should only punish the kids that are acting up or else it isn’t fair to the kids that are behaving. Fyi to the teachers no offense but if a kid is playing with something while you are teaching them its most likely that they are bored, i’m not trying to make an excuse for the kids who are acting up because they shouldn’t, but i guess what i’m trying to say is take a little extra time with them and/or make your lessons seem fun that way the kids or you won’t get bored.:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  230. Awesome Girl 911 says:

    My school hasn’t banned the bands get πŸ™‚
    But I think banning them is a silly rule. As if anyone will follow it.
    At my school there was a raffle and one of the prizes was a rainbow loom kit. So if my school is going to ban them, they shouldn’t give them out.

    I love my rainbow loom, every morning I get up at seven and make figures! But I am only allowed to do this in the Holidays!
    And it is the last day of the holidays today!!! πŸ™
    But banning them is just going to far, I don’t know what else I would do in the holidays.
    But my friends school banned them and she says even the teachers didn’t want it banned but it was the principals disison. And now school isn’t a fun place.

    And at NAPLAN the rainbow loom was a getaway from all the work. At Lunch even the boys that play football where looming as were all the grade 5’s.


  231. Iluvloom says:

    I go to a primary school in Manchester, England and because some people ( who shall remain anonymous ) started selling them at a total rip-off -fishtail 50 bands for 35p and chain 20-25p they were banned.annoyingly I had just bought 1800 bands and 750 s-clips . Year 6 were allowed to keep wearing them as they were on a school trip when loom bands were banned. However, for our Year 6 Enterprize Challenge Loom Watches were allowed. I think this is UNFAIR!????????????????????

  232. Awesomenesss says:

    that is cra-cra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have so many bracelets of rainbow loom and if you take them and throw them away that is just evil!!!!!!!!!!I think that is terrible. My whole class loves rainbow loom and banning the bracelets is just wrong. My teacher loves the bracelets.Children have rights dont even try to take them away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. Don't take our looms says:

    At my school some of the teachers are fine with kids wearing them in class but we’re not alowed to play with them
    Some of our teachers say that it’s not part of our uniform
    I don’t care about the uniform they can’t take out creations away they should let children show their creations off
    Some schools in Sydney have banned the bracelets but the other side off the country Perth has not banned them yet
    In the future teachers should not take children’s rights so don’t take our bracelets and looms

  234. Charlotte says:

    I heart loom stuff why ban them? Even my school’s banned them to πŸ™ . When I come home I go to my room and play with them. There too good to ban

    BRING LOOM BACK !!!!!!s

  235. dianna says:

    i am a kid going in to 5th grade and we aren’t allowed to wear rainbow loom bracelets and if we do we get suspended for the rest of the year. I feel we should be able to express ourselves.


    it is soooooooooo wierd!!! my school hasn’t done it yet![NCA PLEASE don’t ban rainbowloom!!]

  237. Emily says:

    OMG TEACHERS A FLIPPING BRACELET MADE OF RUBBER BANDS WHAT AN OVER REACTION!!!(Luckily for me my teacher likes loom bands as I made her one for a teacher present at the end of the year and she thanked me for it πŸ™‚ phew)

  238. Jemma says:

    I find it stupid. I’m confused about my school because they ban us wearing nail polish, and we are only allowed ONE loom band. If we make a triple something (e.g. Triple inverted fishtail) they argue whether it is 3 separate or 1 big, then finally tell you to take it off. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK??


    okay,iam really not happy about this. i was just trying the smiley face out[my friend blair aka ragan showed me how]:)

  240. Nicole. says:

    Well tbh,I think parents themselves should be glad that us,children don’t spend as much time infront of a computer screen but be creative and make loom bands.However,I agree that there should be a punishment when a child is distracted by a loom band in a lesson;school is a place to learn,not just play.Now they’ve banned loom bands in my primary school,by the amount of arguments and segregation caused by them.I don’t really care,as were not aloud loom bands in my high school anyway.#LoomBandsFtw ;P

  241. Igor says:

    I miself am a kid, and at my school they still haven’t done this. I like to make many creations using the bands, but why should you ban the whole school from using the bands? I would NEVER make them during class, after class, maybe, but still, you shouldn’t ban the WHOLE SCHOOL for just a few kids being disctracted by them. Its unfair to kids like me. And if I saw someone being left out, I would come to him, and give him a few bands, and show him how to make bracelets, charms, or other creations.

  242. Joash says:

    Come on ban bands does not bean just take away the s means ban if my school ban it my head would totally crack!!!! Toooooooooo crazy!!!!!!!

  243. Demi L says:

    I support all you kids. Keep making bracelets no matter what any one says. Keep looming


  244. BRIANNA says:

    I am a kid and I always wear them and make them and my teacher says we could wear them all the time

  245. cristal says:

    i am a kid i like doing loom band s still kids just want to make them self creative we strate up at school hw to we i only did this i

  246. Joely says:

    I agree that loom bands distract people from school work, but to ban students from wearing them altogether in school is a bit harsh in my opinion. Why not just ban students from wearing them in class they can still work?
    My school hasn’t banned loom bands yet, I really hope they dont! Loom bands stop you from being bored at home plus there are so many different things you can do with them you dont become bored easily.

  247. jaelynne says:

    At school in my old class they banded rubber bands and the teachers would take them and throw them away every time they saw a rubber band or a charm or a bracelet. So at lunch and at recess we gave them away and wore them at lunch.And the lunch room staff didn’t even know they were band. The band started about January 2nd 2014 and they were band for six monthes about and about a month later we stared wearing them and for two or three weeks every time we had to write I took it off then I was like forget it i’m gonna were these all day i didn’t care if I got detention I didn’t wan’t to leave them in my case at home and wear them when I play outside with my friends and the only time I take them off is when I go to sleep and go somewere fancy but I make fancy bracelets if i’m going somewhere fancy and I want to were jewlery. In forth grand I hope it dosen’t happen.from jaelynne to loom love and loom love veiwers I’ll watch loom love videos on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. alicia/ loomed out says:

    our teacher ms akhtar banned loom racelets even from the teachers then she wore them herself and unbanned them!!!!

    she crazy or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Morven says:

    Yes it’s mean I’m a kid as we’ll do I think we deserve loom wrights so if you think that it should happen you my friend are abusive to people who devote hours and hours into making them JUST to have them taken off you like what if it’s the hibiscus right probes the hardest thing to do in the loom On my last day of term I brought in. A hashtag charm ,but did I come home with it oooooohhhhhh no my teacher put it in the bin that was the first time I hadn’t done it wrong but my teacher Noah’s no ?? All she has is this ????ye that’s wright a dark empty hole if this happened to you on Instagram #noloomban
    Tag hope070603 and i_may_not_be_on_fire_but_danis

  250. Alfie says:

    Only 1 yes 1 bracelet only!
    No making.
    No selling.
    No taking them off or putting them on.
    I mean wearing 1 bracelet is to stop arguements and fights?

  251. Sophie says:

    Our school (a UK secondry school) have banned kid form wearing, making and talking about them and we weren’t in the ‘news’. Its no big deal…

  252. Alexa says:

    Our teacher doesn’t like it when we make bracelets when we’re supposed to be doind schoolwork. She lets us wear them but not bring the loom to school and make bracelets.

  253. Yumarcs says:

    My school doesn’t ban Rainbow loom and me and my friends make it all the time. But,honestly I’m on the Rainbow loomers side and the No Rainbow looming allowed side(mostly rainbow loomers side) because 1.WE NEED TO BE CREATIVE 2.WE HEART RAINBOW LOOM 3.WE SHOULD AT LEAST BE PERMITTED TO WEAR THEM 4.#dontbanrainbowloom and I just have one reason I’m on the NO RAINBOW LOOMING ALLOWED SIDE: We tend to get distracted so why not make them recess or lunch break? C’mon teachers,c’mon principals,c’mon kids. We gotta do what we gotta do(I MEAN RAINBOW LOOM STAYS)

  254. Shayla Lee says:

    I’m a kid and they banned rainbow looms in my school… BUT! The teachers wear them! Totally unfair man!

  255. Gabriella Angkawijaya says:

    I’m kid too alright ???! I love Rainbow Loom and i Made it ALL THE TIME too !!! Even my teacher is Wearing Rainbow loom…. It’s not their right to banning Rainbow loom… But We also has to think that We have responsibilitty… And not Only playing…

  256. Molly says:

    It is not fair at all my school have banned everything from us kids I am in year 7 going in to year 8 and I am always making loom bands but now I never get chance to wear them because I am always at school. Soon my school are even banning you from having them on a set of keys. I still wear my bracelets and show my friends but when I look around I see teachers wearing them if they are aloud why aren’t we ????? It really isn’t fair.

  257. Andrea says:

    Well, its too late for my school, they already banned it… I mean they just think its inappropriate to wear it. The say it is not part of our uniform. I wanted to show my friends but yeah…

  258. Morgana says:

    I am not a kid anymore, and don’t go to school anymore either.

    But because I love looming just as much as any loomer, I can say “HANDS OFF”.
    I love having my bracelets on me when I go to work or anywhere really. I stress a lot, like every day and it feels amazing to just be able to pull and touch a bracelet for a few seconds, its really calming. I even take a mini loom to work to play around with and calm my mind during breaks.

    Now schoollife can be even more stressfull for the kids then most teachers and schools even know. So much happens every day that they will never notice, but the kids do. Rainbow loom is not just a toy to most people, its a distraction against bad things as well. I have read many comments of children and adults saying that something bad happend to them and looming helps them get over it easier.

    Teachers, parents and everyone else out there who thinks this is just a silly distraction: you are more wrong then you will ever understand. Never take away something that can bring kids together to play together. Or do you rather have it that they focus themselfs again on what they hate about eachother instead of what they have in comon?

  259. Josh Okines says:

    In my school our science teacher took my loom bracelets away (4 of them) and at the end of the year she took us in to our lab and burnt our bracelets over a bunsen burner. She said if we wore them again she would give us a detention. Why are teachers so cruel. Do you think what she did was right?

  260. Jenna says:

    I’m just starting my first RL, and since I’m a senior, it won’t faze me if they ban it at my school in years to come.

  261. Caitlin says:

    In England most schools have banned them. In my school making them and wearing them is banned ! My brother’s allowed to make them just not wear them but I suppose in England it’s different because we have to wear uniform :/

  262. james says:

    im a kid and im a rainbow loom freak if kids for the kids that fell loney should by a loom and learn how to do it. i got my loom becouse i felt left out.

  263. Alyssa says:

    My school has banned Rainbow Loom recently! And I think it is not because of reason #2, since some students are ‘illegally’ selling Rainbow Loom bracelets for a cheap price, and because of that, almost everyone are wearing RL bracelets!! It’s either reason no. 1 and the ‘illegal’ sale I just said going on…

  264. lori says:

    i am a kid to and my school banned rainbow loom bractles i still bring them to school stop school you do not tell us what not and not to wear it is your bodies and i love rainbow loom today i made olaf from frozen

  265. Ralph says:

    Plzzzz dont ban them… Ive been dreaming that one day EVERYBODY in our school brings their rainbow looms and make fun bracelets from 7:00am – 3:00 pm even the teachers soooo probobly. I hate that they banned my fave childhood memorie!


  266. Helen White says:

    So, I’m a little older than some of the kids on here, I’m in year 11 and they are the craze in the older years of school too! Our schools have sorta banned them… We aren’t really allowed to wear bracelets full stop. But with the right teachers we can get away with it. Especially if we make them in the colours of the school uniform. In our school, most people have a fishtail loom bracelet with the colours of black, white, dark blue, yellow, and their house colour (mine is baby blue, but some others are purple, red or green). We get away with these even more! The teachers even have them!

  267. Tara says:

    I live in Ireland so it’s really hard to find a rainbow loom and all the kids in my class(especially boys) have one! It’s really hard to be called the best loom bander in the school when I don’t have a rainbow loom. (I just changed schools) Its nearly my birthday too.

  268. Eti says:

    Hey im a kid. Im from Bulgaria. And they let us to make barclets in clas. One girl even come with raibow loom dress!

  269. ???????????? says:


  270. Candice says:

    My kindergartener was wearing a bracelet that my 9yo made for her. She had it taken away as soon as school started. They are not allowed to wear the bracelets even if they do not play with them. She will not get it back because the principal collects them. I was so sad for her because she was so happy that her brother made her a bracelet.

  271. leen says:

    Yes you are 100% right and I am a kid too in year 5 and we have the right to were loom band bracelets because we pay for them, we create them, we work hard on them and with all our time so we have the right to were them but if you disagree then your mistaken because its our bracelets or creations so yes and if you do take it from us then we will have black, dark memories. I know that we are not that sensitive but some people will feel so sad that they may cry because they maybe did spend time on it and was thier favourite so they should not do that. Its ours by the way and we love them but if you did feel what we feel you would’ve know but if we distract you then you can just say to put it in our bag but if we don’t you have the right to take it but return it after class but thank goodness we are allowed to wear it but not all the time.

    • Jasmine says:

      I agree even though it rare I make bracelets (manly charms,teddy bears etc ) but at all schools I have 1 excuse to wear 1 bracelet ….. It’s a watch

  272. HipposRule says:

    Personally, I think that looming during class is a little disrespectful when you should be listening to the teachers. But why is it necessary to ban kids from wearing them? They are just an accessory, and as long as they comply with uniform rules, they should be ok if you don’t play with them all the time.

  273. subha says:

    even my school is banning loom and I still hide it in my bag and wear it the schools are letting the children do that and that’s not fair

  274. me says:

    This is ridiculous!!! I think teachers should be happy that kids are doing something creative!!! This could lead to the idea that creativity is bad and is something to be avoided. Im sorry scooby, however i dont think that u fully understand why we r so upset. I agree with sam!! #donttakemyloomaway

  275. Dunya says:

    As a child I stress out a lot at home and in school. I love making rainbow loom bracelets as a stress reliever. I think that if you take the Rainbow Loom bracelets away from the children that – that is completely unfair because I fidget around with my bracelets all the time and they are really beautiful to look at and feel. If you take them away, the hard work they did will be for nothing to them and how will that make them feel? Terrible. I only have 1 teacher against it. I have one awesome teacher at third period who lets me loom during class as long as I do my work and take notes on time! I love showing off my creations to my teachers and they love them and even offer to buy them! Yesterday, I was looming things in class at third period, and even my teacher was interested in what I was making. He stared every 5 minutes or so and I asked his opinions on what colors he should use. I think some teachers are supportive and some teachers are NOT supportive. I have just as much right to wear my creations as much as teachers have their right to text in class with their phone. Like tell me to stop messing and Ill stop messing with it. I think that these teachers are too harsh because I know that if they were a child they wouldn’t want to have their bracelet taken away by someone. Even if the students feel left out they can ask other students for rubber bands since they are sometimes cheap and expensive and they can use their fingers to loom and make their own peg boards using thumbtacks and wood to make their own loom. Lets all be fair here but, not rob each other of our freedom! Students like to express themselves with rainbow loom too! I know I enjoy showing my skill off and I get compliments on every thing I make. I made a slipfish headband and everyone obsessed over it! In conclusions, don’t take the bracelets away unless you know why the students are fidgeting with them or how they are feeling because I know I would hate it for a teacher to take my bracelet away or ban them from school. I hope most of the people here agree with me. I even hope that some of the teachers will agree with me!

  276. Abigail says:

    okay. wow. they cant ban these kids BRACELETS just because. my school has not banned them yet, but they probley will soon because so many kids TRADE the bracelets at school. they already banned pokemon crads at school because kids trade them, but I still bring them to school anyways because they cant tell us what to do. this is crazy and if I were one of the kids not aloud to bring loom bracelets to school, then I would fight back. this is crazy. like really? oh, look at me! Im gonna take away all these kids bracelets because they trade them and I dont like that! oh, just shut up already! when I see some one who dosent have a loom and they’re upset because of that, then I give them one of my extra bracelets and they LOVE it. my teacher loves it when I help out the kids without the bracelets yet I still have several bracelets that were taken and never given back. I really hope some one sees this and decides to fight back like me.

    • Jasmine says:

      I wish I could fight back but in when I was in Brisbane at least the principles let you take them to school! The only reason I wasn’t Aloud to wear the because the other year6 teacher made us not aloud to wear them because we needed to be role modles !

  277. Jasmine says:

    Hi I have been a loomaholic for 3 years this year and in the school Brisbane I attended for a while we were aloud to bring loombands but not where them and I remember it was so popular I was getting frustrated with little kid and I missed out on swimming once and I went to another class and some kid was doing loombands in class and got intruble then when I was in Townsville we were still aloud them and people wore the bracelets even if tole not to and so did I and I don’t think the school I’ll be attending this year will let me take or wear them (it’s a high school ) but I hope there’s schools who allow them.

  278. Aliya A. says:

    I’m a kid and I think kids should have their own rights to!
    My school hasn’t banned looms and I’m grateful for that.
    If teachers see a child being distracted by a bracelet just tell them to leave it alone or put it away.
    Give them a chance!!!
    Sometimes they might be stressed and find fiddling with a bracelet calming.
    There are a lot of other distractions.
    Why rainbow loom in particular?!?!?!

  279. Jennifer says:

    It isn’t fair for teachers to that. After you work for hours on something you want to wear it and show it to all of your friends. Remember silly bands? Teachers banned those because kids were playing with them during class. Rainbow loom bracelets are even better than Sillybands, you design it all by yourself. If teachers take this away they are taking away the kids creativity. Who wants to do that? Plus sometimes playing with something can help you concentrate better. I know that helps me. So stop banning everything kids like from school.

  280. hailey the loomer says:

    This is just wrong and my school is banning them, too but if i ask my teacher if we can bring them out to recess we can but if we cant handle it she’ll put them away in the June box, a place where toys we cant stop playing with go in there and you wont see them until June. IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF I GETIT IN THE JUNE BOX I WONT SEE THEM UNTIL A FEW MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOV LOVE TO RAINBOW LOOM I LOOM FROM 8:00 TO 7:00 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANT DO THIS WERE ONLY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE I DIDNT MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT IT TEACHERS WHO DO THIS

    hailey the loomer

  281. rainbowloombander says:

    i totally agree with people who love loom bands aswell.
    im also a kid and my school has banned loom bands compelty so why will they do that i mean we created them not you so dont do it its bad for your repution.

  282. Skyla says:

    I’m a kid in Grade 6. This is so ridiculous. It hasn’t happened to our school but this is not really ‘in fashion’ anymore. All I have to say to the teachers and principals of these schools is why???!!! I mean I see that they are a distraction. Just don’t ban them from the whole school because it is not fair to the kids that aren’t making the rainbow loom bracelets a distraction. And to the kids of these schools! Start a petition! Or talk to your principal! (I recommend number two so you don’t get in trouble and get the PETITION taken away! Lol!) But, this still hasn’t happened at our school. (And truly, I hope it doesn’t!) Sorry kids about this tragic tragic event taking place! Now, peace out!!!

  283. hermione11 says:

    i am also a kid,i understand. it is so ridikulus to take rainbow loom away.glad my school does not take it away , but still!!!!!!!!!!!!


  284. Rosie says:

    I’m a kid. And rainbow loom is my life. My school lets us keep them but once my teacher took away my ring! And she didn’t give back until 3 months later! And it was my fave! I wish teachers would just get a grip. I feel bad for all of you who can’t wear bracelets to school!

  285. Spike's Stuff & Kasey Loom says:

    We’re Loomers and we think it is stupid we have to go through that phase. We got detention once for looking at Kasey’s BAND AID CHARM. Seriously our teacher is mean.
    Luckily we’re going same high school and we hope they let us loom.
    Spike’s Stuff (coming in Summer 2015)
    Kasey Loom (

  286. Anam Abbasi says:

    well…thank goodness here in Pakistan no one has banned the bracelets….Our teachers appreciate us for our creativity when we wear them! Good! And, the schools in other countries must be stupid…They ARE JUST BRACELETS!!! Who would ban just an accessory?
    It’s just like banning someone to live their own lives…..ugghh…. πŸ™

  287. Lydia says:

    I’m a kid and I think we should do the opposite of banning rainbow loom, teaching rainbow loom Rainbow loom helps the brain with the patterns and teaches patience. The students even get a prize at the end, the thing they made! But, only take away the bracelet if someone will not stop fiddling. Even then just tell them to put it in their backpack until the end of the day, and try to not have to take it away because that person created that and it was taken away, don’t you think they would be a little sad?

  288. Bridget says:

    I think they should not ban it, because how would they feel if someone said to them that they can’t wear jewlry to work

  289. Ragini Sen says:

    I think the Isolation idea in Annoyed Girl’s school is a horrible thing. SIT IN A SPECIAL ROOM WITH SEPARATE DESKS SURROUNDED BY SCREENS??????????????????????????????? I do not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Rihaab says:

    I agree with everyone who votes that loom bands shouldn’t be banned from school because teachers have no right to take your creation from us !!!!!!! ????????

  291. Rihaab says:

    But though I’m happy that one of my teacher like the loom bands I give her !!!!!!!!!????????

  292. Candy Simpson says:

    Personally I think they shouldn’t be taken away unless they are distracted from school. If one or two people are getting distracted take it away but don’t ban the whole school. But also everyone do remember before complaining about school that it’s not meant to be fun and games and the reason we go to school is to get a job later in life, it’s not about having fun or having rights it’s about having a future.

  293. Alexis says:

    I too am a student and when I was in 1st Grade I believe, the music teacher took my ring. It wasn’t rainbow loom it was plastic, but even if it is just plastic and you are being distracted you will get it taken away. But then in my school you just get it back.

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